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Market Outlook

Probing Successful Strategies for 2014:
Panel Supply-and-Demand Forecast and Industry Outlook

Datetime: 10/23  10:00 - 12:40

Floor: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center

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FPD Industry Outlook/Scope of consolidation

The rapid rise of Chinese businesses in the FPD industry is striking. They are prominent in both large and small/medium LCD panels, and many Chinese businesses have also come to the fore in end products such as smartphones and TVs. At the same time, in the small/medium panels sector, Japan Display, LG Display, Sharp’s LTPS and Samsung Display’s OLED dominate the market for high-end products. Moreover, Japan still maintains a strong presence in such areas as chemical materials, film and backlight components. Centered around businesses in the four regions of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, what will become of the FPD industry in the future? I will discuss forecasts for short-term trends in demand, profitability and major applications, as well as predictions for long-term trends from varied perspectives, such as different technologies and regions, including LTPS/OLED, and end-product brands.

Yasuo Nakane

Yasuo Nakane

Global Market Research / Managing Director

Deutsche Securities Inc.

Yasuo Nakane graduated with a degree in international law from Sophia University. He was an analyst for 10 years at Daiwa Institute of Research, including five years in Taipei researching and analyzing Taiwanese and Chinese electronics industries. He joined Deutsche Securities in September 2001 and covers Flat Panel Industry and Consumer Electronics Sector. Nakane writes "The Nakane Report" for Nikkei Business Publications' Tech-On website, commenting on the LCD and semiconductor industries in Asia. He is a chartered member of the Securities Analyst Association of Japan. He speaks Japanese, Chinese and English.

The FPD Industry: Driving the Smart Digital Era

The speaker discusses how new products from the two industry leaders, Samsung Electronics and Apple, will revolutionize smart digital in 2014; evaluates past financial strategies of the FPD industry; and offers possible financial strategies that could revitalize the Japanese industry.

Masahiko Ishino

Masahiko Ishino

Chief Analyst

Global Investment Management

Yamaichi Research Institute, The Industrial Bank of Japan, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Security, Global Investment Management

FPD Market Outlook (tentative)

Advancement in smart devices is bringing about a major paradigm shift in the FPD market. The speaker identifies keywords for the major FPD product fields, and presents observations on future market characteristics.

- Wearable: Smart watches and panel products

- Smart devices: How far will smartphones and tablets evolve?

- Computing devices: Adding touch functionality, betting on “2 in 1” performance

- FPD TVs: UHD, OLED, flexible screens... what is the next big thing in screens?

Shusuke Hayashi

Shusuke Hayashi

Marketing Director

Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd.

Graduated Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Tokyo Keizai University, and entered Suzuki Motor Corporation, where he was assigned to manufacturing and sale of two- and four-wheel vehicles. Later employed at Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd., where he was assigned to Display Group. He has worked primarily in LCDs and LCD materials, as well as in device and application market surveys for CCDs and other devices. Currently handles LCD, OLED and other FPDs, as well as flatscreen TV markets. He has established an extensive network throughout the FPD industry, and is active both in seminars and as an article contributor.

FPD Market Overview: Growing High Resolution

Smartphone and Tablet are paid attention to as an application. High Resolution is getting one of the important trend from the point of view of FPD technology.

On the other hand, the waves of low cost and commodity are upcoming especially in emerging market. Trends of High Resolution and IPS are starting giving an impact on Notebook PC and Monitor applications. Notebook PC demand is turning into downward trend, but how will Mobile PC market be changing from now?

LCD TV demand growth have been small these days, but the average size still continue to grow and the competition among sizes is getting heated. 4K2K LCD TV started ramping up from China market in 2013 and the demand is expected to grow rapidly from now especially in 50 inch and larger sizes. China related companies are gaining a power in FPD industry. LTPS trend is paid attention to from now due to the supply increase.

DisplaySearch will show these latest trend in this presentation.

Yoshio Tamura

Yoshio Tamura

Senior Vice President, DisplaySearch Fellow

NPD DisplaySearch

Mr. Tamura graduated from the Chuo University Department of International Economics. He was appointed as Vice President and Japan Office Representative of DisplaySearch in February, 2000. He has more than 20 years experience in FPD market research including his former position with a market research firm. Mr. Tamura has maintained excellent relations with panel suppliers and key component suppliers, resulting in broad improvements to DisplaySearch's analysis. He supervises many of DisplaySearch's analytical reports. He has been invited as a speaker at numerous display conferences in the U.S., Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, offering commentary to many newspapers and FPD industry journals. Mr. Tamura has been Senior Vice President of DisplaySearch since 2005.

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