The 20th FPD International. Nikkei BP brings its full media strength to bear, publicizing the event in Japan and globally to attract quality attendees!

20th Commemorative Exhibition Special Plan

Launched in 1994 as LCD International, this exhibition has grown and evolved with the display industry, and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. There will be a number of special events to commemorate, and provide information to the global industry.

FPD Technology Awards

Nikkei Electronics reporters will visit exhibitors on Wednesday, October 23, and select award winners. The announcement and presentation ceremony will be on Thursday, October 24, at the exhibition site. Key criteria will be innovative content, technical value, demonstration, exhibition method, and booth design, among other factors.

FPD industry executives will be invited

The FPD industry has developed primarily in Asia. Nikkei BP will invite top executives from panel users both in Japan and overseas, as well as panel manufacturers, and component and materials suppliers. All the key people in the FPD industry will come together in one place.

Special area on new user interfaces

A wide variety of new user interfaces have been developed recently, including head-mount displays, see-through displays with optical camouflage, touch panels, and gesture input. This special area is offered as part of the 20th show celebration.

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