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  • AKT
    AKT provides product solutions enabling cost reduction of FPD manufacturing

    AKT, an Applied Materials company, is the leading supplier to the FPD industry and its PECVD and color filter sputtering systems are installed at virtually every major TFT-LCD manufacturer. In this show, AKT introduces the latest technologies for PECVD systems, array tester, sputtering systems for array, color filter and touch panel application, and support programs.

    ProductsPECVD System for Large Area Processing, PECVD System for Low Temperature Polysilicon Application, Sputtering System for TFT Array, Electron Beam Array Tester, ITO Sputtering System for Color Filter Application
  • All View Consulting
    Introduction of AVC

    Introduction of All View Consulting

    Refer to following site for the detail


    (Chinese and English)

  • Applied Materials
    Applied Materials web coating system enables advanced touch panel applications.

    Applied Materials, Inc. is the global leader in Nanomanufacturing Technology solutions(TM) with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, flat panel displays, solar photovoltaic cells and flexible electronics. Applied SmartWeb roll-to-roll system for flexible electronics will be introduced at this show.

    ProductsWeb coating system for flexible electronics
  • Artificial Muscle, Inc. (A Bayer MaterialScience Company)
    Rediscover the sense of touch with Reflex from Artificial Muscle, Inc.

    Artificial Muscle will demonstrate applications of Reflex actuators that enable high fidelity haptic feedback on touch screen consumer electronics devices using the proprietary Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle Technology.

    ProductsMobile Devices with integrated Reflex actuators for haptic feedback, Reflex Evaluation Kit Modules, Realistic Haptic Touch Screen Button Click Demonstration
  • AS ONE
    Clean environmental construction, Measure for static electricity

    Clean booth, Glove, Microscope, Ware for clean room and Mat.

    HS-D StainlessWireMesh & the Newest ScreenPrintingTechnology accelerating Printed Electronics

    In our booth we will exhibit the Ultra Hard Stainless Mesh and propose the cutting-edge Screen-Printing technology which accomplishes the objectives in many applications - such as Touch Panel, PV and electronics components.

    ProductsUltra Hard HS-D Mesh and Non-Distortion Screen Mask, HS-D 360 Stainless Mesh for PV finger Double Printing, HS-D 500 Stainless Mesh for Touch Panel 50μm L/S electrode printing, Handy Goods for high Quality Screen Printing, Interactive 30μm fine line Hand-Printing experience
    Optical films and other materials based on Asahi Kasei's chemical technology are exhibited.

    Various optical films such as difusion control film, wire grid film are contributing to realizing optical efficiency and functional integration.

    Introduction of narrowness pitch WGF and exhibition of WGF for prototype PBS.

    Introduction of nano-structured film, developed by applied Nanoimprinting technology.

    LCD and LSI mask pellicle is exhibit.

    Nobel flexo printing sleeve for printable electronics will be displayed as the next emerging technology.

    Productsdiffusion control film, wire-grid polarizing film, nano-structured film, pellicle, flexo sleeve for printed electronics
    4K&3D Supported VideoSignal Generator [VG-870B]

    High speed RGB each 16-bit drawing engine,

    Slot type multi interfaces

    VG-870 and VG-871 are hybrid video signal generators equipped with multi interfaces.

    engine with max RGB each 16-bit accuracy and slot base interface units configuration offers the future new standard digital interfaces or its functions flexibly at the minimum cost.

    * HDMIver1.4a Supported

    * 3D/3G-SDI Supported

    * 4Kx2K.Full HD240Hz Supported

    Products4K×2K/3D Supported VideoSignal Generator 「VG-870B」, HDMI 1.4a Protocol Analyzer 「VA-1831」, Programmable Video Signal Generator 「VG-881」
    Special Showcase <3D display 2010>

  • AU Optronics
    Welcome to experience AUO's technological innovations!

    AUO will showcase the wide range of 3D technologies with glasses and naked-eye solutions. Highlights include 71" ultra wide CSHD 3D TV, 65" 3D interactive touch, 65" 4K2K lens, and dead-zone-free naked-eye 3D solutions. For New Application Technologies, AUO will unveil flexible displays, E-tag displays, and 3D OLED. AUO will also spotlight on industry-leading technologies such as solar powered notebook PC, in-cell photo touch, and ultra narrow-border a-Si LCD.

    Products3D LCD (with glasses and naked-eye types), In-cell photo touch, in-cell capacitor touch, one-glass-solution touch, VA LED with capacitor touch, Displayport monitor, E-tag and E-paper displays, AMOLED, OLED lighting
  • austriamicrosystems
    Leading LED TV driver solutions for edge lighting, direct lighting, ambilight and 3D solutions

    austriamicrosystems is the leading provider of driver solutions for LED TVs and has a complete portfolio of products supporting edge lighting, direct lighting, ambilighting and 3D TVs.

    It will present its product portfolio, demo boards and a complete LED 3D TV. The solutions shown demonstrate outstanding performance in regards to accuracy, power efficiency and picture quality. In addition, a seminar will review the latest trends in LED TVs with special focus on 3D TV LED driver requirements.

    ProductsAS3693 16-channel IC for direct light LED TVs, AS3695C recently launched 16-channel IC for edge lighting in LED TVs, AS3696 4-channel LED driver with special 3D features, AS1112 16-channel driver IC for ambilighting, Evaluation boards for AS3693, AS3695, and AS1112
  • BenQ Materials
    Polarizer Film and Optical Film

    BenQ Materials actively ventures on polarizer for liquid crystal display, especially on products such as cellular phone, digital camera, NB, monitor, and TV. For the rapid growth of 3D and OLED application, BenQ Materials also ready circular polarizer technology on products. Other application of polarizer can pay more efforts on developing it with features of anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-reflection to generate wider commercial market.

    ProductsPolarizer film, Touch Panel Optical film, 3D Optical film
  • Bridgestone
    Electronic Paper

    A glove box system with vacuum deposition device

    It is the system which had the vacuum deposition device of the method that was superior in the maintenance nature built-in in the glove box having a high-performance inert gas refinery. The vacuum steaming wearing chamber enables a high-speed high vacuum degree with the cryopump and controls a series of operation, control with a touch panel-type panel intensively. I become the system which can sponsor making and the research and development of the stable sample.

    ProductsA glove box system with vacuum deposition device
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Cambridge Display Technology
    Polymer LED

    Loghit-emitting-polymer, Polymer LED Display,

  • Cambrios Technologies
    ClearOhm(tm): best optical performance, lowest cost, wet coatable ITO alternative

    Cambrios ClearOhm(tm) is the industry's highest optical performance, lowest cost transparent conductive solution for touch screen, e-Paper, OLED lighting, OLED device, LCD and other display applications. ClearOhm offers better optical properties and higher conductivity than achievable by indium tim oxide (ITO) materials. ClearOhm is wet coatable, using industry standard coating equipment and processes.

    ProductsClearOhm Coating Material
  • Canon
    MPA(Mirror Projection Mask Aligner ) Series / Exposure System for FPD

    Exposure systems are TFT production tools for 3-4micro meter design rule on glass plates over 2m. Canon's exposure system, MPA series and MPAsp series, provided new value to our customers, and won strong confidence.

    In this show, we will introduce MPAsp-H740/750 Series, our new product for Gen 8. And, we will also introduce MPAsp-E720/730 for Gen 6 and MPA-6000+/7800+ for G4.5/G5.

    ProductsMPAsp-H740/750 Series, MPAsp-E720/730 Series, MPA-7800+, MPA-6000+
  • Carestream Advanced Materials
    New Transparent Conductive Film

    Carestream Advanced Materials is a new business unit leveraging over 100 years of thin film precision coating experience and nanomaterials science expertise. We introduce a new roll-to-roll manufactured transparent conductive film that out performs ITO film on optical and electrical properties, yet is vastly superior in its flexibility and durability.

    Currently seeking evaluation partners.

    ProductsNew Transparent Conductive Film
  • Chimei Innolux
    Chimei Innolux New Technologies and Products

    New Technologies and Products:

    - 3D Technologies and Displays

    - Touch Technologies and Displays

    - Green Displays

    - Industrial and Medical Displays

    - Mobile Technologies

    Chimei Innolux is a world-leading TFT-LCD supplier to cutting-edge information and consumer electronics product makers worldwide.

    Products46-inch 3D TV Panel, 27-inch 3D/ Touch Monitor Module, 17.3-inch 3D Notebook Panel, Medical 27.8-inch 8MP IPS Panel, High Resolution ITS / Mobile Displays
  • China Video Industry Association (CVIA)
    Introduction of China Video Industry Association

    Introduction of China Video Industry Association

    Refer to following site for the detail


    (Chinese and English)

    Contributing to a highly information-based society

    Chisso's technology has brought a revolutionary change to FPDs.

    We will exhibit our advanced materials produced from state-of-the-art technology.

    Optically Isotropic Liquid Crystal (Blue Phase Liquid Crystal)

    Functional Thin Film Material

    Patterned Retarder for 3D-LCD

    Wafer Bumping Services


    Capsule-Style Filter for ODF

    Functional Curable UV Ink

    Thermal Curable Polyimide Inkjet Ink

    Surface Treatment Agent

    Liquid Shedding Materials


    High-Performance Functional Film

    Evaporation and encapsulation equipment for OLED panels

    Our OLED deposition equipment is equipped with excellent evaporation sources in uniformity and materialefficiency,and suitable for the mass production of OLED panels.

    We also introduce our newly developed inline equipment realizing large area deposition.

    Mirrortron Sputter is able to produce low damaged thin films with its

    advantages in target consumption efficiency and low temperature on substrates.

    It shows the best performance for depositing conductive and encapsulation layers.


    I/O Connector







    JVC Woodcone Audio System EX-B1

    NEW JVC Woodcone Audio System EX-B1 Launched!

    ProductsJVC Woodcone Audio System EX-B1
  • CreaPhys
    Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds and Thin Film Deposition

    We offer comprehensive knowledge in the fields of organic thin film deposition (OLEDs and solar cells), organic opto-electronics and material purification for future display- and photovoltaic technology. CreaPhys develops and produces vacuum evaporators for organic molecular compounds and metals applied in R&D and production (in-line, roll-to-roll). Further we offer systems, services for organic material purification and highly purified organic compounds (e.g. fullerenes, phthalocyanines).

    ProductsEvaporator for Organic Molecular Compounds and Metals, HV and UHV Vacuum deposition systems, Vacuum sublimation units for Organic Molecular Compounds, Highly purified Organic Molecular Compounds, Service for Purification of Organic Molecular Compounds
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

    Optical measurement systems and CAE software

    Measurement systems:

    Chromaticity and luminance

    LED luminous intensity distribution measurement

    Scatter measurement for display components and films

    Flat Panel View Angle Performance Measurement System

    3D display measurement system

    CAE software:

    Optical design software for illumination applications

    Organic device simulation software

    ProductsNFMS, ProMetric, IS-LI TE, LightTools, setfos
    High performance film products

    We exhibit various high performance films which Daicel Chemical Group have been developing. For Green Device applications, high water vapor barrier film and heat conductive films will be presented. For FPD application, several products designed for touch panels or LCDs will be presented.

    ProductsHigh Barrier Film, Heat Conductive Film, Anisotropic Light Scattering Film, Heat resistive, clear soft film, Anti-Newton Ring Film

    ProductsOPTOOL DSX, OPTOOL DAC-HP, OPTOACE, Flexible, High sensitivity and Pb-free pyroelectric infrared sensors, Optool Antireflection Film
  • Dainippon Screen

    ProductsCoater/Developer SK series, OLED panel manufacturing equipment, Slit-type coater for Lab. Research coater LC-R400G, Nozzle Printer NP series, Inkjet Printer
    Delta Electronics: An E-paper Total Solutions Provider

    Delta Electronics, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient solutions, now offers a wide spectrum of e-paper solutions from panel to finished device. Delta's e-paper applications include a range of products including A3 sized e-signage, 8" & 13" e-readers, flexible e-paper displays and debuted e-tags that offer cross-industry utility to fulfill customers' demands. Delta's advance e-paper solutions feature larger screen sizes with full color rendition of 16 grey scales at a resolution of 160 dpi and fast response times with integrated handwriting, voice recognition and high speed transmission technology to enhance user experience. Moreover, Delta R&D develops its own e-paper color filter technology with customized features that further improve overall display performance.


    ProductsQuarterly Large-Area TFT LCD Shipment Report Advanced (LED), 2010 India’s TV Market Report, 2010 Touch Panel Market Analysis Report, 2010 3D Display Technology and Market Forecast Report, PV Equipment Quarterly Report
  • DKSH Japan
  • DongA Brush
    DongA Brush,We will manufacture the world best products.

    Dong A Brush, rushing into the world further and higher, are roducing and selling custom made brush in accordance with high-tech industries such as semiconductor,FPD and IT even in 21st century by alternatively "Independent Automatic Brush" Machinery system with know-how accumulated in tends of years, endless research and efforts with technology, replacing imported brush, as a company succeeding the founder's business by his son. Recently we have developed new generation cleaning brush for FPD.

    ProductsCleaning Brush for FPD(MULTI CHANNEL BRUSH/G1~G11), New Product -Multi(4)Channel Brush For FPD (G1~G11), Roll Channel Brush For FPD (G1~G11), Various Brush
  • Dongbu Hitek
    Dongbu HiTek, Best-in-Class Chips Delivered Worldwide

    Dongbu HiTek provides advanced display driver and power management ICs utilizing unrivaled analog and mixed-signal processing and design technologies. Our best-in-class chip manufacturing processing encompasses BCDMOS, High Voltage CMOS, CMOS RF, CMOS Image Sensor (CIS), and Display Driver IC (DDI) technologies.

    ProductsDisplay Driver IC, Touch Screen Controller, Silicon TV Tuner IC, LED Driver IC, Power Management IC
  • Dongwoo Finechem
    Chemical for TFT-LCD

    H2O2 Type Etchant For TFT LCD

    Cleaning Solution for TFT LCD (CRS-06)

    H3PO4 Type Etchant for TFT LCD

    Photoresist for TFT-LCD

    ProductsH2O2 Type Etchant For TFT LCD, Cleaning Solution for TFT LCD (CRS-06), H3PO4 Type Etchant for TFT LCD, Photoresist for TFT-LCD
    DOWA Ag nano powder, Ag nano paste (enable to screen printing), Ag nano ink

    Ag nano powder

    (1) Ag nano powder-1 (Dia. approx. size: 20nm)

    (2) Ag nano powder-2 (Dia. approx. size: 60nm)

    (3) Ag nano powder-3 (Dia. approx. size: 100nm)

    Very good miscibility with general silver paste and solvents. Get the lowest resistivity to mix it.

    Ag nano paste

    (1)With resin type

    Good adhesion to PET and other films.

    (2) No resin type

    Good conductivity and thermal conductivity for high power LED and power device die bond. Alternative Pb free solders and conductive adhesive.

  • E Ink Holdings
    Next Possibilities

    E Ink Corporation

    Products: Supplier of E Ink Imaging Film products for use in Electronic Paper Displays. The primary benefits of this technology are excellent readablity in dynamic lighting environments, ultra-low-power consumption due to image stability, and thin, lightweight from factor. Electronic Paper Displays enalbe highly portable devices where readability and power consumption are paramount.

    For more information, please see our website at www.eink.com.

    ProductsElectronic Paper Display, EBOOK, EBOOK, FFS LCD, EBOOK
  • EAST
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

    SONY Reader touch Edition 6.0" eInk

    SONY Reader Daily Edition 7.0" eInk 3G

    iRex DR800 8.1" eInk WiFi

    Amazon Kindle2 6.0" eInk 3G

    Amazon Kindle DX 9.7" eInk 3G

    Barnes & Noble nook 6.0" eInk WiFi

    BenQ nReader 6.0" eInk WiFi

  • EELY-ECW Technology
    Touch panel

    We have R-type ;C-type and Multi-touch R-type

    ProductsTouch panel
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • Electronic Journal
    Monthly Magazine "Electronic Journal"

    We exhibit our publications on semiconductor, Photovoltaics, LED, PowerDevice, FPD, MEMS and so on.

    ProductsMonthly Magazine "Electronic Journal"
  • EME
    Mixing,Degassing and transfers and fills to syringe and others.

    not only performs mixing,dispersion and degassing,but also securely transfers and fills to syringe and odd-shaped vessel the mixed-and-degassed material from vessel,free of air-bubbles remixing.

    Since material is tranferred and filled using centrifugal force under vacuum,transfer and filling can be finished in very short time.

    ProductsV-mini300 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. Desktop model., VMX-N360 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. most suitable for small production., UFO-3 Vacuum Mixing-Degassing Mixer. suitable for middle - large-scale product.
  • Everloy Shoji
    We challenge new ideas and revolutions of nozzles for cleaning

    We always challenge new ideas and technical revolutions of nozzles for cleaning purposes.

    New products and also surprise will be waiting for you in our booth, please come and see them in Makuhari, Chiba, JAPAN.

    ProductsSlit Air Nozzles, Mini Atomizing Nozzles, Hollow-cone Atomizing Nozzles, Knife-jet Nozzles, Air-jet Nozzles
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

    Large high-accuracy photomasks for liquid crystal displays

    Finex Co., Ltd. was established in May 2002 and is specialized in design, R&D, manufacture, and sales of large high-accuracy photomasks as up-to-date key devices important for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays. This company is one of the few companies with the technology and know-how for the manufacture of extremely large photomasks.

  • Founder International
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Fujitsu Frontech
  • Fukuda
    NEWWAY air bearing

    Air Bearing

    ProductsAir Bearing
    The newly developed Inspection system and X-Ray thickness gauge for FPD films are exhibited.

    Newly developed Inspection system and X-Ray thickness gauge for optical films, sheet of functional films and glass material are displayed.

    The new inspection system is capable to detect minute defects, which used to be difficult to detect, by 320MHz process.

    The new X-ray thickness gauge realized for wide width material, compactness and longevity of X-ray tube. We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand so that you can closely look at our state-of-the-art systems.

    ProductsMaxEye.CORE/320C (HIGH RESOLUTION SURFACE INSPECTION SYSTEM), AccureX?(X-ray Thickness Gauge)
    Use Mist for Real Energy Savings in Humidification and Cleaning

    IKEUCHI exhibits products meeting your diverse needs; non-wetting "Dry Fog" humidifiers with 7.5 micrometers average droplet diameter, energy-saving nozzles for blower-use, spray nozzles with high cleaning efficiency, static charge prevention, and more.

    Our products help boost production rates, product quality, and energy efficiency. Visit our display and see it all in person. We look forward to your visit.

    ProductsDry Fog Humidifiers, Blower Air Nozle, Mist Nozzles/Flat spray, Blower Mist Nozzles/Flat spray
    Energy-Saving Module (ES Module)

    *Energy-Saving Module (ES Module)

    -Energy-saving LED Lights in offices, hotels, factories and road lamps, parking lots etc.

    -First-runner of a Green Ultrasonic-IRED hybrid Energy-Saving Module

    -Low-cost, high-performing hybrid module

    -"Embedded Type" for OEMs or "External Type" for after-market use

    ProductsEnergy-Saving Module (ES Module), Indoor Localization System: StarGazer
  • Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone
    Investment invitation for Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone

    Investment invitation for Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone

    Refer to following site for the detail


    (Chinese and Japanese)

    Added a new measurement system

    Every year,We introduce example of measurement RISA Series about FPD and Optical Materials in this FPD Exhibition. And Theme of this time ,"Measurement of Environmental lighting" Covers Measure equipment of the LED Lighting ,Measure System of landscape lighting,road lighting.

    Please Visit our booth in this FPD Exhibition.

    Thank you.

    ProductsHigh contrast Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR, All around light distribution characteristics measure equipment ZERO-FP/FFP, Color & Luminance Analyzing System RISA-COLOR/ONE 2, Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR
  • Himax Technologies
    3D TV

    1. 2D to 3D conversion

    - Compact and effective in performing real-time 2D to 3D conversion

    - Can be easily implemented in a number of hardware platforms,

    such as laptop, TV, monitor, DVD player, Set-top box, digital

    camera, handset and etc.

    2. Novel 3D color engine

    - Enables efficient and automatic adjustment into any reference

    color system

    ProductsSharp 40" Shutter 3D TV, LGD 47" Polarizer 3D TV, TECO 8" 5 View DPF
  • Hitachi Chemical
    Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display

    During the exhibition period, Hitachi Chemical will introduce the latest "Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display". We will be glad to hear any opinions or comments from you regarding our activities and the environmental solutions for the next generation. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

    ProductsOptical Materials, Materials for Connecting Circuits and Packaging, Conductive Film, Process Materials
  • Hitachi Maxell
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Hitachi Metals
    Sputtering target materials for FPD and Thin-Film Solar Cell.

    Target Materials for Underlayer of Cu Wiring.

    Humidity Resistant MoNb and Mo-alloy Target Materials.

    Mo and CuGa-alloy Target Materials for CIGS Photovolaic Cell.

    ProductsTarget Materials for Underlayer of Cu Wiring, MoNb-alloy for Electrode and barrier Films, Humidity Resistant Mo-alloy Target Materials, Mo target Matrial for CIGS Solar Cell Back Electrode, CuGa-alloy Target Material for CIGS Photovolaic Cell
  • Hitachi Solutions
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Hitachi Zosen
    Development of OLED production systems and the process equipment of the plastics substrate

    We has been developed high-productivity OLED production systems with a planer evaporation source up to G6 substrate. The organic evaporation sample with +/-1.4% thickness uniformity on G4 substrate and the OLED 100-mm-square luminescence sample made by the new concept planar source are exhibited. Moreover, as the process equipment of the plastics substrate, the production system for dye-sensitized solar cell and the other processing samples made by Hitz demonstration machines are exhibited.

    ProductsEvaporation System with Planar Source for OLED Production, Super Engineerring Plasitic Forming Systems, Laser Patterning Equipment, Roll to Roll Equipment
  • HFW Hamburg Business Development Corporation
    Hamburg - European Green Capital 2011

    HWF - Hamburg Business Development Corporation is the official business development corporation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is a non-profit organisation and serves as central contact, consulting and service agency for international and national companies from all industries. The HWF facilitates their investment, expansion, or restructuring projects in the Greater Hamburg Region, its focus being the guidance and initiation of new investments from international companies.

    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • i-Chips Technology
    High Performance Scaler LSI from i-Chips Technology

    i-Chips is a fabless semiconductor company focused on video and image processing LSI.

    We develop high performance de-interlacer/scaler LSIs widely used in FPD, Front projector, broadcast and AV applications.

    i-Chps will be demonstrating two new products at the Exibiton.

    The IP00C786, the arbitrary geometry transformation (Warping) processing LSI, will show you Warping image by RGB independently.The IP00C732, quad-input/output channel scaler, will show you various multi input overlay image.

    ProductsIP00C786, IP00C732, IP00C811
  • I-NET
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • Idemitsu Kosan
  • International Test & Engineering Services
    Test tool for TTP. / Analytical technology for FPD and PV.

    ITES exhibits the latest TTP inspection device TX02 which realized that the evaluation and the pass or fail inspection at the raw substrate level. We will do the demonstration test that uses TX. Also ITES provides the advanced physical analysis technology of semiconductor, LED and OLED. ITES provides the total support for the FPD industry.

    ProductsTX02 Projected capacitive type touch panel inspection device
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Japan Aviation Electronics Industry
    Touch panel and Built-in touch panel monitor

    JAE will exhibit and demonstrate the latest solutions of the projected capacitive touch panel, the new optical touch panel, the pressure detection sensor with touch panel, and the line-up of the touch panel monitor of built-in type..

    We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth

    ProductsCapacitive touch panel, Pressure detection sensor, Infrared (Optical) touch panel, Touch panel monitors
    Industrial Digital CCD / C-MOS Cameras

    Japan Vieworks exhibits digital CCD and C-MOS cameras manufactured by Vieworks as the best fit cameras for Flat TV inspection and measurement devices.

    We newly propose VP Series and VN Series models which are cooled and pixel shifting 11Megapixel and 16Megapixel CCD camera.

    Also, 29 Mega Pixel Industrial CCD camera will be introduced on this show.

    ProductsVieworks VH Series CCD Camera, Vieworks VC2 Series C-MOS Camera, Vieworks VP Series Cooled CCD Camera, Vieworks VA Series CCD Camera, Vieworks VN Series Pixel Shifting CCD Camera
    Introduction of Japanese Liquid Crystal Society

    The purpose of Japanese Liquid Crystal Society shall be to encourage the scientific advancement of the Liquid Crystal and its related field, by means of promoting an active interchange of scientific, technological and industrial researchers.


    ProductsFourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, Laser Raman Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorometer
  • JSR
    JSR's FPD related Materials

    JSR introduces various materials for FPDs, such as protective coatings, alignment coatings, alignment films, and pigment dispersed color resist materials, developed by its proprietary polymer technologies.

    ProductsAlighment Film "JSR OPTMER AL", Protective Coating Material "JSR OPTMER SS", Photosensitive Protective Coating Materials "JSR OPTMER PC" and "JSR OPTMER NN", Color Pigment Dispersed Resists "JSR OPTMER CR", Hybrid Hard Coat Materials "JSR OPSTAR"
    JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation introduces various targets

    We introduce various targets.

    Our ITO target widely used for the transparent conductive film etc. for LCD and PDP can meet your needs promptly and back up your product development strongly.

    Moreover, we introduce IGZO target expected to use for the next generation TFT, In target used for CIGS solar cell, and ITO Rotary target attracting attention of future spread.

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    ProductsThe 10th Generation ITO Target, Low Particle ITO UHD-4 Target, The 8th Generation IGZO Target, In Target for solar cell, ITO Rotary Target
  • Korea Display Industry Association
    KDIA (Korea Display Industry Association)

    KDIA aims to not only spearhead the advancement of the Korean display industry, but also maximize the synergy in the display industries worldwide.


    ProductsUDR-40S-DV (4K 120p supported memory recorder), UDR-DV100, LE-3060 / LE-5150 (LED emulator), MSPG-6100, etc. (Signal generator for HDMI), TVB597A (DTV modulator)
  • Kira Zu Laboratory
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • Kobe area,Amagasaki area,Sakai Takaishi waterfront area(Panel bay area)
    Osaka panel bay area

    Recently in Osaka Bay area, the location of the frontier industry that relates to the liquid crystal, the plasma panel, and the photovoltaic panel is active. The eminent world new industrial accumulation is advanced in that area, and it is called "Osaka bay panel bay". We introduce the business potential in Kobe area, Amagasaki area, Sakai Takaishi waterfront area in "Osaka panel bay area"

    ProductsPanel, Pamphlet
  • Kolon Industries

    Founded as a chemical fiber manufacturing company in 1957. Currently, as a specialized company in chemical/materials,

    we are focusing our best in display materials like Overcoat, Black Matrix, Column Spacer and organic passivation for Touch Screen Panel. And we also supply the diffusion sheet and plate to leading LCD companies for Display Back Light Unit and micro beads, PET film and Dry Film Photoresist for PCB.

    ProductsRaw Materials for LCD Color filter or Touch Screen Panel (Overcoat, Black Matrix, Passivation), Light Diffusion Plate/Sheet/Film or Prism Sheet for Display Backlight Unit, Micro Beads for diffusion or multiple uses, Base PET or Nylon film, Photoresist Film for PDP barrier rib or ITO patterning

    ProductsDisplay Color Analyzer CA-310, Chroma Meter CL-200A
    Kugler - precision in a new dimension

    KUGLER develops and produces highly complex and sophisticated micro machine tools, ultra-precision optical and mechanical components, and job order production of optical surfaces, mainly made of non-ferrous metals.

    The company is highly committed to research and development and focuses on innovative projects. Functional samples, prototypes, or small and large series are manufactured according to client specifications or as commissioned development to the very highest technological standards.

    The business environment of Kumamoto's semiconductor and Solar industries

    Through promotion of semiconductor and LCD industries, Kumamoto Prefecture has become a top manufacturing hub in Japan. It also aims to achieve the top solar penetration ratio in Japan.

    Located in the center of Kyushu, close to other Asian countries, Kumamoto Prefecture has increased in significance as a strategic location for global business development.

    Allow us to provide you with information on our business climate and several incentives and programs.

    New Acrylic Films and Transparent Conductive Film

    Kuraray shows three acrylic films and transparent conductive film. Acrylic films have an excellent transparent and durability characteristics. And moreover each of them has unique properties. "KURARITY film" has flexible, "RT film" has high surface hardness and "SO film" has unti-whitening properties. These are available as substrate film for various FPD parts. On the other hands, transparent conductive film, created by coating of new materials is suitable for an electrode of the touch panel.

    ProductsAcrylic film "KURARITY(TM) film", Acrylic film "RT film"(developing grade), Acrylic film "SO film" (developing grade), Transparent Conductive film (developing grade)
  • LG Display
    LG Display is a leading manufacturer and supplier of TFT-LCD panels, OLEDs and flexible displays.

    LG Display is a leading manufacturer and supplier of TFT-LCD panels, OLEDs and flexible displays. The company provides TFT-LCD panels in a wide range of sizes and specifications for use in TVs, monitors, notebook PCs, mobile products and other various applications. LG Display currently operates eight fabrication facilities and five back-end assembly facilities in Korea, China and Poland.

  • Liquavista
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

    Electrowetting displays

  • LMS


    Pixel Moire elimination and Wet out improvement by Random μ Lens array


    Non Bead type at rear side Improvement of grinding problem by LGP during assembly and vibration test


    Exclusively self developed UV imprinting technology


    3D display without glasses

  • Material Science and Technology of Japan

    ProductsBattery, LED and OLED Lighting, Analysis under the Controled Atmosphere
    Glass substrates for display and hybrid materials

    We especially focus on thin glass sheets for touch panel use.For the cover glass for mobile phone displays,we have various options for processing including water jet cutting according to the application and the need for form or specifications.We can also thermoform to provide three-dimensional forms.Micro lens arrays for 3-D displays are finished as hybrid products consisting of glass substrate and resin molded lenses.Wecan handle materials from glass to resin for coated products.

    ProductsSubstrate glass/thin-glass for touch panel use, Cover glass for mobile phone display, Thermoformed glass, Micro lens arrey for 3-D display, Coated products
  • Merck
    Liquid Crystals and cutting-edge new materials

    Merck, as a leading Liquid Crystal supplier, will introduce advanced Liquid Crystals which are optimized for eco-friendly LCD panels. Our cutting-edge new materials, Reactive Mesogens, OLED materials, Organic Electronic materials, Printable Structuring Solutions, Phosphor, which are applicable for a range of different applications such as displays, lighting, photovoltaics are also presented.

    Flexible Glass "aimic-type"

    We have created the ultimate shape of the glass. Thinner, lighter, and flexible glass. Based on various material can be treated with the FPD process can be expanded.

    ProductsUltra thin P-cap touch screen for mobile, Ultra thin P-cap touch screen for PC, Ultra thin P-cap touch screen New Product, Ultra thin Glass materials
    Test System for Large-Sized LCD Panels & LCD Repair System

    -Test System for Large-Sized LCD Panels

    We present TEG probers supporting up to G10 glasses, array probers for organic EL panels and LTPS panels and an inline system integrating an Automatic Panel Inspection(API), a cell prober and a conveyor for automation of cell test process.

    -LCD Repair System

    We present the latest technology of the LCD Repair System.

    ProductsArray Prober / TEG・OS Prober, Cell Prober, Full Automatic Lighting Inspection System, LCD Repair System, Probe Unit
  • Mitsubishi Electric
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>


    ProductsFPD protection panel for high-performance acrylic sheets, Backlight-related materials, FPD-related materials
    Mitsui Mining & Smelting will present "Sputtering Targets" for FPDs

    Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. will exhibit "Sputtering Targets" for FPD & PV.

    For transport conductive material, we will show updated "MMF-ITO"

    It meets customers' demands, such as less nodule and larger monolithic tile to reduce particles.

    And we also introduce PV application materials, such as Cu-Ga, AZO, In, etc., based on our long refining history.

    The future / the keyword this time is "G10" for FPD, "Recyclable" for PV.

    We welcome you visit to our booth at the exhibition.

    ProductsITO target, IGZO target, PV application materials
  • Miyazaki Prefectural Government
  • Momentive performance materials Japan
    Optical bonding & Hard coating materials for Display

    Momentive performance materials introduce product family for Display field.

    Based on the long experience of the silicone field, Momentive's help contribute to the improve performance of displays.

    Especially, we provide the Optical bonding materials that help enhance image quality, the Hard coating materials that contribute to long-term reliability of touch panel and many kinds of coating materials that contribute to long-term reliability of FPC, displays.

    ProductsInvisisil OP series
    We are the comprehensive dispenser manufacturer with the original

    We are the comprehensive dispenser manufacturer with the original, high precise liquid control technology meets to various themes of liquid dispensing. Our main feature in this exhibition is the products for FPD process. For example, Fully Automated LC drop dispense machine "MLC-7500", Fully Automated sealant dispense machine "MLC-6500", and Ink-Jet machine. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    ProductsFully automatic LC drop dispenser:MLC-7500, FPD fully-automatic seal dispenser:MLC-6500, Middle and high viscosity, Non-contact jet dispenser :Aero Jet, Low viscosity, Non-contact jet dispenser :Cyber Jet
  • Nagoya University
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

    NEC LCD Technologies will exhibit the New Technologies and the Existing Technology products

    As for the New Technologies,

    2D/3D Technology

    e-Paper Technology

    On-Cell touch Technology

    Application Shaped Display Technology

    Color Enhancement (ColorXcell) Technology

    High Magnetic Field Resistant Technology

    are planned to be shown.

    And the products based on the Exsting Technologies will be;

    White LED Backlight LCD products

    4 Wire Resistive Touch Panel LCD products

    High Contrast LCD Products

    Ultra Wide Viewing Angle LCD products

    Products2D/3D Technology, e-Paper Technology, On-Cell touch Technology, Color Enhancement (ColorXcell) Technology, High Magnetic Field Resistant Technology
  • NEC LCD Technologies
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • New Tac Kasei

    ProductsNon Carrier Film, Hard Coat Film with Adhesive
  • New Way Air Bearings
    Non-Contact Control for FPD and Solar Glass Handling

    New Way Air Bars provide non-contact control for FPD or Solar glass handling. New Way Porous Media technology distributes air pressure from millions of sub-micron sized holes across the glass-handling surface, virtually eliminating contact even for Gen 10 or larger glass. Vacuum controls the glass, holding it precisely for AOI, direct-write lithography, probing, repair, and more.

    ProductsPrecision Zone Air Bars, Transition Zone Air Bars, Flotation Zone Air Bars, Flat Round and Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Air Slides
  • Newsight Japan
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • NICT
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

    Nikon exhibits the product panel.

    Nikon exhibits the panel of LCD scanners FX-75S/85S that supports size of plate of the 7th and 8th generations and FX-65S/55S that supports size of plate of the 5th and 6th generations and FX-803M/903N that are Mass-Production of High-Definition LCDs.

    In addition, introduces LCD scanner FX-101S that support the 10th generation large plate size by panel and VTR

    ProductsLCD Scanner FX-101S, LCD Scanners FX-75S/85S, LCD Scanners FX-55S/65S, LCD Steppers FX-803M/903N
    Ninomiya system

    Ninomiya system making to the Developing,the Etching and the Striping line and around equipment.

    We have handle the thin glass board wet machine and the touch panel wet machine line.

    We introduce about point of every kind wet machine by panel display at the FPDI.

    Display of Nippon Seiki

    Nippon Seiki Display Division is designing and manufacturing LCD and OLED.

    We would like to present our TN-LCD, STN-LCD, VA-LCD and OLED for consumer, industrial instrument and automotive use.

    To satisfy the ecology needs, we would like to present OLED with reduced consumed power.

    We will also introduce our color display which is more effective and intuitive.

    ProductsLCD, OLED
    Colored refractive interference enables online measurement of ultra-thin films

    (1) Our new technique will theoretically enable measurement of ultra-thin films (1 to 100 nm) based on refracted interference color, enabling measurement of the refractive index in areas where the PV method is used, making thickness measurement more accurate.

    (2) The combination of simultaneous measurements of transmittance, pseudo Hayes value and refractive index can measure films of materials that do not induce color interference.

    Exhibition of several thin-film materials for FPD

    We proposed several products for FPD as follows; Polyimide alignment coatings SUNEVER / Inorganic Hard Coatings NHC / Low Reflective Materials LR / Optical Transparent material. And We will introduce the newly materials; Printed Silicon-Ink material(Kovio Inc., a privately held Silicon Valley company). Looking forward to seeing you at exhibition.

    ProductsAlignment Coating Materials, Inorganic Hard Coating Materials, Low Reflective Coating Materials, Optical Transparent material, Printed Silicon-ink materials
    Nitto's Total Solution for LCDs

    We are a top-ranking manufacturer of optical films for LCDs, including polarizing film and polarizing film with brightness enhancement film. We will be exhibiting a variety of optical materials based on the theme of "Nitto's Total Solution for LCDs" The highlights of these materials include a polarizer which is the world largest class, a polarizer with flat type adhesive which contributes to the realization of beautiful LCDs and a transparent conductive film "ELECRYSTA" for touch panels.

    ProductsVisibility Enhancement Technology, Brightness Enhancement Film APCF, Transparent Conductive Film for Touch Panels, Clear Adhesive Sheet for touch panels, Environment-conscious Double-coated Adhesive Tape
  • Ocean Photonics

    ProductsTOCS LED Characterization System, LED Goniometer, Colorimeter, Ultracompact spectrometer, Integral Sphere
    ACF Mounting Equipment, Optical Resin Equipment

    Ohashi manufactures Optical Resin Equipment and ACF mounting equipment. Ohashi provide a lineup of fully automatic, semi-automaticand Manual Equipments for each process including COG, COF, FOG, FOF, and FOB, supporting customer requirements using the most appropriate equipment and the latest technology. Ohashi prides itself on its sales results extending to more than 250 companies in over 20 countries worldwide. We are delighted to introduce you our newest model productions.

    ProductsACF Laminator, Device Mounter, Bonder, Full Auto FOF/FOB Equipment, Optical Resin Equipment

    ProductsNanobuckling, Nano dot array, Transparent Conductive Film
  • Oji Specialty Paper
  • Okaya Electronics
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

    Special Showcase <3D display 2010>

    Next Generation High Performance LCD Simulator for LCD Market

    We, Opto Science, offer High Performance LCD Simulator from SANAYI Systems in Korea. Current economy situation is really severe for all LCD related manufacture to increase benefit. It gets very important for reducing design and manufacturing cost.

    TechWiz LCD makes shorten your total time for designing and analyzing existing problem, New design as well.

    Please check our powerful Simulator, providing all your problem solution.

    ProductsAxoScan, TechWiz LCD 1D, TechWiz LCD 3D
  • OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
    OSRAM high power LED for backlighting

    OSRAM Opto Semiconductors will exhibit backlighting and light bar demonstrators using below products.

    TOPLED Compact 4520 is strategic product for LCD backlighting.

    OSLON LX optimized 3-4 mm light guide for TV and monitor and Edgelight. Using polynomial lens with a beam angle of 125 degree, it achieved high light extraction.

    SFH4250S is newly developed high power IR Emitter using Double Stack chip technology.

    ProductsTOPLED Compact, OSLON LX, SFH4250S (IR 3D Emitter)
    Introduce total luminous flux measurement system with sample air conditioner

    - Total Luminous Flux Measurement System:HM series

    The spectrum total luminous flux measurement of various illuminators is achieved by an easy operation. As for the thermal control unit, the temperature limiting of the sample is possible from 40 to 150 in the centigrade.

    - Film Thickness Monitor FE-300

    Compact, affordable and high accuracy reflective film thickness monitor for wide thickness range. Reasonable priced fixed stage and automatic stage are at your choice.

    ProductsTotal Luminous Flux Measurement System:HM series, High Sensitive Spectroradiometer:HS-1000RT, Quantum Efficiency Analysis System:QE series, Film Thickness Monitor:FE-300
    Pixtronix PerfectLight MEMS Displays

    The Pixtronix PerfectLight display is an innovative low-power multimedia display for portable devices, achieving 135% NTSC color gamut, 24-bit color depth, 170-degree view angles, and 100 microsecond shutter response times; all with a 75% power reduction over LCD displays. The display is based upon Pixtronix Digital Micro Shutter MEMS, which is built within LCD infrastructure and eliminates liquid crystals, polarizers and color filters to enable a highly efficient, programmable display.

    ProductsPerfectLight MEMS Displays, Digital Micro Shutter (DMS) MEMS Technology
  • PLANSEE Japan
    Sputtering Target

    We will exhibit variety of materials such as Mo, Mo alloy, Cu and Al. Our Mo alloy have a superb property of higher corrosion resistance. This will contributes to the further development of some applications of FPD industry. In addtition, as a new topic of this year, we will show some thin film samples made at our internal PVD labo. This will reduce the work load at the customer place when they try new marterial for sputtering process.

    ProductsMo Alloy sputtering target, Mo, Cu, Al sputtering target, thin film samples
  • Plextronics
    Plextronics, Inc.

    Plextronics, Inc. is an international technology company that specializes in printed solar, lighting and other electronics. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the company's focus is on organic solar cell and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) lighting and displays, specifically the conductive inks and process technologies that enable those and other similar applications.


    ProductsPlexcore PV Ink System (for OPV), Plexcore OC (HIL for OLED), Plexcore OS (P3HT for OPV & OFET)
  • Poly IC
    Transparent conductive films (ITO replacement)

    PolyIC is a leading developer of polymer electronics technology and moreover a future supplier of printed electronic products and components. The two product lines are called PolyID and PolyLogo. PolyIC also offers transparent conductive films as ITO-replacement. The activities are focused on providing innovative low cost electronics for mass markets.

    ProductsTransparent conductive film for touch screens, Transparent conductive film for touch displays, Transparent conductive film for EMI shielding, Transparent conductive film for touch sensors, Printed electronics such as printed RFID, smart objects
  • PS
    Industrial Humidification

    One-component nozzle humidification system

    Resistant steam humidifier

    ProductsTF, ABS3, SU, PS HR-C
  • Raystar Optronics
    OLED Display

    Thin organic layers serve these displays as a source of light, which offers significant advantages in relation to conventional technologies:

    Brighter and more brilliant picture

    Great color and contrast potential

    Thin, lightweight & durable

    Unlimited viewing angle

    Low power consumption

    Economic production

    Fast "response time"

    ProductsRE12864C, REC001602A, REC001602B, REC002002A, REC10016A
    Rayture exhibits various laser systems and samples worked by the laser systems

    Rayture Systems exhibits the laser systems for cutting, scribing, drilling, marking, repair, and other applications.

    We offer the laser system meets your application and facility.

    Please contact us if you are looking for the laser and/or laser system, and we offer suitable laser system for you.

    ProductsDC series laser system, Samurai UV marking system
  • Renesas Electronics
    Semiconductor solutions for FPD, Green market

    -FPD:LCD driver

    -Human Interface:MCU for touch key, MCU for LCD direct drive

    -Green market:LED lighting control, Smart building, Batteryless remote controller

  • RunSea Technology
    * FPD Cleaning Brush * 3M DyneonTM Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring

    Runsea has production factory in both Taiwan and China.We do the Cleaning Brush production from the first beginning to the final customer sales.Runsea has rich experience on Cleaning Brush of FPD industies manufacturing for 10 years.We focus on the manufacturing for large size LCD TV use Brush,and for solar cell,LED,Touch panel use as well.

    And also displayed will be high quality FFKM O-RING for CVD,PVD,ETCHING process devices market and high performance O-RING especially for semiconductor market form 3M.

    Runsea technology Co.,Ltd.provides professional Chinese,English and Japanese guiders and brochures,which can certainly provide the complete related product information for our coustomers.

    We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth in FPD International 2010.

    ProductsCleaning Brush, Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring
    The First in Displays

    The cutting-edge technologies of AMOLED, LCD Displays.

    Products4.52" real WVGA Flexible Display, 14" Transparent Display, Dual play game mode display, 7.0" WSVGA AMOLED Display, WVGA On-Cell 3D LCD Display
    the semiconductor industry news

    the semiconductor industry news

    Productsthe semiconductor indudtory news
    Laminator HAL-TEC

    SANKYO is very proud of abundant experience and sales results in the field of a lamination process.

    The high-quality of the end products and labnor-saving is our first priority.

    As a manufacture, we strive to acheive a better results for our customer's needs.

    We demonstrate one of our laminaters at SANKYO booth.

    You are welcome to visit our booth and see by yourself how the laminations are done!

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    Flat Panel, Solar Cell LED Exposure, Inspection System

    <Exposure System>

    Vertical, Horizontal Exposure System for Touch Panel,OLED/Film.

    <Inspection System>

    Seal Inspection, Mis-Alignment Inspection with our original Optics.

    <New Technology>

    Photo-Spacer height inspection system

    Repeated Accuracy 3sigma=20nm at Vibration VC-A level

    <New Technology>

    Solar Cell Inspection with Original Optics and Illumination


    Line Sensor / Mega-Pixel / UV,IR Objective Lens / Real Time Auto Focus

    Please expect it of the APP solution of Sekisui Chemical.

    Sekisui total AP solutions, "AP plasma" are targeting continuous business growth in responding to the expectations of our customers.

    ProductsAtmospheric Plasma Etching System APE-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System RT-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System APH-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System for Film RD-series, Atmospheric Plasma Descum System APD-series
  • Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
    SEMI Serve to Semiconductor, FPD and Solar Industries

    SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. SEMI member companies are the engine of the future, enabling smarter, faster and more economical products that improve our lives.

    At FPD International, our servies to the Photovoltaic and other industries will be presented including PVJapan 2011 and other trad shows.

    ProductsSEMICON Japan 2010, PVJapan 2011, Global FPD Partners Conference
  • Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan

    ProductsSemiconductor&FPD Manufacturing Equipment Sales Statistics, Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
  • Sharp
    Contribute to ubiquitous society with one-of-a-kind LCDs

    We at Sharp introduce the most advanced LCD technologies. We are developing various applications by using our LCD displays. We have been searching for the possibility of LCD since when we massproduced the world first LCD for calculators in 1973. All of the exhibits are results of our researching. We provide various kinds of LCD technologies such as UV2A technologies which make high picture quality possible, and mobile-use LCDs which are employed in the various applications.

    The exhibition of the advanced technologies / products based on concept to "reduce COO "

    Shibaura Mechatronics exhibits the following advanced technologies/products based on concept to "reduce COO".

    1) The large-sized panel production equipment for TV

    2) PI ink jet coater,Ink jet application

    3) Inkjet marker

    4) Seal dispenser,ODF,Vacuum cell assembly equipment

    5) Full Automation High-speed OLB,PWB and PDP for large TV

    6) Bonding Equipment for Small Display

    7) Environmentally Conscious Products

    ProductsPI inkjet coater, Seal dispenser(High-speed seal ,Fine seal), LC Drop Fill Equipment, Vacuum cell assembly equipment, Full Automation High-speed OLB,PWB and PDP for large TV
  • SK-Electronics
    The next generation photomask

    which started manufacture of the world's first large LCD photomasks using a large-scale electronic beam pattern generator in the 1980s. Since then, as a pioneer in the area of photomasks for LCDs and other flat-panel displays, the company has striven to develop technology that meets customer needs in partnership with its raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

    The next generation photomask is exhibited this time.

    We are waiting for your coming.

    SMK Wide Range Touch Panel Line Up with Industry Leading Technology

    Capacitive Touch Panel

    Developed small and medium size of capacitive type for mobile device and automotive market.

    Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel

    Developed resistive touch panel capable of 10 points multi-touch and operation with a pen or gloves on are possible.

    Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel

    Developed optical touch panel with well-reputed force feedback function.

    ProductsCapacitive Touch Panel, Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel, Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel
  • Society for Information Display
    DisplayWeek 2011 May 15 - May 20, 2011 Los Angeles Convention Center

    DisplayWeek 2011 which is organized by SID provides access to a wide range of display-related technologies and applications, from high-definition displays to the latest developments in OLED displays. Also featured are flexible technology, plastic electronics, large-area projection systems, image processing, systems software, display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision technologies, 3D, touch and interactivity, solid-state lighting, and green technology.

    ProductsInternatinal symposium
  • SoftCube
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • SOL
    Introduction of FlatMaster-MSP

    FM-MSP is a Fizeau Interferometer which measures not only Flatness, but also parallelism and height with high accuracy using unique frequency scanning Interferometry. The system is suitable for Flat panel Display Industry. It takes only 30 seconnd to measure and can get 780,000 data points at a time.

    ProductsFlat Master MSP, Flat Master, Tomoscope, Videocheck
  • Sooyangchem
    1.Ag Paste for touch panel 2.LED Packaging Silicone

    1.Sooyangchemtec's SY-S Series are drying type silver paste for screen print. It has good adhesion to PET film,

    ITO film.

    2.Sooyangchemtec's SY-LESI series are two types of liquid, which are applied to Encapsulants, Lens, and Overmolding of LED being excellent adhesion and tensility. Especially able to harden at low temperature.

    ProductsAg Paste, LED encapsulant, Antistactic agent, Surfactant
  • Spectra Co-op
  • Sumation
    Polymer LED


    Products3M BEF series, 3M ESR series
    Exhibition of a wide variety of FPD materials

    Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd. offers a wide variety of essential optical materials for LCD.

    We proudly develop, manufacture, and market high quality products, utilizing accumulated technology, reflecting the newest market trend in timely manner.

    We'll also present new generation of products based on cutting edge technology, such as OLED.

    ProductsPolarizer, Light guided plate, Sputtering target, Display material, Light-emitting-polymer
  • Systems Engineering
    Spectral Lamp Measurement System

    In this booth, Labsphere's Light Measurement System.

    Light measurement system can be used to measure spectral measurements of lamp sources such as LED, lamp and every light source

    devices. The system can measure strength very speedy with high accuracy.

    Another system is quantum efficiency measurement system, QEMS-2000. It is high performance low cost system.

    Handy measurement equipment and General Integrating Sphere can be seen as well. Also very Standard reflectance are shown in the booth.

    ProductsSpectral Lamp Measurement System, General Purpose Sphere, QEMS-2000PL, HLMS-200P, Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Standards

    DISPLAY TAIWAN has your business solution!

    DISPLAY TAIWAN is the conduit for a domestic industry whcih provides the global supply of flat panels. It's also a vital platform for international suppliers of FPD manufacturing gear, components and materials to launch the new technologies, now applications and new mateirals in 3D Display, Digital Signage, Touch Panel and E-paper.

    ProductsDISPLAY TAIWAN 2011, TAITRONICS, Broadband Taiwan
  • Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)
    TEEMA's Functions

    Established in 1948, TEEMA is the predominant organization representing 90% manufacturers producing products and components of electrical, electronic, ICT industries in Taiwan with 3,762 companies. Please visit www.TEEMAB2B.com.tw to explore the sourcing opportunities with Taiwan. 16 major product categories, nearly 2,000 product sectors and more than 10,000 catalogues are available to offer the buyers the facilities of one stop shopping.

    Various items that are derivated from flexible printed circuit

    We exhibit convenient devices and convenient items widely that are derivated from printed circuit with having core of flexible printed circuit.


    ProductsAnisotropically Conductive Bonding Paste "CBP-700", EMI Shielding Film for Flexible Printed Circuits "SF-PC series", Free Grounding Film "FGF-400"
  • Tech & Biz
    Solution service on FPD/Energy devices

    Support service on business and technology of FPD/Enery devices

    Information magazine specialized in technology of the display whole

    The FPD technical information magazine "monthly display" of the anniversary went into a solar battery, a new technology of the new illumination for foundation of a periodical 15 years. I distribute "monthly display" November issue free. Because I sell "latest touch panel technology" "optics materials "FPD basics lectures" of FPD" at a meeting place price, please drop in at we booth by all means.

    ProductsInformation magazine specialized in technology of the display whole, Latest touch panel technology, Optical material of FPD, The mild Flat-panel Display Foundation Lecture, Compendium 2010 of large-scale display & digital signage
  • Tera Semicon
    LTPS Non-laser Crystallization System

    Tera has succeeded in developing Non-Laser crystallizing equipment and commercialization of the equipment. Cryster500d, has been realized by employing an advanced CVD technology for deposition of an extremely uniform thin layer of metal catalysis in atomic level on the amorphous silicon layer. Tera has developed an innovative annealing technology for subsequent crystallization at elevated temperatures, ensuring no glass damage or deformation even at high temperatures.

    ProductsLTPS Non-laser Crystallization System
    reason engineering book

    sales reason engineering book

  • THine Electronics
    "Faster & Simpler" THine offers total FPD solutions for the next-generation

    THine Electronics, Inc has been providing solutions of high-performance SerDes technologies for FPD, Digital Still Camera, Multi Function Printer, and Embedded Systems. Now we introduce High-speed and High-cost-performance I/F called "V-by-One(R)HS" and NEW technology "CalDriCon(R)" for FPD driver I/F. Please visit our web site for more information! <http://www.thine.co.jp/index_e.php>

    ProductsV-by-One(R)HS products, “CalDriCon(R)” for source driver I/F, EPD controller, DC/DC converter integrated for FPD system, LED driver for full color control
    Our mixing and deaerating technology promote R&D and production efficiency of your products

    Planetary Centrifugal Mixer THINKY MIXER can mix materials homogeneously and deaerate at the same time. Our mixers are widely used in R&D or producion line of leading-edge industries such as LED, organic EL,LCD, photovoltaic cell, fuel cell and secondary battery. Without propellers, our mixers can streamline cleaning process, too. Please come and see a demo at our booth. We will be waiting for you!

    ProductsARE-310, ARV-310, ARE-500
  • 3D-Micromac
    3D-Micromac - First Choice in Micro Machining

    3D-Micromac develops and manufactures highly efficient laser micromachining workstations for industry, research, and science. These systems are used e.g. in production of solar cells, semiconductors and medical applications. Processes are micro drilling, signing, cutting, structuring and marking of various materials and thin films.

    ProductsLaser micro machining systems for manufacturing of LED/OLED and flexible displays, wafer based Si solar cells, thin film and flexible solar cells and medical applications

    ProductsOLED Production System
    FPD Dry Etching/Ashing system & Coater/Developer system

    Tokyo Electron provides FPD Etching/Ashing System and FPD Coater/Developer System from the 3rd generation to the 10th generation.

    We would like to introduce our Etching/Ashing system "HT-Series"(for Gen.4) and "Impressio(TM)"(for Gen.7~10), Coater/Developer system "CS1000"(for Gen.4) and "Exceliner(TM)"(for Gen.7~10). Also, this time we will present TAC(TEL Advanced Coater).

    ProductsCoater/Developer System [Exceliner(TM)], Dry Etching/Ashing System [Impressio(TM)]
  • Toray Engineering
    Making new FPD production with coating and measuring technologies.

    "Toray Slit-nozzle Coater": various applications to LCD, OLED, touch panel and solar panel production.

    "Titler" by 'Laser application' technologies can achieve no particle generation and high throughput.

    "Film Thickness Measurement System" and "Particle Inspection System" achieve high sensitivity and high throughput.

    "Deposition Equipment for High Barrier" improves life of thin film solar cells.

    ProductsToray Slit-nozzle Coater, Titler, Film Thickness Measurement System, Particle Inspection System, Deposition Equipment for High Barrier
    Total Solution for FPD and Energy Fields.

    More than harf a century has passed since TOSHIBA MACHINE embarked on the production and offering of technologically advanced sheet and film manufacturing equipment to users throughout the world.Despite increasingly diversifield and ever changing requipments,TOSHIBA MACHINE will continue in its contribution to industrial advancement by supplying users with most optimal equipment available,based on their vast store of technology and practical experience.

  • Toshiba Mobile Display
    The latest improved legibility LCDs for mobile phones and 3D display


    ProductsTFT LCDs for Mobile phones and Smart phones, TFT LCDs for Automotive, TFT LCDs for Industrial use, 3D LCDs
  • Touch Panel Laboratories
    We have anything about Touch Panel

    Resistive touchmonitor, Optical touchmonitor, SAW touchmonitor,

    Capacitive touchmonitor, Large touchmonitor, Multi-touch-table Computer and Method distinction touchpanel

    ... We provide Total Solution about Touch Panel.

    ProductsResistiveTouch Monitor and  ResistiveTouch panel, Optical Touch Monitor and OpticalTouch Panel, SAW Touch Monitor and SAWTouch Panel, Capacitive Touch Monitor and CapacitiveTouch Panel, Large Multi-Touch Monitor
    Toyoda Gosei having the high reliability that I cultivated with automotive parts technologies.

    Toyoda Gosei is one of the group companies of Toyota Motor Corporation. It is a leading company of the LED as well as automotive parts made by rubber / plastics .

    We will show the LED device development this time. Please drop in at the exhibition booth of Toyoda Gosei.

    ProductsLED Package : 3528 3535, LED application for LCD backlighting, LED package sealed with Glass, Application of glass sealed LED, Principle of white LED
  • Transtouch Technology
    Touch Panel

    4W RTP Touch Panel

    5W RTP Touch Panel

    Touch Window Touch Panel(4W RTP)

    Resistive Multi Touch Panel(4W RTP)

    Projective Capacitance Multi Touch Panel

    Products4W RTP Touch Panel, 5W RTP Touch Panel, Touch Window Touch Panel (4W RTP), Resistive Multi Touch Panel(4W RTP), Projective Capacitance Multi Touch Panel
  • Truly Semiconductors
    Truly Semiconductors Limited

    Truly is the world renowned flat panel display and module manufacturer. The products ranged from TFT, CSTN, Automotive displays, FSTN, TN, resistive and capacitive touch panel, and compact camera module, etc.

    Truly's engineers can fully cooperate with Global customers for their highly customized products.

    ProductsFree shape and monochrome TFT, Automotive display, Capacitive and Resistive touch panel, Compact camera module, TFT and other passive LCD
  • Ultra-Realistic Communications Forum (URCF)
    Special Showcase <3D display 2010>

  • Umicore Thin Film Products
    Rotary & planar sputtering targets for all Display and PV technologies

    Umicore Thin Film Products AG is a leading manufacturer of TCO (ITO, AZO & i-ZnO) & other material sputtering targets for all Display and PV technologies. Umicore refines and manufactures Indium & Selenium for CIGS absorber layer, and offers various recycling solutions to PV producers.

    ProductsAZO rotary & planar sputtering targets, ITO rotary & planar sputtering targets, i-ZnO rotary & planar sputtering targets, Si rotary & planar sputtering targets
  • Universal Display
    Energy-efficient, eco-friendly phosphorescent OLED materials and technologies

    UniversalPHOLED Phosphorescent OLED materials and technologies make it possible to attain up to four times greater energy-efficiency than previously thought possible. Award-winning PHOLED materials are available in a variety of vibrant, long-lasting colors for displays and lighting uses. Record-breaking WOLED white OLEDs, FOLED Flexible OLEDs, and TOLED Transparent OLED technologies are also showcased.

  • University of Tsukuba
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • VDMA - Federal Ministry of Economic and Technology
    German Pavilion

    the German Pavilion features 8 high-tech companies exhibiting state-of-the-art materials, components and manufacturing solutions for electronic flat panel displays (FPDs).

    Germany offers one of the most innovative FPD supply industries in the world: Throughout the whole value-added chain - from FPD materials and components, manufacturing & process equipment to system integration and end-usage! Moreover, many basic and groundbreaking developments were made by German R&D teams.

  • Victor Company of Japan
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • ViewPLUS
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • Vision Techno-Net

    Products42' Infinitely Expandable Multi-Plasma, 46'Infinitely Expandable Multi LCD, 70'Touch Screen DID, 46'Industrial Monitor, 46'KIOSK DID
  • WEB Journal
    FPD which entered into the new stage and WEB technology to support a green device

    I investigate the present conditions of the green device industry mainly on the batteries such as the FPD industry, the second lithium ion battery with a high-performance optics film from a viewpoint with the WEB technology to prop up FPD and a green device, two industries in Maine.

  • YAS
    Driving the Changes of Manufacturing System

    YAS was established as the OLED process equipment manufacturer in Korea and is now developing and producing the best product of OLED product such as point and linear type of sources and crucible for OLED business field. These industries help create a wide range of products, such as OLED TVs, OLED lighting, solar cells and much more.

    Based on YAS's core technology, YAS aspire to be Process Equipment Provider that works together with clients to come up with creative and innovative value.

    ProductsEvaporation source, OLED Mass production system, CIGS Solar cell mass production system
  • Yodogawa Hu-Tech
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

Concurrent event: Green Device 2010

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