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  • Poly IC
    Transparent conductive films (ITO replacement)

    PolyIC is a leading developer of polymer electronics technology and moreover a future supplier of printed electronic products and components. The two product lines are called PolyID and PolyLogo. PolyIC also offers transparent conductive films as ITO-replacement. The activities are focused on providing innovative low cost electronics for mass markets.

    ProductsTransparent conductive film for touch screens, Transparent conductive film for touch displays, Transparent conductive film for EMI shielding, Transparent conductive film for touch sensors, Printed electronics such as printed RFID, smart objects
  • Kolon Industries

    Founded as a chemical fiber manufacturing company in 1957. Currently, as a specialized company in chemical/materials,

    we are focusing our best in display materials like Overcoat, Black Matrix, Column Spacer and organic passivation for Touch Screen Panel. And we also supply the diffusion sheet and plate to leading LCD companies for Display Back Light Unit and micro beads, PET film and Dry Film Photoresist for PCB.

    ProductsRaw Materials for LCD Color filter or Touch Screen Panel (Overcoat, Black Matrix, Passivation), Light Diffusion Plate/Sheet/Film or Prism Sheet for Display Backlight Unit, Micro Beads for diffusion or multiple uses, Base PET or Nylon film, Photoresist Film for PDP barrier rib or ITO patterning
  • Sooyangchem
    1.Ag Paste for touch panel 2.LED Packaging Silicone

    1.Sooyangchemtec's SY-S Series are drying type silver paste for screen print. It has good adhesion to PET film,

    ITO film.

    2.Sooyangchemtec's SY-LESI series are two types of liquid, which are applied to Encapsulants, Lens, and Overmolding of LED being excellent adhesion and tensility. Especially able to harden at low temperature.

    ProductsAg Paste, LED encapsulant, Antistactic agent, Surfactant

    ProductsNanobuckling, Nano dot array, Transparent Conductive Film
  • New Tac Kasei

    ProductsNon Carrier Film, Hard Coat Film with Adhesive
  • Merck
    Liquid Crystals and cutting-edge new materials

    Merck, as a leading Liquid Crystal supplier, will introduce advanced Liquid Crystals which are optimized for eco-friendly LCD panels. Our cutting-edge new materials, Reactive Mesogens, OLED materials, Organic Electronic materials, Printable Structuring Solutions, Phosphor, which are applicable for a range of different applications such as displays, lighting, photovoltaics are also presented.

    Glass substrates for display and hybrid materials

    We especially focus on thin glass sheets for touch panel use.For the cover glass for mobile phone displays,we have various options for processing including water jet cutting according to the application and the need for form or specifications.We can also thermoform to provide three-dimensional forms.Micro lens arrays for 3-D displays are finished as hybrid products consisting of glass substrate and resin molded lenses.Wecan handle materials from glass to resin for coated products.

    ProductsSubstrate glass/thin-glass for touch panel use, Cover glass for mobile phone display, Thermoformed glass, Micro lens arrey for 3-D display, Coated products
  • Hitachi Chemical
    Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display

    During the exhibition period, Hitachi Chemical will introduce the latest "Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display". We will be glad to hear any opinions or comments from you regarding our activities and the environmental solutions for the next generation. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

    ProductsOptical Materials, Materials for Connecting Circuits and Packaging, Conductive Film, Process Materials
  • Japan Aviation Electronics Industry
    Touch panel and Built-in touch panel monitor

    JAE will exhibit and demonstrate the latest solutions of the projected capacitive touch panel, the new optical touch panel, the pressure detection sensor with touch panel, and the line-up of the touch panel monitor of built-in type..

    We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth

    ProductsCapacitive touch panel, Pressure detection sensor, Infrared (Optical) touch panel, Touch panel monitors

    ProductsAnisotropically Conductive Bonding Paste "CBP-700", EMI Shielding Film for Flexible Printed Circuits "SF-PC series", Free Grounding Film "FGF-400"
  • Touch Panel Laboratories
    We have anything about Touch Panel

    Resistive touchmonitor, Optical touchmonitor, SAW touchmonitor,

    Capacitive touchmonitor, Large touchmonitor, Multi-touch-table Computer and Method distinction touchpanel

    ... We provide Total Solution about Touch Panel.

    ProductsResistiveTouch Monitor and  ResistiveTouch panel, Optical Touch Monitor and OpticalTouch Panel, SAW Touch Monitor and SAWTouch Panel, Capacitive Touch Monitor and CapacitiveTouch Panel, Large Multi-Touch Monitor
  • Artificial Muscle, Inc. (A Bayer MaterialScience Company)
    Rediscover the sense of touch with Reflex from Artificial Muscle, Inc.

    Artificial Muscle will demonstrate applications of Reflex actuators that enable high fidelity haptic feedback on touch screen consumer electronics devices using the proprietary Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle Technology.

    ProductsMobile Devices with integrated Reflex actuators for haptic feedback, Reflex Evaluation Kit Modules, Realistic Haptic Touch Screen Button Click Demonstration
    SMK Wide Range Touch Panel Line Up with Industry Leading Technology

    Capacitive Touch Panel

    Developed small and medium size of capacitive type for mobile device and automotive market.

    Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel

    Developed resistive touch panel capable of 10 points multi-touch and operation with a pen or gloves on are possible.

    Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel

    Developed optical touch panel with well-reputed force feedback function.

    ProductsCapacitive Touch Panel, Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel, Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel
    Flexible Glass "aimic-type"

    We have created the ultimate shape of the glass. Thinner, lighter, and flexible glass. Based on various material can be treated with the FPD process can be expanded.

    ProductsUltra thin P-cap touch screen for mobile, Ultra thin P-cap touch screen for PC, Ultra thin P-cap touch screen New Product, Ultra thin Glass materials
  • Carestream Advanced Materials
    New Transparent Conductive Film

    Carestream Advanced Materials is a new business unit leveraging over 100 years of thin film precision coating experience and nanomaterials science expertise. We introduce a new roll-to-roll manufactured transparent conductive film that out performs ITO film on optical and electrical properties, yet is vastly superior in its flexibility and durability.

    Currently seeking evaluation partners.

    ProductsNew Transparent Conductive Film
    High performance film products

    We exhibit various high performance films which Daicel Chemical Group have been developing. For Green Device applications, high water vapor barrier film and heat conductive films will be presented. For FPD application, several products designed for touch panels or LCDs will be presented.

    ProductsHigh Barrier Film, Heat Conductive Film, Anisotropic Light Scattering Film, Heat resistive, clear soft film, Anti-Newton Ring Film
  • Sharp
    Contribute to ubiquitous society with one-of-a-kind LCDs

    We at Sharp introduce the most advanced LCD technologies. We are developing various applications by using our LCD displays. We have been searching for the possibility of LCD since when we massproduced the world first LCD for calculators in 1973. All of the exhibits are results of our researching. We provide various kinds of LCD technologies such as UV2A technologies which make high picture quality possible, and mobile-use LCDs which are employed in the various applications.

  • LMS


    Pixel Moire elimination and Wet out improvement by Random μ Lens array


    Non Bead type at rear side Improvement of grinding problem by LGP during assembly and vibration test


    Exclusively self developed UV imprinting technology


    3D display without glasses

  • Truly Semiconductors
    Truly Semiconductors Limited

    Truly is the world renowned flat panel display and module manufacturer. The products ranged from TFT, CSTN, Automotive displays, FSTN, TN, resistive and capacitive touch panel, and compact camera module, etc.

    Truly's engineers can fully cooperate with Global customers for their highly customized products.

    ProductsFree shape and monochrome TFT, Automotive display, Capacitive and Resistive touch panel, Compact camera module, TFT and other passive LCD
    The First in Displays

    The cutting-edge technologies of AMOLED, LCD Displays.

    Products4.52" real WVGA Flexible Display, 14" Transparent Display, Dual play game mode display, 7.0" WSVGA AMOLED Display, WVGA On-Cell 3D LCD Display
    Rayture exhibits various laser systems and samples worked by the laser systems

    Rayture Systems exhibits the laser systems for cutting, scribing, drilling, marking, repair, and other applications.

    We offer the laser system meets your application and facility.

    Please contact us if you are looking for the laser and/or laser system, and we offer suitable laser system for you.

    ProductsDC series laser system, Samurai UV marking system
    Laminator HAL-TEC

    SANKYO is very proud of abundant experience and sales results in the field of a lamination process.

    The high-quality of the end products and labnor-saving is our first priority.

    As a manufacture, we strive to acheive a better results for our customer's needs.

    We demonstrate one of our laminaters at SANKYO booth.

    You are welcome to visit our booth and see by yourself how the laminations are done!

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    We are the comprehensive dispenser manufacturer with the original

    We are the comprehensive dispenser manufacturer with the original, high precise liquid control technology meets to various themes of liquid dispensing. Our main feature in this exhibition is the products for FPD process. For example, Fully Automated LC drop dispense machine "MLC-7500", Fully Automated sealant dispense machine "MLC-6500", and Ink-Jet machine. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    ProductsFully automatic LC drop dispenser:MLC-7500, FPD fully-automatic seal dispenser:MLC-6500, Middle and high viscosity, Non-contact jet dispenser :Aero Jet, Low viscosity, Non-contact jet dispenser :Cyber Jet
    NEC LCD Technologies will exhibit the New Technologies and the Existing Technology products

    As for the New Technologies,

    2D/3D Technology

    e-Paper Technology

    On-Cell touch Technology

    Application Shaped Display Technology

    Color Enhancement (ColorXcell) Technology

    High Magnetic Field Resistant Technology

    are planned to be shown.

    And the products based on the Exsting Technologies will be;

    White LED Backlight LCD products

    4 Wire Resistive Touch Panel LCD products

    High Contrast LCD Products

    Ultra Wide Viewing Angle LCD products

    Products2D/3D Technology, e-Paper Technology, On-Cell touch Technology, Color Enhancement (ColorXcell) Technology, High Magnetic Field Resistant Technology
  • Vision Techno-Net

    Products42' Infinitely Expandable Multi-Plasma, 46'Infinitely Expandable Multi LCD, 70'Touch Screen DID, 46'Industrial Monitor, 46'KIOSK DID
  • AU Optronics
    Welcome to experience AUO's technological innovations!

    AUO will showcase the wide range of 3D technologies with glasses and naked-eye solutions. Highlights include 71" ultra wide CSHD 3D TV, 65" 3D interactive touch, 65" 4K2K lens, and dead-zone-free naked-eye 3D solutions. For New Application Technologies, AUO will unveil flexible displays, E-tag displays, and 3D OLED. AUO will also spotlight on industry-leading technologies such as solar powered notebook PC, in-cell photo touch, and ultra narrow-border a-Si LCD.

    Products3D LCD (with glasses and naked-eye types), In-cell photo touch, in-cell capacitor touch, one-glass-solution touch, VA LED with capacitor touch, Displayport monitor, E-tag and E-paper displays, AMOLED, OLED lighting

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