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Green Device サミット

日時:11月11日(木) 9:30~12:00 会場:幕張メッセ コンベンションホール
  • <br />Dirk Vanderhaeghen


    Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
    LUXEON Automotive, Director Strategic Marketing
    Dirk Vanderhaeghen

    ダーク・ファンデルハーゲン氏は、1992年、ベルギー、ゲントの大学で電子工学の学位を取得。1995年、フィリップス社のCentral Development Lighting laboratoriesに入社し、特殊な照明アプリケーションのための新技術と製品化に関する研究をしました。






  • Gunnar Klick


    OSRAM Taiwan Co. Ltd.
    Opto Semiconductor DivisionCountry Manager Gunnar Klick

    Gunnar Klick is currently working as country manager Taiwan at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH.

    He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Dresden, Germany. After finishing the university he has worked in different positions in development, quality and marketing of different semiconductor companies.

    Having more than 10 years experience in the semiconductor industry, his focus is in LEDs and applications for the consumer/communication markets. He is author or co-author of various publications.

    LED technologies have shown great progress in the last couple of years enabling a lot of new applications to visualize information, movies etc. Visualization will be one of the key drivers for further growth in the LED-market and is needed to overcome the challenges (infrastructure, healthcare, energy generation and consumption, entertainment) of the next years which come along with urbanization as well as demographic and climatic changes. LCD-backlighting, LED-video walls and projection are state of the art application using LED-displays and will be discussed more in detail. A number of key factors will be explained in the presentation, as well as how the progress in LED technology helps to make the applications more successful and how the market forecast looks like for the different uses. The discussion will then lead to the topic how further improvements in the LED technology will help that new applications to visualize information by using LEDs will emerge in the future (e.g. 3D-TV).

  • 諸住 哲


    独立行政法人 新エネルギー・産業技術総合開発機構(NEDO)
    スマートコミュニティ部主任研究員 諸住 哲

    昭和61年4月(株)三菱総合研究所 入社(電力需給問題、供給信頼度分析、DSM、電力市場、新エネルギー系統連系問題、電力貯蔵技術、マイクログリッドなどの調査、開発の従事)
    平成18年4月よりNEDO技術開発機構出向 新エネルギー技術開発部主任研究員
    平成22年3月スマートコミュニティ室 室長代理


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