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    The First in Displays

    The cutting-edge technologies of AMOLED, LCD Displays.

    Products4.52" real WVGA Flexible Display, 14" Transparent Display, Dual play game mode display, 7.0" WSVGA AMOLED Display, WVGA On-Cell 3D LCD Display
    the semiconductor industry news

    the semiconductor industry news

    Productsthe semiconductor indudtory news
    Laminator HAL-TEC

    SANKYO is very proud of abundant experience and sales results in the field of a lamination process.

    The high-quality of the end products and labnor-saving is our first priority.

    As a manufacture, we strive to acheive a better results for our customer's needs.

    We demonstrate one of our laminaters at SANKYO booth.

    You are welcome to visit our booth and see by yourself how the laminations are done!

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    Flat Panel, Solar Cell LED Exposure, Inspection System

    <Exposure System>

    Vertical, Horizontal Exposure System for Touch Panel,OLED/Film.

    <Inspection System>

    Seal Inspection, Mis-Alignment Inspection with our original Optics.

    <New Technology>

    Photo-Spacer height inspection system

    Repeated Accuracy 3sigma=20nm at Vibration VC-A level

    <New Technology>

    Solar Cell Inspection with Original Optics and Illumination


    Line Sensor / Mega-Pixel / UV,IR Objective Lens / Real Time Auto Focus

    Please expect it of the APP solution of Sekisui Chemical.

    Sekisui total AP solutions, "AP plasma" are targeting continuous business growth in responding to the expectations of our customers.

    ProductsAtmospheric Plasma Etching System APE-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System RT-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System APH-series, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment System for Film RD-series, Atmospheric Plasma Descum System APD-series
  • Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
    SEMI Serve to Semiconductor, FPD and Solar Industries

    SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. SEMI member companies are the engine of the future, enabling smarter, faster and more economical products that improve our lives.

    At FPD International, our servies to the Photovoltaic and other industries will be presented including PVJapan 2011 and other trad shows.

    ProductsSEMICON Japan 2010, PVJapan 2011, Global FPD Partners Conference
  • Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan

    ProductsSemiconductor&FPD Manufacturing Equipment Sales Statistics, Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
  • Sharp
    Contribute to ubiquitous society with one-of-a-kind LCDs

    We at Sharp introduce the most advanced LCD technologies. We are developing various applications by using our LCD displays. We have been searching for the possibility of LCD since when we massproduced the world first LCD for calculators in 1973. All of the exhibits are results of our researching. We provide various kinds of LCD technologies such as UV2A technologies which make high picture quality possible, and mobile-use LCDs which are employed in the various applications.

    The exhibition of the advanced technologies / products based on concept to "reduce COO "

    Shibaura Mechatronics exhibits the following advanced technologies/products based on concept to "reduce COO".

    1) The large-sized panel production equipment for TV

    2) PI ink jet coater,Ink jet application

    3) Inkjet marker

    4) Seal dispenser,ODF,Vacuum cell assembly equipment

    5) Full Automation High-speed OLB,PWB and PDP for large TV

    6) Bonding Equipment for Small Display

    7) Environmentally Conscious Products

    ProductsPI inkjet coater, Seal dispenser(High-speed seal ,Fine seal), LC Drop Fill Equipment, Vacuum cell assembly equipment, Full Automation High-speed OLB,PWB and PDP for large TV
  • SK-Electronics
    The next generation photomask

    which started manufacture of the world's first large LCD photomasks using a large-scale electronic beam pattern generator in the 1980s. Since then, as a pioneer in the area of photomasks for LCDs and other flat-panel displays, the company has striven to develop technology that meets customer needs in partnership with its raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

    The next generation photomask is exhibited this time.

    We are waiting for your coming.

    SMK Wide Range Touch Panel Line Up with Industry Leading Technology

    Capacitive Touch Panel

    Developed small and medium size of capacitive type for mobile device and automotive market.

    Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel

    Developed resistive touch panel capable of 10 points multi-touch and operation with a pen or gloves on are possible.

    Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel

    Developed optical touch panel with well-reputed force feedback function.

    ProductsCapacitive Touch Panel, Resistive Multi-Touch Touch Panel, Optical Force Feedback Touch Panel
  • Society for Information Display
    DisplayWeek 2011 May 15 - May 20, 2011 Los Angeles Convention Center

    DisplayWeek 2011 which is organized by SID provides access to a wide range of display-related technologies and applications, from high-definition displays to the latest developments in OLED displays. Also featured are flexible technology, plastic electronics, large-area projection systems, image processing, systems software, display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision technologies, 3D, touch and interactivity, solid-state lighting, and green technology.

    ProductsInternatinal symposium
  • SoftCube
    Special Showcase <3D Display 2010>

  • SOL
    Introduction of FlatMaster-MSP

    FM-MSP is a Fizeau Interferometer which measures not only Flatness, but also parallelism and height with high accuracy using unique frequency scanning Interferometry. The system is suitable for Flat panel Display Industry. It takes only 30 seconnd to measure and can get 780,000 data points at a time.

    ProductsFlat Master MSP, Flat Master, Tomoscope, Videocheck
  • Sooyangchem
    1.Ag Paste for touch panel 2.LED Packaging Silicone

    1.Sooyangchemtec's SY-S Series are drying type silver paste for screen print. It has good adhesion to PET film,

    ITO film.

    2.Sooyangchemtec's SY-LESI series are two types of liquid, which are applied to Encapsulants, Lens, and Overmolding of LED being excellent adhesion and tensility. Especially able to harden at low temperature.

    ProductsAg Paste, LED encapsulant, Antistactic agent, Surfactant
  • Spectra Co-op
  • Sumation
    Polymer LED


    Products3M BEF series, 3M ESR series
    Exhibition of a wide variety of FPD materials

    Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd. offers a wide variety of essential optical materials for LCD.

    We proudly develop, manufacture, and market high quality products, utilizing accumulated technology, reflecting the newest market trend in timely manner.

    We'll also present new generation of products based on cutting edge technology, such as OLED.

    ProductsPolarizer, Light guided plate, Sputtering target, Display material, Light-emitting-polymer
  • Systems Engineering
    Spectral Lamp Measurement System

    In this booth, Labsphere's Light Measurement System.

    Light measurement system can be used to measure spectral measurements of lamp sources such as LED, lamp and every light source

    devices. The system can measure strength very speedy with high accuracy.

    Another system is quantum efficiency measurement system, QEMS-2000. It is high performance low cost system.

    Handy measurement equipment and General Integrating Sphere can be seen as well. Also very Standard reflectance are shown in the booth.

    ProductsSpectral Lamp Measurement System, General Purpose Sphere, QEMS-2000PL, HLMS-200P, Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Standards

Concurrent event: Green Device 2010

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