Impact of technology New means of forging our future

What exactly do we need to do to create our future? The answer is all-new collaboration between people, together with entirely new technology and ideas. This session offers a series of programs introducing technology, ideas, and people critical to the creation of a bright future, carefully chosen from amongst Nikkei Business Publications’ vast networks. It is our hope to render this event an indispensable source of essential information from Japan to the world, with the objective of achieving the future we all want.


Dates October 29 (Wed.)-October 31 (Fri.), 2014 (three days)
Venue Pacifico Yokohama
Organizer Nikkei Business Publications
Special cooperation City of Yokohama
Supervision Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute
Cooperation Nikkei Business, Nikkei Ecology, Nikkei Electronics, Nikkei Computer, Nikkei Monozukuri, Nikkei Automotive Technology, Nikkei Architecture, Nikkei Business Online, Nikkei Technology Online, ITpro, KEN-Platz, Nikkei Business Publications Environmental Management Forum, Nikkei Digital Health, etc.
Attendance 50,000

Please note that while the above is anticipated, details are subject to change.


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