An event specifically for the devices and manufacturing technologies that will support the green (low-carbon) society of tomorrow, including LEDs, solar cells, power semiconductors and energy-efficient components. Follow the latest technology, products and people making it happen through the exhibition and forum.

People and companies the world over are recognizing the need to build a low-carbon (green) society with reduced CO2 emissions, and green devices are attracting attention as a key technology that will make it possible... “Green device” technology covers a wide range from solar cells and rechargeable batteries to LED lighting and power semiconductors, and can be divided into Creating, Storing and Saving energy. Introduced into diverse equipment and systems, these device technologies will make it possible to attain a low-carbon society even sooner. Exciting new energy initiatives such as the Smart Grid and DC supply are evolving rapidly, too. As a publisher specializing in technology and management media, exhibition host Nikkei BP brings together technology covering solar cells, rechargeable batteries, LED lighting, power semiconductors, manufacturing equipment and materials, in an international trade show. The Green Device Forum offers a variety of high-grade programs covering a wealth of topics, earning high marks from device engineers in the past.

The second Green Device event will be held at Makuhari Messe from Wednesday, November 10 to Friday, November 12, 2010. Packed with the latest technology and products, Green Device 2010 is sure to attract large number of booths and visitors, and promote technical interchange in the FPD field.




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