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FPD International 2011

26 Wed. - 28 Fri. October, 2011 10:00 - 17:00 Pacifico Yokohama Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Registration Closed.

FPDI Forum

FPD International Forum 2011



Developing FPD, What is Key to The Next Market Growth?

Date time : October 26 (Wed) 13:00 - 16:00
* The time may be extended.
Floor : 1st Floor, Main Hall, Pacifico Yokohama
  • Establishment of "Japan Display K.K"

    Koichiro  Taniyama

    Innovation Network Corporation of Japan

    Investment Group Managing Director

    Koichiro Taniyama


    June 2001 MBA - Stanford University Graduate School of Business

    March 1992 BSEE - Political Science and Economics, Waseda University

    Career Summary

    2009 - Present Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Managing Director

    2007 - 2009 The Carlyle Group, Director

    2004 - 2007 Vice President

    2001 - 2004 Senior Associate

    1992 - 1999 Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ)

  • New Trend in TV Market

    Sang-yeoup  Rhee

    LG Display

    Market Intelligence Department VP

    Sang-yeoup Rhee

  • AUO Leading Through Display Innovation

    Players in the FPD supply chain have been working very hard to keep their core competencies since 2008 financial crisis. However, the FPD market is getting dynamic, and in severe competition.

    In this talk, AUO will demonstrate its blue ocean strategic thinking and sustainable growth strategy. AUO believes that display technology innovation ultimately comes from end user experience. In addition, fast-changing consumer preference requires shorter time-to-market, which means an efficient and flexible business model in the FPD supply chain. With that, AUO will definitely create a win-win situation for all customers.

    Frank  Ko

    AU Optronics

    Executive Strategic Planning Division Vice President

    Frank Ko

    Dr. Frank (Fu-Jen) Ko is currently AUO's VP of Executive Strategic Planning Division. Dr. Ko joined Unipac Optoelectronics and was responsible for the technology division in 2000. When AUO established its TV Business Unit in 2003, Dr. Ko was promoted as Director of Marketing Division in TV Business Unit. He was appointed GM of TV Business Unit in 2005 and promoted to Vice President & GM of TV Display Business Group in 2010, leading its sales, marketing and engineering functions. Dr. Ko received his Master's and PhD degrees in Photonics from National Chiao Tung University in 2000 and a Bachelor's degree in Electro Physics in 1995.

  • Moving Forward with Innovations that Lead the Future

    How should the flat panel display industry respond to the extremely challenging overall business environment? CMI realizes that it must break free of existing barriers through innovation. In this presentation, CMI will share its product, production, and business model innovations and accomplishments and extend an invitation to the FPD industry supply chain to create a beautiful future together.

    James  Yang

    Chimei Innolux

    Product Technology Center Associate Vice President

    James Yang

    James Yang currently serves as Associate Vice President of Product Technology Center in Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI). He leads Product Marketing and Management team for large size product lines. He has dedicated to TFT-LCD industry since 1994 and joined Chi Mei Optoelectronics (merged to Chimei Innolux Corporation in 2010) in 1998. He has successfully promoted CMI as one of the top suppliers for Information Technology and Medical & Special Application displays in the world. He obtained his master degree in Chemical Engineering at the National Central University in 1992.

  • Not Freezing, But Innovating

    FPD industry is experiencing tough period, each panel maker is trying to find a way to break this situation. From BOE's point of view, we believe that the FPD market is not freezing and broken by innovations. The market of mobile internet is vigorous, mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet PC will keep fast growth. The product design tends to be more human-based in order to meet more interactive requirements. Large-area market also have opportunities. The networks integration and smart platform development will stimulate traditional IT and TV companies to change their business models, and push PID market growing. Following these trends, Smart and Flexible display, which suit best to end users' needs, will become the technology directions in the future. China will be the next battlefield for FPD, where the steady economy growth and fast urbanizing speed provides huge potential demand, and many panel makers build fabs in China to fight for it.

    David  Li

    BOE Technology Group

    Global Marketing and Sales Center SVP

    David Li

    David Li is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of BOE Technology Group - a Chinese leading display technology company, which he has been contributing his intelligence to for 20 years. He is currently in charge of Sales, Marketing and Product Planning. Prior to five years in sales and marketing dept., David served for a total of three years as Chief Public Relation and Government Affairs Officer at BOE Group, and five years as Executive Vice President at Beijing Orient Mosler Security Technology Co., Ltd. He holds a degree of International Master in Practicing Management (IMPM) from McGill University, a MBA from Macau University of Science and Technology, and a Bachelor degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.


Prospect of Future FPD Applications and Next Generation Technology

Date time : October 27 (Thu) 10:00 - 12:00
Floor : 1st Floor, Main Hall, Pacifico Yokohama
  • LG Electronics's vision of "future displays and TVs"

    The network society and the IT society are growing today. Focusing on systems connecting displays with peripheral devices or with surrounding environment, relationship between displays and people, ideal attitudes toward displays, relationship between displays and contents, and the changes caused by these factors, this presentation shows LG Electronics's vision of future displays and TVs and entertainment.

    Kazuhiro  Tsuchiya

    LG Electronics Japan

    Product Planning Div. Director

    Kazuhiro Tsuchiya

    The presenter had been engaged in product planning and development of video devices and related products for about 20 years at a major electronics manufacturer. After moving to LG Electronics Japan in May 2010, the presenter has been engaged in product planning and development.

  • Vision of Roll to Roll Manufacturing of AMOLED

    AMOLED has successfully made into commercial production for smart phone displays and has been well received because of its unique display quality such as high contrast and vivid color. The next challenge is to produce large size OLED TV at a reasonable cost, which is being aggressively pursued at several companies. The ultimate goal of realizing low cost AMOLED TV is to develop roll-to-roll manufacturing using flexible substrates. This talk will discuss the challenges and present a future vision of roll-to-roll manufacturing of AMOLED.

    Ho-Kyoon  Chung

    Sungkyunkwan University

    SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology Chair Professor

    Ho-Kyoon Chung


    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1981

    M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1977

    B.S. in Electronics Engineering, Seoul National University, 1973

    Professional Career

    2009-present Chair Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

    2009-2010 Advisor, Samsung Mobile Display

    2000-2008 Executive Vice President, Samsung SDI

    1988-1999 Vice President, Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business

    1981-1987 Honeywell, Inc

L-01 LED Summit

LED Solution 2011 Keynotes

LED Lighting Market is Enlarging - The Latest View of Technology Trend in Japan, Asia and World -

Date time : October 26 (Wed) 10:00 - 12:00
Floor : 1st Floor, Main Hall, Pacifico Yokohama
  • Review of LED Lighting and Technology

    Although realization of blue LED was said to be difficult within the 20th century, the study on gallium nitride by Professor Akasaki (present specially appointed professor at Meijo University/special professor at Nagoya University) laid the base of today’s blue LED and white LED, which was realized using blue LED technology. LED is used for backlights of mobile phones, notebook PCs and TVs. Recently, in particular, for the purpose of energy and electric saving, demand of LED for lighting has been increasingly expanding. In this lecture, the current conditions, strong points and other things of white LED for lighting obtained through activities of the Japan LED Association as well as the development history, technology evolution, future development, etc. of blue LED, the basis of white LED, will be introduced.

    Toshio  Takahashi

    Japan LED Association


    Toshio Takahashi

  • Progress in Developing High Efficiency White LEDs and Its Future Prospect

    LED solid-state lighting, such as the LED light bulb is now expanding rapidly against the backdrop of an increasing interest in energy saving. “Key Factor” The luminous efficiency of White LEDs is ramping up dramatically, but never-ending improvements are highly expected from the market in the future. The presentation focused on the lightng LEDs will lead to the topic of its development history, its trend of advanced technology, its technical prospect and our latest product line-up.

    Ryoma  Suenaga


    LED Business Planning Division General Manager

    Ryoma Suenaga

    Education: 1993-1998 Anan National College of Technology (Major:Technical)

    2011.5-Present: Responsible for The Business Planning for General Lighting Market

    2004.11-2011.4: Responsible for The Development of LED for General Lighting and Automotive Applications

    1998.4-2004.11: Responsible for The Development of LED for Mobile Phone, Display and General Lighting Applications

  • LED Past Perspective for Future Development and Growth

    The tremendous improvement in white LEDs, particularly over the last few years, is spurring significant growth in LED lighting. Clearly the improvements in efficiency, light output, reliability, stability, and color quality are impressive. Ten years ago white LED was no more efficient than incandescent lamps. Today, LED solutions can be more efficient that some fluorescent systems. In combination with global interest in energy saving, such LED improvement is now enabling LEDs to quickly replace other conventional lamps. As LED solutions gain share in the illumination markets, the performance requirements are becoming greater and more is being asked of the underlying LED technology. In this talk, we will review LED development so far and look ahead to what LED technology should be in the future.

    Norihide  Yamada

    Philips Lumileds Lighting Company

    Vice President for Japan Region

    Norihide Yamada

    1990 Hewlett Packard Laboratories (Japan and US), Project Manager, Department Scientist

    1999 Agilent Technologies, Department Manager

    2000 Agilent Technologies Japan, Laboratory Director

    2003 Lumileds Lighting Company, Vice President for Japan Region

    2006 Philips Lumileds Lighting Company (company name change only)