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    DISPLAY TAIWAN has your business solution!

    DISPLAY TAIWAN is the conduit for a domestic industry whcih provides the global supply of flat panels. It's also a vital platform for international suppliers of FPD manufacturing gear, components and materials to launch the new technologies, now applications and new mateirals in 3D Display, Digital Signage, Touch Panel and E-paper.

    ProductsDISPLAY TAIWAN 2011, TAITRONICS, Broadband Taiwan
  • Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)
    TEEMA's Functions

    Established in 1948, TEEMA is the predominant organization representing 90% manufacturers producing products and components of electrical, electronic, ICT industries in Taiwan with 3,762 companies. Please visit www.TEEMAB2B.com.tw to explore the sourcing opportunities with Taiwan. 16 major product categories, nearly 2,000 product sectors and more than 10,000 catalogues are available to offer the buyers the facilities of one stop shopping.

    Various items that are derivated from flexible printed circuit

    We exhibit convenient devices and convenient items widely that are derivated from printed circuit with having core of flexible printed circuit.


    ProductsAnisotropically Conductive Bonding Paste "CBP-700", EMI Shielding Film for Flexible Printed Circuits "SF-PC series", Free Grounding Film "FGF-400"
  • Tech & Biz
    Solution service on FPD/Energy devices

    Support service on business and technology of FPD/Enery devices

    Information magazine specialized in technology of the display whole

    The FPD technical information magazine "monthly display" of the anniversary went into a solar battery, a new technology of the new illumination for foundation of a periodical 15 years. I distribute "monthly display" November issue free. Because I sell "latest touch panel technology" "optics materials "FPD basics lectures" of FPD" at a meeting place price, please drop in at we booth by all means.

    ProductsInformation magazine specialized in technology of the display whole, Latest touch panel technology, Optical material of FPD, The mild Flat-panel Display Foundation Lecture, Compendium 2010 of large-scale display & digital signage
  • Tera Semicon
    LTPS Non-laser Crystallization System

    Tera has succeeded in developing Non-Laser crystallizing equipment and commercialization of the equipment. Cryster500d, has been realized by employing an advanced CVD technology for deposition of an extremely uniform thin layer of metal catalysis in atomic level on the amorphous silicon layer. Tera has developed an innovative annealing technology for subsequent crystallization at elevated temperatures, ensuring no glass damage or deformation even at high temperatures.

    ProductsLTPS Non-laser Crystallization System
    reason engineering book

    sales reason engineering book

  • THine Electronics
    "Faster & Simpler" THine offers total FPD solutions for the next-generation

    THine Electronics, Inc has been providing solutions of high-performance SerDes technologies for FPD, Digital Still Camera, Multi Function Printer, and Embedded Systems. Now we introduce High-speed and High-cost-performance I/F called "V-by-One(R)HS" and NEW technology "CalDriCon(R)" for FPD driver I/F. Please visit our web site for more information! <http://www.thine.co.jp/index_e.php>

    ProductsV-by-One(R)HS products, “CalDriCon(R)” for source driver I/F, EPD controller, DC/DC converter integrated for FPD system, LED driver for full color control
    Our mixing and deaerating technology promote R&D and production efficiency of your products

    Planetary Centrifugal Mixer THINKY MIXER can mix materials homogeneously and deaerate at the same time. Our mixers are widely used in R&D or producion line of leading-edge industries such as LED, organic EL,LCD, photovoltaic cell, fuel cell and secondary battery. Without propellers, our mixers can streamline cleaning process, too. Please come and see a demo at our booth. We will be waiting for you!

    ProductsARE-310, ARV-310, ARE-500
  • 3D-Micromac
    3D-Micromac - First Choice in Micro Machining

    3D-Micromac develops and manufactures highly efficient laser micromachining workstations for industry, research, and science. These systems are used e.g. in production of solar cells, semiconductors and medical applications. Processes are micro drilling, signing, cutting, structuring and marking of various materials and thin films.

    ProductsLaser micro machining systems for manufacturing of LED/OLED and flexible displays, wafer based Si solar cells, thin film and flexible solar cells and medical applications

    ProductsOLED Production System
    FPD Dry Etching/Ashing system & Coater/Developer system

    Tokyo Electron provides FPD Etching/Ashing System and FPD Coater/Developer System from the 3rd generation to the 10th generation.

    We would like to introduce our Etching/Ashing system "HT-Series"(for Gen.4) and "Impressio(TM)"(for Gen.7~10), Coater/Developer system "CS1000"(for Gen.4) and "Exceliner(TM)"(for Gen.7~10). Also, this time we will present TAC(TEL Advanced Coater).

    ProductsCoater/Developer System [Exceliner(TM)], Dry Etching/Ashing System [Impressio(TM)]
  • Toray Engineering
    Making new FPD production with coating and measuring technologies.

    "Toray Slit-nozzle Coater": various applications to LCD, OLED, touch panel and solar panel production.

    "Titler" by 'Laser application' technologies can achieve no particle generation and high throughput.

    "Film Thickness Measurement System" and "Particle Inspection System" achieve high sensitivity and high throughput.

    "Deposition Equipment for High Barrier" improves life of thin film solar cells.

    ProductsToray Slit-nozzle Coater, Titler, Film Thickness Measurement System, Particle Inspection System, Deposition Equipment for High Barrier
    Total Solution for FPD and Energy Fields.

    More than harf a century has passed since TOSHIBA MACHINE embarked on the production and offering of technologically advanced sheet and film manufacturing equipment to users throughout the world.Despite increasingly diversifield and ever changing requipments,TOSHIBA MACHINE will continue in its contribution to industrial advancement by supplying users with most optimal equipment available,based on their vast store of technology and practical experience.

  • Toshiba Mobile Display
    The latest improved legibility LCDs for mobile phones and 3D display


    ProductsTFT LCDs for Mobile phones and Smart phones, TFT LCDs for Automotive, TFT LCDs for Industrial use, 3D LCDs
  • Touch Panel Laboratories
    We have anything about Touch Panel

    Resistive touchmonitor, Optical touchmonitor, SAW touchmonitor,

    Capacitive touchmonitor, Large touchmonitor, Multi-touch-table Computer and Method distinction touchpanel

    ... We provide Total Solution about Touch Panel.

    ProductsResistiveTouch Monitor and  ResistiveTouch panel, Optical Touch Monitor and OpticalTouch Panel, SAW Touch Monitor and SAWTouch Panel, Capacitive Touch Monitor and CapacitiveTouch Panel, Large Multi-Touch Monitor
    Toyoda Gosei having the high reliability that I cultivated with automotive parts technologies.

    Toyoda Gosei is one of the group companies of Toyota Motor Corporation. It is a leading company of the LED as well as automotive parts made by rubber / plastics .

    We will show the LED device development this time. Please drop in at the exhibition booth of Toyoda Gosei.

    ProductsLED Package : 3528 3535, LED application for LCD backlighting, LED package sealed with Glass, Application of glass sealed LED, Principle of white LED
  • Transtouch Technology
    Touch Panel

    4W RTP Touch Panel

    5W RTP Touch Panel

    Touch Window Touch Panel(4W RTP)

    Resistive Multi Touch Panel(4W RTP)

    Projective Capacitance Multi Touch Panel

    Products4W RTP Touch Panel, 5W RTP Touch Panel, Touch Window Touch Panel (4W RTP), Resistive Multi Touch Panel(4W RTP), Projective Capacitance Multi Touch Panel
  • Truly Semiconductors
    Truly Semiconductors Limited

    Truly is the world renowned flat panel display and module manufacturer. The products ranged from TFT, CSTN, Automotive displays, FSTN, TN, resistive and capacitive touch panel, and compact camera module, etc.

    Truly's engineers can fully cooperate with Global customers for their highly customized products.

    ProductsFree shape and monochrome TFT, Automotive display, Capacitive and Resistive touch panel, Compact camera module, TFT and other passive LCD

Concurrent event: Green Device 2010

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