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Touch Panel New Markets and Technologies

Developing Touch Panel Technologies Create New Markets:Integrated Panels Evolving to Find Application Everywhere

Datetime: 10/25  10:00 - 12:30

Floor: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center

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Latest trend of capacitive type In-Cell Touch Panel "Pixel Eyes"

Capacitive type incell touch panel technology have launched and penetrated into the market of Smart Phone, Tablet and DSC. In this presentation, latest trend of our own in-cell touch panel "Pixel Eyes" will be addressed. The future vision of the technology will also be introduced.

Hiroshi Mizuhashi

Hiroshi Mizuhashi

Technical Specialist Display System R&D Dept. Research and Development Division

Japan Display Inc.

2007- : Being engaged in R&D of In-cell type touch panel system.

        Achieve the first commercial product of the In-cell type touch panel "Pixel Eyes".

2012-Present : Have been in charge of technical development of the "Pixel Eyes"

Touch Panel and Emerging Display -- New Opportunities in 2014 and Beyond

With touch panels spreading everywhere we see and we use, the touch industry is changing very fast. In this presentation, Dr. Colegrove will discuss the opportunities and growth area in the touch panel and emerging display industry. From mobile phones to phablet to notebook PCs to interactive signage; from finger touch to pen writing; from gesture control to ultrasound control, from curved display to flexible display, there are many opportunities and many challenges. Dr. Colegrove will also discuss the transparent conductive materials and films on touch screens. There are over 180 companies are working on several types of ITO replacement, such as metal mesh, silver nanowire, conductive polymers, carbon nanotube, graphene and other type materials. Touch Display Research surveyed many leading manufacturers in this field. Dr. Colegrove will also provide the market forecast of the new generation transparent conductors from 2013 till 2020.

Jennifer Colegrove

Jennifer Colegrove

Founder, President and analyst

Touch Display Research

Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove is the president and analyst of Touch Display Research Inc. (, a market research and consulting firm focus on touch screen and emerging display technologies. She writes reports and performs consulting projects on touch screen and display technologies, including touch screens, ITO replacement, near-eye displays, flexible displays, OLED displays, lighting, 3D, e-paper displays, gesture control.

Colegrove is well known as the first analyst to write a comprehensive touch screen industry report since 2006. It has been 7 years in a row. Colegrove has over 15 years of industry experience. She has authored over 50 forecast reports and over 100 articles. Her articles have appeared in SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, etc. She is frequently quoted by media and industry press, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbs, Bloomberg. Colegrove has been a featured speaker and session chairperson at over 40 worldwide conferences.

Embedded Touch: The Touch-Panel Makers vs. The Display-Makers

After 10 years of development, embedded touch (in-cell, hybrid in-cell, and on-cell touch supplied by a display maker) is finally real and shipping in high volume. What does this mean for the touch-panel industry? This presentation compares embedded and discrete (OGS) touch, examining the forecast, cost, performance, thickness, weight, power consumption, off-screen icon capability, and ability to deliver what device OEMs want. Where touch-controller suppliers fit into this picture is also examined. A set of conclusions is reached with which you may or may not agree ? but they should make you take a new look at the looming battle between the touch-panel makers and the display makers.

Geoff Walker

Geoff Walker

Senior Touch Technologist

Intel Corporation

Geoff Walker is a touch-technology expert with 20+ years of experience in touch. Geoff is currently the Senior Touch Technologist at Intel, where he works closely with Intel business groups, engineering teams, and Intel Capital to formulate and drive cross-Intel strategy on touch-related technology and product development. Previously Geoff served as Marketing Evangelist & Touch-Industry Guru at NextWindow, Global Director of Product Management and Business Development at Elo Touch Solutions, Owner and Principal Consultant at Walker Mobile, Director of Engineering Program Management at Handspring, and Product Architect & Vice President of Marketing at Fujitsu Personal Systems. Geoff has written more than 65 articles and made more than 40 presentations on touch at conferences in the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea since 2007. Geoff holds BS-Electrical Engineering and BS-English degrees, both from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and is a member of SID, IEEE and ACM.

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