Surging innovation in display technology is driving innovation in every industry!

Flat-panel displays have replaced the old CRTs used in computer monitors and televisions, and today the wall-mount TVs that engineers once dreamed of are a reality. Even in developing nations where CRT TVs are still in daily use, the transition to LCD screens is under way, and accelerating.

Simultaneously, displays are beginning to be built into all sorts of equipment and gear in addition to TVs and monitors in a growing trend. Manufacturers are working to improve user convenience by building displays into products such as automobiles and medical equipment.

For the automotive and medical equipment manufacturers, these displays are a vital method of communication with the user. Nikkei BP has launched this event to cover the entire industry from manufacture to use, bringing together the professionals who create or use these products.

Display technology is still evolving, and we hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity this event offers to help your firm evolve with it!

55,000 key people from panel and FPD application equipment manufacturers from the world over,  especially Asia, will attend