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Ultra-High Definition

Recent Developments in High-Resolution Imaging Technology:The Core of Imaging Technology in the 4K Era

Datetime: 10/24  10:00 - 12:40

Floor: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center

About lecture and lecturer

High density audio-visual information and the brain

The information density of audio-visual information transmitted via the present media does not reach the actual entity of a nature. On the other hand, we have discovered that sound contains rich high-frequency components above human audible range, which significantly activate the entire network of the fundamental brain. This suggests that the homeostasis control system responsible for health and the reward system responsible for sensations of beauty and pleasure are activated simultaneously. We also found some 4K image showing the activation of fundamental brain. Based on the physiological and psychological reaction of human, I would like to discuss on the directivity of high density audio-visual information in near future.

Emi Nishina

Emi Nishina


The Open University of Japan

NISHINA Emi received her Dr.Eng. degree in urban engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1991. She continued her research on “hypersonic effect” and high density visual information in the University of Tokyo as a research associate and in National Institute of Multimedia Education as an associate professor. She is now a professor of the Open University of Japan, and The School of Cultural and Social Studies, Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI).

Key Technologies of world first 55” OLED TV

World's fist 55" AMOLED TV have been developed and recently launched mass production with excellent display image quality. We employ IGZO TFT backplane and white OLEDs with WRGB pixel design. Those technologies enable panel size scalability as well as mass production with lifetime reliability. For commercializing large-size AMOLED TV, the issues and challenges on panel design and driving, including LG display's recent experience, will be presented.

Changho Oh

Changho Oh

OLED TV Development Division 1, Vice President

LG Display Co., Ltd.

Chang-Ho Oh received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Seoul National University in Korea, and Ph.D. degree in physical electronic engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. While at T.I.T. his research focused on the excimer-laser annealed low-temperature poly-Si growth and applied poly-Si TFT fabrication. He was a recipient of the AM_LCD ’99 best paper award with paper titled “Ultra-Performance Low-Temperature Poly-Si TFT.” He joined LG in 1991 and is working on OLED TV product development as the division manager.

4K Solutions realized by Cinema EOS System

Cinema EOS System provides various products to support impending 4K era and proposes solutions to realize images those no one has experienced before. The backgrounds to produce attractive images by Cinema EOS System will be discussed with engineeering point of view including its sensor, lenses and image processing technology.

Yoshinari Onda

Yoshinari Onda

ICP 4 Products Marketing Management Div.

Canon Inc.

Graduated department of mechanical engineering, faculty of science and engineering, Waseda University, and joined Canon INC. in 1989. From 2003, taking charge of product planning for professional video cameras. Major products; XL2, XL-H1, XH-A1, iVIS HV20, iVIS HF10 and so on. Paticipated the launching project of Cinema EOS System from planning stage and responsible for particular products of EOS C300 / EOS C500 and partner relationship for Cinema RAW workflow.

Sony is bringing a game changer innovation through professional content creation

Boasting resolution more than four times that of Full HD, 4K digital cinema has wowed even the most seasoned creative professionals. Sony’s outstanding digital imaging technology is opening up a world of possibilities in entertainment, and is poised to provide consumers with rich, new viewing experiences. The lecture will be especially focused on CineAlta Camera with Sony 4K image sensor, and its advanced workflow supported by professional creators. Moreover, Sony is aiming to expand the technology not only for cinemas, but also for documentary and live production.

Hiroshi Kiriyama

Hiroshi Kiriyama

Deputy Senior General Manager

Sony Corporation

Joined Sony in 1982 and being engaged in the designing professional cameras all through his career. Being involved in the epoch-making products, such as professional-use VTR systems such as SMPTE Type-C, HDCAM-SR and XDCAM. Has taken initiatives in developing 4K technology with CineAlta 4K cameras.

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