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The outlook for the future of Display and Touch Panel

Datetime: 10/23  14:30 - 17:40

Floor: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center

About lecture and lecturer

Expansion of Mobile Display Market and Direction of Japan Display Inc.

Mobile display market has been growing rapidly due to the innovation of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, under the recent evolution of ICT. Development of display technologies has played a significant role for the mobile device innovation. Characteristics of displays such as high pixel density, low power consumption, thinness, etc. are continuously needed as basic requirements. In addition, more diverse requirements in usability are becoming obvious by the latest development of new display applications. This presentation introduces Japan Display’s technical direction to satisfy these demands and to drive further innovations.

Yoneharu Takubo

Yoneharu Takubo


Japan Display Inc.

1979,4   Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.

2002,4   Toshiba Matsushita display technology Co., Ltd.

2004,6   Toshiba Matsushita display technology Co., Ltd. Executive officer

2009,5   Toshiba mobile display Co., Ltd. Senior corporate executive officer

2012,4   Japan display Inc. Chief technology officer

Touching Tomorrow, Today

TPK is the leading touch solution provider, offering a full suite of touch solutions tailored for customer’s requirements. TPK was established in 2003, and shipped our very first product in June, 2007. In the past 5 years, TPK has leapfrogged our revenue to USD $6B in 2012, developed touch solutions from 3” to 85”, and grown our customer base to 40 in 2012, many of whom are global innovators in mobile, PC, Auto and consumer electronics.

We believe our leading position results from our technological leadership, vertically integrated manufacturing, high standards of operational discipline, quality and economies of scale. In 2013, TPK is committed to direct our resources in driving a “mass-customization” offering, and aiming to maximize product value and manufacturing efficiency.

At TPK, we aspire to shape the way humans interact with technology by providing a gateway that maximizes the most innate and powerful of all human senses – the sense of touch.

Tom Sun

Tom Sun

President & CEO

TPK Touch Solutions Inc.

Mr. Sun joined the TPK group as the President & CEO in 2007. He is also a member of the board of directors of TPK Holding Co., Ltd. TPK is now a world leader in multi-touch projected capacitive solution provider with 47,000 employees and US$5.98 billion in 2012 revenue. TPK went IPO in Taiwan in 2010.

Prior to joining TPK, Mr. Sun was the Chief Representative of Motorola China Region from 2005 to 2007. He has accumulated rich experience in customer management, quality management, consultancy, and asset management during his many years of experience in the United States, Taiwan, and the PRC.

With wide recognition from the industry, Mr. Sun was awarded “the Golden Peak Award” by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association, R.O.C in 1999. He was also elected to be one of “the Top 200 Most Influential People in Taiwan” in 2002; an “Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneur in China” by the Chinese Association of Productivity Science (CAPS) in 2012, and “The best CEO of Asia Technology/Hardware category” by Institutional Investors.

Evolution of Display Industry

Consumer electronics have evolved from plain hardware improvements to ecosystem and user interface advancements. From there arrives the next wave of revolution driven by hardware differentiation and development of hybrid devices. For suppliers of the value chain, the key to remaining competitive and leading the next revolution lies in capabilities to offer products that cater to consumer demands.

Frank Ko

Frank Ko

Vice President of Technology & Strategic Development Office

AU Optronics Corporation

Dr. Frank (Fu-Jen) Ko is currently AUO's VP of Technology & Strategic Development Office. Dr. Ko joined Unipac Optoelectronics and was responsible for the technology division in 2000. When AUO established its TV Business Unit in 2003, Dr. Ko was promoted as Director of Marketing Division in TV Business Unit. He was appointed GM of TV Business Unit in 2005 and promoted to Vice President & GM of TV Display Business Group in 2010, leading its sales, marketing and engineering functions. Dr. Ko received his Master's and PhD degrees in Photonics from National Chiao Tung University and a Bachelor's degree in Electro Physics.

The past, present and future of LCD

Introduce the international LCD development history with Chinese view.

Sun Zhengmin

Sun Zhengmin

Secretary general

Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association

1962-1968 Graduated from physics academy of Nanjing university

1968- 1974Technician of jiangsu yancheng jianghuai power plant physical and chemical laboratory

1974-1979 Teaching assistant of Nanjing university physics academy

1979-1982 Finished the master of Nanjing university physics academy

1982-1984 Visiting scholar of Universite Paris-Sud, solid physics lab

1984-1991 Lecturer & associate professor of Nanjing university physics academy

1991-1992 Visiting scientist of university of northern British Columbia, Canada

1992-1993 Visiting researcher of Universite Paris-Sud, solid physics lab

1993-2005 Shenzhen Tianma microelectronics Co., LTD., director of the center for research and development, chief engineer, deputy general manager, senior researcher.

2006-2010 shenzhen Laibao Hi-tech Co., LTD., chief expert

2010-now Shenzhen sanli spectrum photoelectric technology co., LTD., chief expert

2009 to now Secretary general of Shenzhen flat panel display industry association

The Change of Innovation in Display Technology

In the past, product innovation promoted by technology innovation is the main driver of the market growth, and the market is therefore technology innovation oriented. Now, the application innovation oriented products are more and more influential on the market; new technologies and integration of cross-disciplinary technologies will support the market growth of the application innovation oriented products;

BOE is committed to become an "end-user-focused, customer-oriented, collaborative value creating, and capable provider of technologies, products and solutions”;

BOE will work with global counterparts in this new round of industrial revolution to make positive efforts and collaborative innovations, in order to make positive contribution to the industrial revolution.

Dawei Wang

Dawei Wang

Flexible Technology R&D Center, Director

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Dawei Wang is Director of Flexible Technology R&D Center at BOE Technology Co. LTD and FPD expert of the National High-tech R&D Program(863 program). After graduated with PHD degree in Material Science, he serves as researcher and manager in the technology center of BOE Group and focus on the topic of material and device application in FPD. He published one book and many papers in technical journals. As an expert in the IEC TC110, he participates in the development and revision of many international standards

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