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ユナイテッド ラディエント テクノロジー Universal Display UniBright Chemical
ユミコアジャパン 淀川ヒューテック  
  • Universal Display
    Energy-efficient, eco-friendly phosphorescent OLED materials and technologies

    UniversalPHOLED Phosphorescent OLED materials and technologies make it possible to attain up to four times greater energy-efficiency than previously thought possible. Award-winning PHOLED materials are available in a variety of vibrant, long-lasting colors for displays and lighting uses. Record-breaking WOLED white OLEDs, FOLED Flexible OLEDs, and TOLED Transparent OLED technologies are also showcased.

  • ユミコアジャパン
    Rotary & planar sputtering targets for all Display and PV technologies

    Umicore Thin Film Products AG is a leading manufacturer of TCO (ITO, AZO & i-ZnO) & other material sputtering targets for all Display and PV technologies. Umicore refines and manufactures Indium & Selenium for CIGS absorber layer, and offers various recycling solutions to PV producers.

  • 淀川ヒューテック

    弊社では液晶、PDP、有機EL、フィルム液晶などの搬送工程や製造工程上の難問を、各種高機能樹脂を駆使して解決。 優位製のある製品を形作っています。