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  • CreaPhys
    Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds and Thin Film Deposition

    We offer comprehensive knowledge in the fields of organic thin film deposition (OLEDs and solar cells), organic opto-electronics and material purification for future display- and photovoltaic technology. CreaPhys develops and produces vacuum evaporators for organic molecular compounds and metals applied in R&D and production (in-line, roll-to-roll). Further we offer systems, services for organic material purification and highly purified organic compounds (e.g. fullerenes, phthalocyanines).

    ProductsEvaporator for Organic Molecular Compounds and Metals, HV and UHV Vacuum deposition systems, Vacuum sublimation units for Organic Molecular Compounds, Highly purified Organic Molecular Compounds, Service for Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds
  • International Test & Engineering Services
    Test tool for TTP. / Analytical technology for FPD and PV.

    ITES exhibits the latest TTP inspection device TX02 which realized that the evaluation and the pass or fail inspection at the raw substrate level. We will do the demonstration test that uses TX. Also ITES provides the advanced physical analysis technology of semiconductor, LED and OLED. ITES provides the total support for the FPD industry.

    ProductsTX02 Projected capacitive type touch panel inspection device
  • EME
    Mixing,Degassing and transfers and fills to syringe and others.

    not only performs mixing,dispersion and degassing,but also securely transfers and fills to syringe and odd-shaped vessel the mixed-and-degassed material from vessel,free of air-bubbles remixing.

    Since material is tranferred and filled using centrifugal force under vacuum,transfer and filling can be finished in very short time.

    ProductsV-mini300 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. Desktop model., VMX-N360 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. most suitable for small production., UFO-3 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. suitable for middle - large-scale product.
    Flat Panel, Solar Cell LED Exposure, Inspection System

    <Exposure System>

    Vertical, Horizontal Exposure System for Touch Panel,OLED/Film.

    <Inspection System>

    Seal Inspection, Mis-Alignment Inspection with our original Optics.

    <New Technology>

    Photo-Spacer height inspection system

    Repeated Accuracy 3sigma=20nm at Vibration VC-A level

    <New Technology>

    Solar Cell Inspection with Original Optics and Illumination


    Line Sensor / Mega-Pixel / UV,IR Objective Lens / Real Time Auto Focus

  • Systems Engineering
    Spectral Lamp Measurement System

    In this booth, Labsphere's Light Measurement System.

    Light measurement system can be used to measure spectral measurements of lamp sources such as LED, lamp and every light source

    devices. The system can measure strength very speedy with high accuracy.

    Another system is quantum efficiency measurement system, QEMS-2000. It is high performance low cost system.

    Handy measurement equipment and General Integrating Sphere can be seen as well. Also very Standard reflectance are shown in the booth.

    ProductsSpectral Lamp Measurement System, General Purpose Sphere, QEMS-2000PL, HLMS-200P, Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Standards

    ProductsDisplay Color Analyzer CA-310, Chroma Meter CL-200A
  • AS ONE
    Clean environmental construction, Measure for static electricity

    Clean booth, Glove, Microscope, Ware for clean room and Mat.

    Industrial Digital CCD / C-MOS Cameras

    Japan Vieworks exhibits digital CCD and C-MOS cameras manufactured by Vieworks as the best fit cameras for Flat TV inspection and measurement devices.

    We newly propose VP Series and VN Series models which are cooled and pixel shifting 11Megapixel and 16Megapixel CCD camera.

    Also, 29 Mega Pixel Industrial CCD camera will be introduced on this show.

    ProductsVieworks VH Series CCD Camera, Vieworks VC2 Series C-MOS Camera, Vieworks VP Series Cooled CCD Camera, Vieworks VA Series CCD Camera, Vieworks VN Series Pixel Shifting CCD Camera
    Next Generation High Performance LCD Simulator for LCD Market

    We, Opto Science, offer High Performance LCD Simulator from SANAYI Systems in Korea. Current economy situation is really severe for all LCD related manufacture to increase benefit. It gets very important for reducing design and manufacturing cost.

    TechWiz LCD makes shorten your total time for designing and analyzing existing problem, New design as well.

    Please check our powerful Simulator, providing all your problem solution.

    ProductsAxoScan, TechWiz LCD 1D, TechWiz LCD 3D
    Introduce total luminous flux measurement system with sample air conditioner

    - Total Luminous Flux Measurement System:HM series

    The spectrum total luminous flux measurement of various illuminators is achieved by an easy operation. As for the thermal control unit, the temperature limiting of the sample is possible from 40 to 150 in the centigrade.

    - Film Thickness Monitor FE-300

    Compact, affordable and high accuracy reflective film thickness monitor for wide thickness range. Reasonable priced fixed stage and automatic stage are at your choice.

    ProductsTotal Luminous Flux Measurement System:HM series, High Sensitive Spectroradiometer:HS-1000RT, Quantum Efficiency Analysis System:QE series, Film Thickness Monitor:FE-300

    ProductsFourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, Laser Raman Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorometer
  • SOL
    Introduction of FlatMaster-MSP

    FM-MSP is a Fizeau Interferometer which measures not only Flatness, but also parallelism and height with high accuracy using unique frequency scanning Interferometry. The system is suitable for Flat panel Display Industry. It takes only 30 seconnd to measure and can get 780,000 data points at a time.

    ProductsFlat Master MSP, Flat Master, Tomoscope, Videocheck
    Rayture exhibits various laser systems and samples worked by the laser systems

    Rayture Systems exhibits the laser systems for cutting, scribing, drilling, marking, repair, and other applications.

    We offer the laser system meets your application and facility.

    Please contact us if you are looking for the laser and/or laser system, and we offer suitable laser system for you.

    ProductsDC series laser system, Samurai UV marking system
    Added a new measurement system

    Every year,We introduce example of measurement RISA Series about FPD and Optical Materials in this FPD Exhibition. And Theme of this time ,"Measurement of Environmental lighting" Covers Measure equipment of the LED Lighting ,Measure System of landscape lighting,road lighting.

    Please Visit our booth in this FPD Exhibition.

    Thank you.

    ProductsHigh contrast Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR, All around light distribution characteristics measure equipment ZERO-FP/FFP, Color & Luminance Analyzing System RISA-COLOR/ONE 2, Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR
  • Toray Engineering
    Making new FPD production with coating and measuring technologies.

    "Toray Slit-nozzle Coater": various applications to LCD, OLED, touch panel and solar panel production.

    "Titler" by 'Laser application' technologies can achieve no particle generation and high throughput.

    "Film Thickness Measurement System" and "Particle Inspection System" achieve high sensitivity and high throughput.

    "Deposition Equipment for High Barrier" improves life of thin film solar cells.

    ProductsToray Slit-nozzle Coater, Titler, Film Thickness Measurement System, Particle Inspection System, Deposition Equipment for High Barrier
    Test System for Large-Sized LCD Panels & LCD Repair System

    -Test System for Large-Sized LCD Panels

    We present TEG probers supporting up to G10 glasses, array probers for organic EL panels and LTPS panels and an inline system integrating an Automatic Panel Inspection(API), a cell prober and a conveyor for automation of cell test process.

    -LCD Repair System

    We present the latest technology of the LCD Repair System.

    ProductsArray Prober / TEG・OS Prober, Cell Prober, Full Automatic Lighting Inspection System, LCD Repair System, Probe Unit
  • New Way Air Bearings
    Non-Contact Control for FPD and Solar Glass Handling

    New Way Air Bars provide non-contact control for FPD or Solar glass handling. New Way Porous Media technology distributes air pressure from millions of sub-micron sized holes across the glass-handling surface, virtually eliminating contact even for Gen 10 or larger glass. Vacuum controls the glass, holding it precisely for AOI, direct-write lithography, probing, repair, and more.

    ProductsPrecision Zone Air Bars, Transition Zone Air Bars, Flotation Zone Air Bars, Flat Round and Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Air Slides
    The newly developed Inspection system and X-Ray thickness gauge for FPD films are exhibited.

    Newly developed Inspection system and X-Ray thickness gauge for optical films, sheet of functional films and glass material are displayed.

    The new inspection system is capable to detect minute defects, which used to be difficult to detect, by 320MHz process.

    The new X-ray thickness gauge realized for wide width material, compactness and longevity of X-ray tube. We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand so that you can closely look at our state-of-the-art systems.

    ProductsMaxEye.CORE/320C (HIGH RESOLUTION SURFACE INSPECTION SYSTEM), AccureX?(X-ray Thickness Gauge)
    Various items that are derivated from flexible printed circuit

    We exhibit convenient devices and convenient items widely that are derivated from printed circuit with having core of flexible printed circuit.

  • Spectra Co-op
  • Ocean Photonics

    ProductsTOCS LED Characterization System, LED Goniometer, Colorimeter, Ultracompact spectrometer, Integral Sphere
    Optical measurement systems and CAE software

    Measurement systems:

    Chromaticity and luminance

    LED luminous intensity distribution measurement

    Scatter measurement for display components and films

    Flat Panel View Angle Performance Measurement System

    3D display measurement system

    CAE software:

    Optical design software for illumination applications

    Organic device simulation software

    ProductsNFMS, ProMetric, IS-LI TE, LightTools, setfos

    ProductsUDR-40S-DV (4K 120p supported memory recorder), UDR-DV100, LE-3060 / LE-5150 (LED emulator), MSPG-6100, etc. (Signal generator for HDMI), TVB597A (DTV modulator)
    4K&3D Supported VideoSignal Generator [VG-870B]

    High speed RGB each 16-bit drawing engine,

    Slot type multi interfaces

    VG-870 and VG-871 are hybrid video signal generators equipped with multi interfaces.

    engine with max RGB each 16-bit accuracy and slot base interface units configuration offers the future new standard digital interfaces or its functions flexibly at the minimum cost.

    * HDMIver1.4a Supported

    * 3D/3G-SDI Supported

    * 4Kx2K.Full HD240Hz Supported

    Products4K×2K/3D Supported VideoSignal Generator 「VG-870B」, HDMI 1.4a Protocol Analyzer 「VA-1831」, Programmable Video Signal Generator 「VG-881」
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>


Concurrent event: Green Device 2010

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