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Exhibits & Zoning

《Floor Map》

Panel zone

Equipment zone

Part & Material zone

FPD International 2011 Exhibit Categories

Panel zone
LCD Touch panel 3D display
PDP e-Paper Multi panel display
OLED Flexible display Micro display
FED / SED Transparent display Imaging device
Part & Material zone
CCFL LED Backlight unit
Driver LSI Controller LSI Sensor
Color filter Resist Electrode material
Optical film Glass substrate Plastic substrate
Deflection plate Phase differential plate Light guiding plate
Light diffusion plate Liquid crystal OLED material
Photo mask Conductive film Hole transport material
Emittingt material Fluorescent material Sand blasting material
Target material Paste material Spacer material
Shield film Heat resistant material Heat radiating material
Antistatic material Sealing material Taping material
Gas Chemical material Other part & material
Equipment zone
Manufacturing equipment
CVD system Vacuum deposition system Exposure system
Mounting system Liquid crystal injection system Orientation film coating system
Etching / ashing system Spattering system Marking system
Scriber / Cell Separator Ion doping system Laser annealing system
Substrate processing system Calcination furnace system Spacer dispersion system
Pasting system Assembly positioning system Power supply system
Screen printer Nanoimprint system Washing and cleaning system
Ultrapure water production system Transfer system Piping / valve / pump / joint
Production control system Other manufacturing equipment  
Inspection / measuring / repairing equipment
Substrate inspection system Array inspection system Defect inspection system
Film pressure measuring system Resistance measuring system Strength & life measurment system
Environment test system Spectrometric measuring instrument Brightness measurement instrument
Color measurement instrument Light source for inspection Industrial camera
Repair equipment Analysis tool / system Other inspection equipment
Facility and equipment related to "Clean" and "Antistatic"
Clean room Clean booth Filter
Air conditioner Particle counter Garment / glove / mask
Antistatic equipment Other clean-related equipment  
Other category
Public offices / municipalities Public institutions / associations News paper / publishers / researcher

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