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  • CreaPhys
    Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds and Thin Film Deposition

    We offer comprehensive knowledge in the fields of organic thin film deposition (OLEDs and solar cells), organic opto-electronics and material purification for future display- and photovoltaic technology. CreaPhys develops and produces vacuum evaporators for organic molecular compounds and metals applied in R&D and production (in-line, roll-to-roll). Further we offer systems, services for organic material purification and highly purified organic compounds (e.g. fullerenes, phthalocyanines).

    ProductsEvaporator for Organic Molecular Compounds and Metals, HV and UHV Vacuum deposition systems, Vacuum sublimation units for Organic Molecular Compounds, Highly purified Organic Molecular Compounds, Service for Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds
  • RunSea Technology
    * FPD Cleaning Brush * 3M DyneonTM Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring

    Runsea has production factory in both Taiwan and China.We do the Cleaning Brush production from the first beginning to the final customer sales.Runsea has rich experience on Cleaning Brush of FPD industies manufacturing for 10 years.We focus on the manufacturing for large size LCD TV use Brush,and for solar cell,LED,Touch panel use as well.

    And also displayed will be high quality FFKM O-RING for CVD,PVD,ETCHING process devices market and high performance O-RING especially for semiconductor market form 3M.

    Runsea technology Co.,Ltd.provides professional Chinese,English and Japanese guiders and brochures,which can certainly provide the complete related product information for our coustomers.

    We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth in FPD International 2010.

    ProductsCleaning Brush, Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring
    A glove box system with vacuum deposition device

    It is the system which had the vacuum deposition device of the method that was superior in the maintenance nature built-in in the glove box having a high-performance inert gas refinery. The vacuum steaming wearing chamber enables a high-speed high vacuum degree with the cryopump and controls a series of operation, control with a touch panel-type panel intensively. I become the system which can sponsor making and the research and development of the stable sample.

    ProductsA glove box system with vacuum deposition device
    Evaporation and encapsulation equipment for OLED panels

    Our OLED deposition equipment is equipped with excellent evaporation sources in uniformity and materialefficiency,and suitable for the mass production of OLED panels.

    We also introduce our newly developed inline equipment realizing large area deposition.

    Mirrortron Sputter is able to produce low damaged thin films with its

    advantages in target consumption efficiency and low temperature on substrates.

    It shows the best performance for depositing conductive and encapsulation layers.


    ProductsOLED Production System
  • Hitachi Zosen
    Development of OLED production systems and the process equipment of the plastics substrate

    We has been developed high-productivity OLED production systems with a planer evaporation source up to G6 substrate. The organic evaporation sample with +/-1.4% thickness uniformity on G4 substrate and the OLED 100-mm-square luminescence sample made by the new concept planar source are exhibited. Moreover, as the process equipment of the plastics substrate, the production system for dye-sensitized solar cell and the other processing samples made by Hitz demonstration machines are exhibited.

    ProductsEvaporation System with Planar Source for OLED Production, Super Engineerring Plasitic Forming Systems, Laser Patterning Equipment, Roll to Roll Equipment
  • YAS
    Driving the Changes of Manufacturing System

    YAS was established as the OLED process equipment manufacturer in Korea and is now developing and producing the best product of OLED product such as point and linear type of sources and crucible for OLED business field. These industries help create a wide range of products, such as OLED TVs, OLED lighting, solar cells and much more.

    Based on YAS's core technology, YAS aspire to be Process Equipment Provider that works together with clients to come up with creative and innovative value.

    ProductsEvaporation source, OLED Mass production system, CIGS Solar cell mass production system

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