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Rich program such as ‘Keynotes’ and ‘Technical Forums’ attracts many audience to introduce them to the latest technologies and new trend on FPD.



The seminar programs are chosen by the editorial team of Nikkei BP in cooperation with the industrial experts and academician. With programs that are of the highest quality in the industry, these seminars help broaden the depth of information that can be found at FPD International 2011.

Registration for attending ”Forum” is scheduled to begin around late August 2011.

Program of previous forum

Keynotes Learn More

-Continuous Growth by Creative Replacement

Won-Kie Chang, Samsung Electronics

-Sharp's LCD Business and forecast the LCD market

Hasegawa Yoshisuke, Sharp

-BOE's FPD Business Development

Jiaheng Wang, BOE Technology Group

-LG Displey's approach : New value for display

Mike Jun , LG Display

-Future News Media Ecosystem for Leanback Devices –
   Tablets and E-readers

Stig Nordqvist, WAN-IFRA

-Towards Further Expansion of the 3D Business

Akira Shimazu, Sony

Technical sessions Learn More

3D Display Forum
  • -Progress in 3D LCD Display Technology
  • -3D plasma as an evolutionary milestone
  • -Development of OLED 3D Display
  • -Problems and Outlook for 3D in Terms of Image Quality
  • -3D Digital Camera Evolution
  • -A golden formula to establish 3D industry
  • -Advanced Deadzone-Free Naked Eye Solution
Touch Panel Forum
  • -Expectation of the input device in the future
  • -Recent Development Trends in Touch Panels
  • -Exploitation technology of transparent conductive film for touch panel
  • -Touch On the Consumer Desktop and In Large Form
  • -Beyond multi-touch : new challenges for touch panel makers on the fast-growing tablet market
  • -Current state and future perspective of display with built-in touch panel function
Next Generation FPD Technology Forum
  • -Sony’s high reliability oxide TFT technology for AM-OLED displays
  • -Development of Oxide TFTs for Next Generation Flat Panel Displays
  • -Oxide TFT Technology for Next Generation FPD
  • -The Recent Milestones in Multi-Primary Displays
  • -The High Performance Scalable Display with Passive OLEDs
  • -Development of Rollable Organic EL Display Driven by OTFTs
  • -Future of New Displays Analyzed from International Conferences
FPD Materials Forum
  • -FPD Materials Market Trends: Technology Innovations and Demand Growth in Emerging Markets
  • -Next Gen FPD technologies: touch screen, 3D and e-paper
  • -Advancement in glass technology that enhance performance in display applications from TVs to handhelds
  • -Advanced liquid crystal mixture for high performance liquid crystal display
  • -New Optical Film Solution for LCD LED Backlight
  • -Formation of Moth-Eye Anti Reflection Films by Roll to Roll process
  • -Advanced VA mode “TBA” with Fast Gray-Scale Response and Wide Viewing Angle
FPD Market Forecast Forum
  • -Outlook for the FPD Industry: How Can Japanese Industry Survive in the Face of Chinese Development and Horizontal Division of Labor?
  • -Gast generation has came after the generation of Wintel
  • -Changing FPD Business Models, and Investment and Technology Strategies
China FPD Forum
  • -Current State and Future Trends of Chinese FPD TV Industry
  • -Development of the Chinese FPD industry, and IRICO’s OLED strategy
  • -Seasonal Strategies in the Chinese Home Appliance Market, and Trends in Related Industrial Supply Chains
  • -Current state and future plans for the Hefei FPD Industrial Zone

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