Exhibitions of products and services

Component technologies, materials, and manufacturing machinery related to constituent elements of Smart Cites are suitable for exhibition.

Smart Grid   Smart Houses, Buildings   Renewable energy   Next-generation mobility

Electricity, Energy Devices and Infrastructure

Smart Meter
Electricity Distribution related Device
Voltage Regulator, etc.

IT, Communication Device and Infrastructure

HEMS/BEMS related Device
Electrical power supply and demand control systems
Electricity Usage Information Service
Grid Electricity Distribution and Storage System
Communication Unit
Other IT systems and services, etc.

Secondary batteries

Lithium-ion Battery
Nickel Cadmium Battery
NAS Battery
Positive Electrode Material
Negative Electrode Material
Other Components/Materials, etc.



Energy visualization, sensor products and technlogy, local-and wide-area wireless devices and technology, ESCO, Energy management system and service, other related technologies, etc.

LED Lighting

LED lighting, Oled lighting, Light management system, LED Driver IC, Heat Sink, Components and Materials, Manufacturing Equipment, etc.

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Systems and Products/Service


Cogeneration Systems and Products/Service


Photovoltaic systems

power conversion units, modules,Inverter, Power Conditioner, other related technologies and materials Manufacturing Equipment, etc.

Other Renewable energy

Wind Power Generation System, Biomass Generation System, Energy Harvesting system and technogie, other related technologies, etc.



Secondary batteries for EV/PHV
EV infrastructure (quick-charge,charging stations, Information service for charging stations), Power semiconductors for EV, Connectors, Cable, Plug, and other devices, etc.