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    Use Mist for Real Energy Savings in Humidification and Cleaning

    IKEUCHI exhibits products meeting your diverse needs; non-wetting "Dry Fog" humidifiers with 7.5 micrometers average droplet diameter, energy-saving nozzles for blower-use, spray nozzles with high cleaning efficiency, static charge prevention, and more.

    Our products help boost production rates, product quality, and energy efficiency. Visit our display and see it all in person. We look forward to your visit.

    ProductsDry Fog Humidifiers, Blower Air Nozle, Mist Nozzles/Flat spray, Blower Mist Nozzles/Flat spray
    Energy-Saving Module (ES Module)

    *Energy-Saving Module (ES Module)

    -Energy-saving LED Lights in offices, hotels, factories and road lamps, parking lots etc.

    -First-runner of a Green Ultrasonic-IRED hybrid Energy-Saving Module

    -Low-cost, high-performing hybrid module

    -"Embedded Type" for OEMs or "External Type" for after-market use

    ProductsEnergy-Saving Module (ES Module), Indoor Localization System: StarGazer
  • Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone
    Investment invitation for Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone

    Investment invitation for Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone

    Refer to following site for the detail


    (Chinese and Japanese)

    Added a new measurement system

    Every year,We introduce example of measurement RISA Series about FPD and Optical Materials in this FPD Exhibition. And Theme of this time ,"Measurement of Environmental lighting" Covers Measure equipment of the LED Lighting ,Measure System of landscape lighting,road lighting.

    Please Visit our booth in this FPD Exhibition.

    Thank you.

    ProductsHigh contrast Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR, All around light distribution characteristics measure equipment ZERO-FP/FFP, Color & Luminance Analyzing System RISA-COLOR/ONE 2, Luminance Analyzing System em`s HDR
  • Himax Technologies
    3D TV

    1. 2D to 3D conversion

    - Compact and effective in performing real-time 2D to 3D conversion

    - Can be easily implemented in a number of hardware platforms,

    such as laptop, TV, monitor, DVD player, Set-top box, digital

    camera, handset and etc.

    2. Novel 3D color engine

    - Enables efficient and automatic adjustment into any reference

    color system

    ProductsSharp 40" Shutter 3D TV, LGD 47" Polarizer 3D TV, TECO 8" 5 View DPF
  • Hitachi Chemical
    Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display

    During the exhibition period, Hitachi Chemical will introduce the latest "Materials for Touch Screen & Flat Panel Display". We will be glad to hear any opinions or comments from you regarding our activities and the environmental solutions for the next generation. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

    ProductsOptical Materials, Materials for Connecting Circuits and Packaging, Conductive Film, Process Materials
  • Hitachi Maxell
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Hitachi Metals
    Sputtering target materials for FPD and Thin-Film Solar Cell.

    Target Materials for Underlayer of Cu Wiring.

    Humidity Resistant MoNb and Mo-alloy Target Materials.

    Mo and CuGa-alloy Target Materials for CIGS Photovolaic Cell.

    ProductsTarget Materials for Underlayer of Cu Wiring, MoNb-alloy for Electrode and barrier Films, Humidity Resistant Mo-alloy Target Materials, Mo target Matrial for CIGS Solar Cell Back Electrode, CuGa-alloy Target Material for CIGS Photovolaic Cell
  • Hitachi Solutions
    Special Showcase <ePaper 2010>

  • Hitachi Zosen
    Development of OLED production systems and the process equipment of the plastics substrate

    We has been developed high-productivity OLED production systems with a planer evaporation source up to G6 substrate. The organic evaporation sample with +/-1.4% thickness uniformity on G4 substrate and the OLED 100-mm-square luminescence sample made by the new concept planar source are exhibited. Moreover, as the process equipment of the plastics substrate, the production system for dye-sensitized solar cell and the other processing samples made by Hitz demonstration machines are exhibited.

    ProductsEvaporation System with Planar Source for OLED Production, Super Engineerring Plasitic Forming Systems, Laser Patterning Equipment, Roll to Roll Equipment
  • HFW Hamburg Business Development Corporation
    Hamburg - European Green Capital 2011

    HWF - Hamburg Business Development Corporation is the official business development corporation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is a non-profit organisation and serves as central contact, consulting and service agency for international and national companies from all industries. The HWF facilitates their investment, expansion, or restructuring projects in the Greater Hamburg Region, its focus being the guidance and initiation of new investments from international companies.

    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

Concurrent event: Green Device 2010

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