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K-01 Keynotes Japanese - Chinese - English

FPD/Green Device Summit

Date: November 10 (Wed) 9:30 - 12:30 Venue: Makuhari Messe Convention Hall
  • Won-Kie Chang

    Continuous Growth by Creative Replacement

    President, LCD Business
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Won-Kie Chang

  • Hasegawa Yoshisuke

    Sharp's LCD Business and forecast the LCD market

    General Manager, Liquid Crystal Display Business;
    Group General Manager, Liquid Crystal Display Group

    Sharp Corp.

    Hasegawa Yoshisuke

  • Jiaheng Wang

    BOE's FPD Business Development

    BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd. COO, Executive Vice President ,
    Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. President

    Jiaheng Wang

  • Mike Jun

    LG Displey's approach : New value for display

    Vice President, Head of Panel Performance DepartmentLG Display R&D Center
    LG Display Co., Ltd.

    Mike Jun

K-03 Keynotes Japanese - English

"3D"and "Digital Newspaper" as emerging applications for the future of FPD

Date: November 11 (Thu) 13:00 - 15:00 Venue: Makuhari Messe Convention Hall
  • Stig Nordqvist

    Future News Media Ecosystem for Leanback Devices – Tablets and E-readers

    Executive DirectorEmerging Digital Platforms and Business Development

    Stig Nordqvist

  • Akira Shimazu

    Towards Further Expansion of the 3D Business

    Senior General Manager3D & BD Project Management Division
    Sony Corporation

    Akira Shimazu

FPD International Forums 2010

F-11 3D Display Forum Japanese - English

[Chair] Reiji Asakura The Society of Picture Quality Engineers

  • Kenji Okamoto

    Progress in 3D LCD Display Technology

    Sharp Corp.

    Kenji Okamoto

  • Isao Kawahara

    3D plasma as an evolutionary milestone

    Panasonic Plasma Display Co., Ltd.

    Isao Kawahara

  • Yoshito Shiraishi

    Development of OLED 3D Display

    Sony Corp.

    Yoshito Shiraishi

  • Reiji Asakura

    Problems and Outlook for 3D in Terms of Image Quality

    The Society of Picture Quality Engineers

    Reiji Asakura

  • Hitoshi Satou

    3D Digital Camera Evolution

    FUJIFILM Corp.

    Hitoshi Satou

  • Kiyoto Kanda

    A golden formula to establish 3D industry

    Newsight Japan, Ltd.

    Kiyoto Kanda

  • Eric CY Chen

    Advanced Deadzone-Free Naked Eye Solution --- AUO Super3D Naked Eye

    AU Optronics Corp.

    Eric CY Chen

F-12 Next Generation FPD Technology Forum Japanese - English
  • Toshiaki Arai

    Sony’s high reliability oxide TFT technology for AM-OLED displays

    Sony Corp.

    Toshiaki Arai

  • Hsing-Hung Hsieh

    Development of Oxide TFTs for Next Generation Flat Panel Displays

    AU Optronics Corp.

    Hsing-Hung Hsieh

  • Jun H. Souk

    Oxide TFT Technology for Next Generation FPD

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Jun H. Souk

  • Yasuhiro Yoshida

    The Recent Milestones in Multi-Primary Displays

    Sharp Corp.

    Yasuhiro Yoshida

  • Zen-ichiro Hara

    The High Performance Scalable Display with Passive OLEDs

    Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

    Zen-ichiro Hara

  • Makoto Noda

    Development of Rollable Organic EL Display Driven by OTFTs

    Sony Corp.

    Makoto Noda

  • Reiji Hattori

    Future of New Displays Analyzed from International Conferences

    Kyushu University

    Reiji Hattori

F-21 Touch Panel Forum Japanese - English

Targeting to 1 trillion yen market: Touch panel technology and its market
—Detailed explanations of the overall technology trends and red-hot topics

Date: November 11 (Thu) 9:30 - 16:00

(Intermission: 12:00 - 13:30)


[Chair] Yuji MitaniPresident, Touch Panel Laboratories Co.,Ltd.

  • Daisuke Suzuki

    Expectation of the input device in the future

    NTT Docomo, Inc.

    Daisuke Suzuki

  • Yuji Mitani

    Recent Development Trends in Touch Panels

    Touch Panel Laboratories Co.,Ltd.

    Yuji Mitani

  • Hitoshi Mikoshiba

    Exploitation technology of transparent conductive film for touch panel

    Teijin Chemicals Ltd.

    Hitoshi Mikoshiba

  • Geoff Walker

    Touch On the Consumer Desktop and In Large Format


    Geoff Walker

  • Olivier Juvanon

    Beyond multi-touch : new challenges for touch panel makers on the fast-growing tablet market


    Olivier Juvanon

  • Yasuhiro Ukai

    Current state and future perspective of display with built-in touch panel function

    Ukai Display Device Institute

    Yasuhiro Ukai

F-22 China FPD Forum[ half day ] Japanese - Chinese

Rapid Growth of FPD industry in China
—Moving toward building Chinese FPD industry chains to nationwide expansion

Date: November 11 (Thu) 9:30 - 12:00

(half-day session)


[Chair] Hiroaki Kitahara Tech & Biz inc.

  • Weimin Bai

    Current State and Future Trends of Chinese FPD TV Industry

    China Video Industry Association

    Weimin Bai

  • Development of the Chinese FPD industry, and IRICO’s OLED strategy

    Jia Yuntao

  • Star Yu

    Seasonal Strategies in the Chinese Home Appliance Market, and Trends in Related Industrial Supply Chains

    All View Consulting

    Star Yu

  • Qin Yuanwang

    Current state and future plans for the Hefei FPD Industrial Zone

    Qin Yuanwang

F-23 FPD Market Forecast Forum[ half day ] Japanese - English

[Chair] Zenzou Tajima Mobara Atecs, Ltd.

  • Yasuo Nakane

    Outlook for the FPD Industry: How Can Japanese Industry Survive in the Face of Chinese Development and Horizontal Division of Labor?

    Deutsche Securities Inc.

    Yasuo Nakane

  • Masahiko Ishino

    Gast generation has came after the generation of Wintel

    Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Staley

    Masahiko Ishino

  • Changing FPD Business Models, and Investment and Technology Strategies

    Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd.

    Shusuke Hayashi

F-31 FPD Materials Forum Japanese - English

The key to FPD evolutions: Outlook on material innovations
-- The constant evolutions for FPD basic performance: thickness, weight, definition and power consumption --

Date: November 12 (Fri) 9:30 - 16:00

(Intermission: 12:00 - 13:30)

  • Tadashi Uno

    FPD Materials Market Trends: Technology Innovations and Demand Growth in Emerging Markets

    DisplaySearch, an NPD Group Company

    Tadashi Uno

  • Jennifer Colegrove

    Next Gen FPD technologies: touch screen, 3D and e-paper.

    DisplaySearch, an NPD Company

    Jennifer Colegrove

  • Sylvia Kao

    Advancement in glass technology that enhance performance in display applications from TVs to handhelds

    Corning Inc.

    Sylvia Kao

  • Hideo Ichinose

    Advanced liquid crystal mixture for high performance liquid crystal display

    Merck Ltd. Japan

    Hideo Ichinose

  • Koichi Sano

    New Optical Film Solution for LCD LED Backlight

    Sumitomo 3M Limited

    Koichi Sano

  • Yoshifiro Uozu

    Formation of Moth-Eye Anti Reflection Films by Roll to Roll process.

    Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd

    Yoshifiro Uozu

  • Yuichiro Yamada

    Advanced VA mode “TBA” with Fast Gray-Scale Response and Wide Viewing Angle

    Sharp Corp.

    Yuichiro Yamada

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