FPD International 2012 / MOBILE TECHNOLOGY 2012

Attendees October 31 November 1 November 2 Total
Attendees: Exhibition(Attendees: FPD International 2011 Exhibition) 14,750(15,049) 17,342(16,624) 18,155(18,661) 50,247(50,334)
Attendees: FPD International Forum(Attendees: FPD International 2011 Forum) 818(2,111) 1,176(1,013) 263(316) 2,257(3,440)
2012 Total(2011 Total) 15,568(17,160) 18,518(17,637) 18,418(18,977) 52,504(53,774)
Journalists (Included in the number above) 107 71 57 235

FPD International Managing Office, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

What's New

The attendance prior application of Technical sessions !




The Technical sessions which gains popularity from the height of speciality nature every year.

Theme is set to the Next generation FPD, Mobile technology, and Touch panel, and the members of a lecturer of the front of domestic/overseas develop an argument about High technology trend, Market view, an Expertise theory, etc. this year.

New discovery, The hint to a business opportunity, Cultivation of knowledge, etc. are useful, and information is a full load.

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The English Web Site of the FPD International 2012 has disclosed to the public!




It informs them from the secretariat of it.
The English Web Site of the FPD International 2012 has disclosed to the public.
The application for attending the FPD International Forum will be set up in a few days.
The number of tracks is increased more than last year this year.

Please keep in mind here.
We will wait for application of everybody by all means.

"Smart Display, Start!"

New technologies are incorporated into the display, to achieve a different kind of evolution than seen before. Displays that can be see-through, can bend or jump, or can allow touching or moving images, are involving into "Smart Displays" linking to all kinds of communication. This next-generation "Smart Display" can change communication for everyone. Please come look at this technology, and make use of it for development of equipment systems that can revolutionize lifestyles.