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FPD International 2011

26 Wed. - 28 Fri. October, 2011 10:00 - 17:00 Pacifico Yokohama Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

TOP FPD International Forum 2011 Track D : Special Sessions

Registration Closed.

FPDI Forum

FPD International Forum 2011

Special Sessions

D-01 Special Sessions/FPD Market Prospects

Accelerated Market Reorganization and Changed Competitive Axis for Technology --- Exploring the Future Direction of the FPD Industry

- Accelerated alliance among Japan, Korea and Taiwan; thoroughly discussing on conditions to be winners -

Date time : October 26 (Wed) 10:00 - 12:30
Floor : 3rd Floor, Conference Center, Pacifico Yokohama
  • Flat Panel Display Industry Outlook: How to deal with stagnant demand and oversupply? LCD or OLED? Opportunities and Risks beyond 2012?

    The middle- and small-sized panel field is gaining momentum thanks to appearance of new applications for smartphones and tablet PCs, increase in demands for high-end panel display with high definition and the rise of OLED, while large-sized panel field is struggling with sluggish final demand and a decline in profit. In this difficult situation for the suppliers, Chinese companies are strengthening their influence with their aggressive investment. In the end-product stage, "Wintel" system collapsed, and Apple and Android has come to the fore. In accordance with this situation, the boundaries among TVs, PCs and mobile phones are becoming vague. This presentation discusses which direction this industry should take in and after 2012 in this rapidly changing business environment. Analysis on the end products, panels, materials, equipment in the value chain is also presented, focusing on regional circumstances of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, or countries where major companies are located.

    Yasuo  Nakane

    Deutsche Securities

    Global Market Research Managing Director

    Yasuo Nakane

    After graduating Department of International Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Sophia University, worked for ten years as an analyst at Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd., five years of which were spent in Taiwan investigating and analyzing the Taiwanese and Chinese electronics industries. Entered Deutsche Securities Inc. in Sept. 2001. Ranked 3rd in 2010 Nikkei Analyst Ranking (home appliances, A/V), and 2nd in 2010 Institutional Investor Ranking (consumer electronics). Writes "Nakane Report" column in Nikkei BP's Tech-On Web site, reports on LCD and semiconductor industry developments throughout Asia, and contributes regularly. Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan.

  • Monthly Technology Strategy Report

    1. Legend of Apple "Steve Jobs"

    2. Japanization, strong yen against Korean won and NT$

    3. Japanese consumer companies in trouble, breakthrough?

    4. Japan Display, Renesas and Elpida are good teacher?

    5. OLED Business, Who will be a winner?

    Masahiko  Ishino

    Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley

    Masahiko Ishino

    Started out career at Yamaichi Securities in 1983. Transferred to Yamaichi Research Institute, Europe in 1995. Moved to the industrial Bank of Japan in 1998, before joining Tokyo-Mitsubishi Securities (now Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities) in 2000.

  • FPD Industry: Changing Competition Arena

    Although one year has passed since major LCD companies fell into the red, panel industry is still struggling, and the slump seems not to end soon. To overthrow this situation, panel manufacturers are working hard on improvement of performance based on development of oxide semiconductor-based TFT. Some companies are trying to change the arena of their competition by introducing mass production of OLED displays. These movements are remarkable particularly in the mobile device field. With higher definition and more richness in color, performance of smartphones and tablet PCs is being increasingly improved.

    Meanwhile, the TV market is faced with slowdown in growth. Since a strategy of adding value such as 3D function to TVs has not worked well, TV manufacturers are shifting their attention in the short term to cultivation of entry-level markets and mass production of LED direct backlight (D-LED) model meeting demands for low electricity consumption. Is there any opportunity for 4K2K or OLED displays to gain momentum in the TV market?

    This presentation produces a forecast of how the competition arena in the FPD industry will change, which direction the polarized FPD development is heading for and what will happen in the FPD market in the future.

    Techno Systems Research

    Group 2 Marketing Director

    Shusuke Hayashi

    Graduated from Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Tokyo Keizai University. Entered Suzuki Motor Corporation and was engaged in production and sales of four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles. After leaving the company, joined Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. In this company, belonging to the Second Group in the Display Group, the presenter was engaged in market research in the field of LCD and its constituent materials, solid-state image sensing device (CCD) and applications. Currently takes charge of research on the market of general flat panel display such as LCD, PDP and OLED displays and the flat screen TV market, while delivering lectures and contributing to magazines to enhance the network in the FPD industry.

D-02 Special Sessions/China FPD

Actual condition of Chinese FPD Industry, foresight of Relations Across the Taiwan Strait and Japan's roll

- Discussion of FPD Industry involved parties in China and Taiwan -

Date time : October 27 (Thu) 10:00 - 13:00
Floor : 3rd Floor, Conference Center, Pacifico Yokohama

[Chair] Tech & Biz Hiroaki Kitahara

  • Current Status of China FPD-TV Industry and Cooperation of China and Taiwan, and Message for Japan (tentative)

    Weimin  Bai

    China Video Industry Association

    Weimin Bai

  • Flash Report of Holiday Selling Season in China FPD Market and Trend for 2012

    Star  Yu

    All View Consulting

    Star Yu

  • Small/Medium FPD trend in China and Tianma strategy

    The investment and revolution of S/M FPD in China

    The momentum and outlook for the end market

    The opportunities and challenges for China FPD makers

    Tianma strategy

    Steven  Liu


    Marketing Marketing Director

    Steven Liu

    Tianma marketing director

    TPO marketing manager

    IEK industry analyst

  • Post PC era, the perspective of cross-strait and Japan collaboration

    In post-PC era, the opportunity of mobile computing has arrived. The war of FPD industry has also shifted from large to small/meddium panels. The market competition has evolved the entire eco-system, from up-stream components to the end-devices, including content, software platform and application apps. In 2010, Taiwan and China signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement ("ECFA"), a series of prohibition measure has been lifted to foster closer relationships between the two sides of industry. This presentation will talk about the most updated FPD policies of two sides government and the market trend of small/medium products. Finally, how to build up a Asian’s smart handhelds eco-system and the possible collaborations between the cross-strait and Japan FPD industry will be proposed duing the speech.

    Jim  Chung

    Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center Division Director

    Jim Chung


    B.S., Mechanical Engineer, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 1986

    M.S., Mechanical Engineer, National Central University, 1992


    Oct. 2008 - present Research management in electronic industry- Digital convergence of ICT technologies, electronic industry trends and worldwide markets

    Dec. 2004 - 2007 Research management in display industry- display technology foresight and market research; Promotion project for Taiwan ICT industry- market and application research for information technology, telecom, semiconductor.

    Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2004 Corporate operation and strategic planning for inkjet printer head development, manufacturing and supply chain management.

    Jan. 2001 - Dec. 2002 Research project management in digital projectors, rear projection TVs, back light unit for LCD displays and light illuminator.

    Jun. 1988 - Dec. 2000 Research and development projects in scanners, laser printers, thermal printers, inkjet printers and inkjet print heads.

D-03 Special Sessions/Electronic Paper

Evolving Electronic Paper --- The Movement to Widen Uses has Begun in Earnest; Color Representation has Also Become Rich.

- New collaboration has begun; display performance has been improved dramatically. -

Date time : October 28 (Fri) 10:00 - 12:30
Floor : 3rd Floor, Conference Center, Pacifico Yokohama
  • The Better Textbook

    Electrophoretic displays used only in eReader devices have been tripling in volume since 2006 with expected volumes of between 25 to 30 Million units this calendar year. The dual pigment ePaper technology has become a mainstream display technology with applications including eReaders, smart cards, wrist watches, indoor and outdoor signs, shelf labels, battery and memory indicators and others. These image persistent displays are ultra low power making them very eco-friendly, easy on your eyes and use much less material to manufacture compared to other technologies. The eTextbook application or the education market segment is likely to be the next big wave for ePaper technologies. This presentation will explain the electrophoretic display technology, its current development, market adoption, trends in the market as well as technology. Higher resolution displays, improvement in color and launch of flexible displays will also be discussed. All of these efforts lead us towards The Better Textbook and a revolution in the field of education.

    Sriram  Peruvemba

    E Ink Holdings

    Corporate Marketing Chief Marketing Officer

    Sriram Peruvemba

    e in the electronics industry include marketing LCD, CRT, TFEL, OLED, LED, Plasma and ePaper displays into mobile, industrial, medical, signage and TV markets. Peruvemba's prior assignments include Vice President of Suntronic Technology Corp, Marketing Director at Planar Systems, Associate Director of Display Products at Sharp Corp and General Manager for TFS Inc.

  • The ePaper evolution - beyond eReaders

    Most people have only seen or used ePaper solutions in popular eReaders. However, the potential use of ePaper is far greater than just eReader applications. Supporting the growth of ePaper in other markets is the recent development of Radio-frequency identification (RFID), NFC and other low-power wireless protocols. The continuing maturity of these technologies mean there has never been a better time for new ePaper applications, products and solutions to be brought to market. It's critical that manufacturers of ePaper make significant changes in order to integrate ePaper solutions into growth markets. The first step is to create an ecosystem between manufacturers and the customers. Along with building those relationships, ePaper products and solutions must meet the demands of growth markets, specifically designing ePaper solutions that are rugged and flexible enough to perform in demanding environments. Along with building an ecosystem and making more rugged products, ePaper solutions simply need to be easier for customers to use. Customers need to have access to ePaper products so they can experiment with the technology and need to be educated about how ePaper can elevate business. In my presentation I will demonstrate how the maturation of technology along with a shift in thinking from ePaper manufacturers can take ePaper far beyond the eReader.

    Scott  Soong

    Pervasive Displays


    Scott Soong

    Scott is focused on specialized processes, technologies and applications. In addition to ePaper displays, Scott works with optical bonding for touch display ruggedtization, transflective displays for educational notebooks, Industrial TFT for signage, outdoor and whiteboards as well as LED applications. As an AVP at Chilin technology, scott oversees hardware, software and service related businesses. His previous experience includes software application, supply chain optimization and B2B services. Scott holds an MBA from Haas business school and a BA from the Unversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

  • Low power electrowetting displays for epaper application

    Portable multi-media devices with electrowetting-based displays take advantage of the supreme optical performances and of the video capabilities of the screen. In this study application of the Liquavista electrowetting technology for ePaper applications will be described. The technology shows supreme versatility allowing for high performance display operation in all modes: reflective, transmissive/transparent and transflective. Thanks to proper materials choice, design techniques and dedicated driving schemes, the electrowetting display benefits of low power consumption and extended battery life while maintaining the high level of image quality. An electrowetting pixel consists of two fluids that, depending on the changing of the wetting properties of a fluoropolymer coated electrode after electrical signal, actuate an optical switch. Interfacial tension and fluids polarity can be tuned on demand to give the desired electro-optical properties. Pixel design can provide perfect operation of the optical switch both in terms of uniformity and analogue response and in terms of speed. All these features of the technology can be used to provide displays for the ideal ePaper application in order to satisfy any customer needs.

    Andrea  Giraldo

    Samsung LCD Netherlands R&D Center

    R&D R&D Manager Materials and Optics

    Andrea Giraldo

    Andrea Giraldo is R&D Manager at Samsung LCD Netherlands R&D Center, where he is leading the Materials and Optics electrowetting research group. Before acquisition by Samsung in January 2011, he has worked with Liquavista ever since being member of the core team at the spin-off from Philips Research in 2006. Andrea joined the Philips Research Labs in The Netherlands in 1999 and he has worked on different display technologies, in particular on polymer OLED, active matrix LTPS and reflective displays. Andrea has received a PhD in Physics from University of Padova in Italy in 1998, he is author of several publications and granted and pending patents, and member of the SID.

  • Latest development of Flexible Electronic Paper Display “AeroBee”.

    AeroBee is the novel type of display utilizing developed electronic liquid powder. Its response time is very short and has good image holding capability. And AeroBee suits for flexible display because of its simple display structure and robustness of hold image. The hold image does not depend on its cell gap (it means the image would not be disturebed by deformation). We developed thin and flexible EPD(electronic paper display) using electronic liquid powder technology. EPD is the novel type of display that shows the images by reflection and has image holding capability. Besides these characters, thin, light weight and flexibility realize “real-paper-like usage”

    Ryo  Sakurai


    Electronic Paper Development and Technology Department Manager

    Ryo Sakurai

    Ryo Sakurai received his Ph.D and B.S. degrees in organic and polymeric materials from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in 2001 and 1990, respectively. He joined Bridgestone Corp., Tokyo, Japan, in 1990. He has recently been engaged in the research and development of QR-LPD.