Exhibition Guide

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Support Menu for Exhibitors

Various support menu are prepared for exhibitors. Those will help to increase efficiency of your exhibiting and marketing.

  • Exhibitor Special Seminar
  • Exhibitor Presentation Theater
  • Special Meeting room
  • Meeting Corner
  • Rental booth     etc.

Exhibitor Special Seminar

Exhibitor Special SeminarPre-registration seminars are held in the Special Seminar room for exhibitors to introduce and discuss their unique technologies and products, in a quiet environment. Programs will be announced on the official website, with registration. Enjoy synergistic effect by not only talking to booth visitors, but backing it up with powerful presentations to seminar attendees already interested in knowing more!

Exhibitor Presentation Theater

Exhibitor Presentation TheaterThe "Presentation theater," is where exhibitors can offer explanations of their technologies and products. To be located on open air in hall, the stage is guaranteed to attract a great deal of attention among visitors. The sessions are announced through direct mail as well as on the official website, as a result of which many are attended by numbers exceeding the seating capacity.

Special Meeting room

Meeting Corner

Rental booth

Please contact the Managing Office for information of the package booth plan that includes booth decoration fee, rental fee for fixtures, electricity charges, etc.

  • * Please contact the Managing Office for more information.

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