Exhibition Registrations

  • How should I register to the exhibition?

    Please register our registration website.

  • Can I register for several people on the registration website at one time?

    Only one person becomes effective on one registration. Reception corner at venue will ask each visitor for one by one registration.

  • How do I proceed to complete the registration of the exhibition?

    Once you have registered on the registration website, you will be obtained an email that contains a confirmation acknowledgement. Please print this confirmation email and claim your badge at the Overseas Visitor Counter at the venue.

    Please be noted Admission ticket with JPY2,000 will be charged if you don't have the acknowledgement.

  • Is the visitor badge effective for several days?

    Yes, the visitor badge is effective on all 3-day period.

  • In case I have lost a visitor badge.

    Please come to the Overseas Visitor Counter to reissue the badge.

Forums and Keynotes

  • If I have a invitation ticket, can I attend the forums and keynotes?

    You need separate registration in advance to attend each sessions of the forum and the keynote. Please register through the forums/keynotes registration page.

  • What do I need to do to attend the forum?

    Please be noted the forums except the exhibitors' conferences and keynotes sessions requires admission fees. Please register through the forum registration page.

  • I'd like to attend the session fully booked already.

    Registration is closed as soon as it becomes overcapacity.

    For Keynote sessions, if there are any cancellation, the cancelled seat might be available on vacant basis. If you wish to wait for any cancellation, please visit a reception desk on-site.

  • Registration deadline has passed but, can I still attend the forum?

    The forum session can be attend only when there is a vacant seat on that day.
    Please visit a reception desk on-site.

  • Is it possible to send other attendee who replace the person of the registration?

    In the principal, we are not accepting such a case. Attendee needs registration in advance to attend each sessions of the forum. Only for fee-charged sessions, we will welcome to other attendee who replace the person of the registration. In such a case, please come to on-site reception desk with a ticket and 1 business card ready.

  • How do I participate in Main Theater or Presentation Theater?

    Main Theater and Exhibitor Presentation Theater are on-site and admission-free sessions. All visitors are welcome to participate the theaters.
    No need to register to participate in advance. Please be noted most of the sessions are Japanese presentations.