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    Kugler - precision in a new dimension

    KUGLER develops and produces highly complex and sophisticated micro machine tools, ultra-precision optical and mechanical components, and job order production of optical surfaces, mainly made of non-ferrous metals.

    The company is highly committed to research and development and focuses on innovative projects. Functional samples, prototypes, or small and large series are manufactured according to client specifications or as commissioned development to the very highest technological standards.

    Total Solution for FPD and Energy Fields.

    More than harf a century has passed since TOSHIBA MACHINE embarked on the production and offering of technologically advanced sheet and film manufacturing equipment to users throughout the world.Despite increasingly diversifield and ever changing requipments,TOSHIBA MACHINE will continue in its contribution to industrial advancement by supplying users with most optimal equipment available,based on their vast store of technology and practical experience.

    Our mixing and deaerating technology promote R&D and production efficiency of your products

    Planetary Centrifugal Mixer THINKY MIXER can mix materials homogeneously and deaerate at the same time. Our mixers are widely used in R&D or producion line of leading-edge industries such as LED, organic EL,LCD, photovoltaic cell, fuel cell and secondary battery. Without propellers, our mixers can streamline cleaning process, too. Please come and see a demo at our booth. We will be waiting for you!

    ProductsARE-310, ARV-310, ARE-500
    Please expect it of the APP solution of Sekisui Chemical.

    Sekisui total AP solutions, "AP plasma" are targeting continuous business growth in responding to the expectations of our customers.

    ProductsAtmospheric Plasma Etching System APE-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System RT-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System APH-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System for Film RD-series, Atmospheric Plasma Descum System APD-series
  • EME
    Mixing,Degassing and transfers and fills to syringe and others.

    not only performs mixing,dispersion and degassing,but also securely transfers and fills to syringe and odd-shaped vessel the mixed-and-degassed material from vessel,free of air-bubbles remixing.

    Since material is tranferred and filled using centrifugal force under vacuum,transfer and filling can be finished in very short time.

    ProductsV-mini300 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. Desktop model., VMX-N360 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. most suitable for small production., UFO-3 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. suitable for middle - large-scale product.
  • Everloy Shoji
    We challenge new ideas and revolutions of nozzles for cleaning

    We always challenge new ideas and technical revolutions of nozzles for cleaning purposes.

    New products and also surprise will be waiting for you in our booth, please come and see them in Makuhari, Chiba, JAPAN.

    ProductsSlit Air Nozzles, Mini Atomizing Nozzles, Hollow-cone Atomizing Nozzles, Knife-jet Nozzles, Air-jet Nozzles
    Flat Panel, Solar Cell LED Exposure, Inspection System

    <Exposure System>

    Vertical, Horizontal Exposure System for Touch Panel,OLED/Film.

    <Inspection System>

    Seal Inspection, Mis-Alignment Inspection with our original Optics.

    <New Technology>

    Photo-Spacer height inspection system

    Repeated Accuracy 3sigma=20nm at Vibration VC-A level

    <New Technology>

    Solar Cell Inspection with Original Optics and Illumination


    Line Sensor / Mega-Pixel / UV,IR Objective Lens / Real Time Auto Focus

  • Toray Engineering
    Making new FPD production with coating and measuring technologies.

    "Toray Slit-nozzle Coater": various applications to LCD, OLED, touch panel and solar panel production.

    "Titler" by 'Laser application' technologies can achieve no particle generation and high throughput.

    "Film Thickness Measurement System" and "Particle Inspection System" achieve high sensitivity and high throughput.

    "Deposition Equipment for High Barrier" improves life of thin film solar cells.

    ProductsToray Slit-nozzle Coater, Titler, Film Thickness Measurement System, Particle Inspection System, Deposition Equipment for High Barrier
  • New Way Air Bearings
    Non-Contact Control for FPD and Solar Glass Handling

    New Way Air Bars provide non-contact control for FPD or Solar glass handling. New Way Porous Media technology distributes air pressure from millions of sub-micron sized holes across the glass-handling surface, virtually eliminating contact even for Gen 10 or larger glass. Vacuum controls the glass, holding it precisely for AOI, direct-write lithography, probing, repair, and more.

    ProductsPrecision Zone Air Bars, Transition Zone Air Bars, Flotation Zone Air Bars, Flat Round and Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Air Slides
    A glove box system with vacuum deposition device

    It is the system which had the vacuum deposition device of the method that was superior in the maintenance nature built-in in the glove box having a high-performance inert gas refinery. The vacuum steaming wearing chamber enables a high-speed high vacuum degree with the cryopump and controls a series of operation, control with a touch panel-type panel intensively. I become the system which can sponsor making and the research and development of the stable sample.

    ProductsA glove box system with vacuum deposition device
  • Hitachi Zosen
    Development of OLED production systems and the process equipment of the plastics substrate

    We has been developed high-productivity OLED production systems with a planer evaporation source up to G6 substrate. The organic evaporation sample with +/-1.4% thickness uniformity on G4 substrate and the OLED 100-mm-square luminescence sample made by the new concept planar source are exhibited. Moreover, as the process equipment of the plastics substrate, the production system for dye-sensitized solar cell and the other processing samples made by Hitz demonstration machines are exhibited.

    ProductsEvaporation System with Planar Source for OLED Production, Super Engineerring Plasitic Forming Systems, Laser Patterning Equipment, Roll to Roll Equipment
  • DongA Brush
    DongA Brush,We will manufacture the world best products.

    Dong A Brush, rushing into the world further and higher, are roducing and selling custom made brush in accordance with high-tech industries such as semiconductor,FPD and IT even in 21st century by alternatively "Independent Automatic Brush" Machinery system with know-how accumulated in tends of years, endless research and efforts with technology, replacing imported brush, as a company succeeding the founder's business by his son. Recently we have developed new generation cleaning brush for FPD.

    ProductsCleaning Brush for FPD(MULTI CHANNEL BRUSH/G1~G11), New Product -Multi(4)Channel Brush For FPD (G1~G11), Roll Channel Brush For FPD (G1~G11), Various Brush
  • YAS
    Driving the Changes of Manufacturing System

    YAS was established as the OLED process equipment manufacturer in Korea and is now developing and producing the best product of OLED product such as point and linear type of sources and crucible for OLED business field. These industries help create a wide range of products, such as OLED TVs, OLED lighting, solar cells and much more.

    Based on YAS's core technology, YAS aspire to be Process Equipment Provider that works together with clients to come up with creative and innovative value.

    ProductsEvaporation source, OLED Mass production system, CIGS Solar cell mass production system
    Laminator HAL-TEC

    SANKYO is very proud of abundant experience and sales results in the field of a lamination process.

    The high-quality of the end products and labnor-saving is our first priority.

    As a manufacture, we strive to acheive a better results for our customer's needs.

    We demonstrate one of our laminaters at SANKYO booth.

    You are welcome to visit our booth and see by yourself how the laminations are done!

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    Ninomiya system

    Ninomiya system making to the Developing,the Etching and the Striping line and around equipment.

    We have handle the thin glass board wet machine and the touch panel wet machine line.

    We introduce about point of every kind wet machine by panel display at the FPDI.


    ProductsUDR-40S-DV (4K 120p supported memory recorder), UDR-DV100, LE-3060 / LE-5150 (LED emulator), MSPG-6100, etc. (Signal generator for HDMI), TVB597A (DTV modulator)

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