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IoT Japan 2016 | Dates:Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st | Venue:Tokyo Big SightIoT Japan 2016

Dates:Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st | Venue:Tokyo Big Sight

To probe the future beyond today's chaos in IoT,
we need a place to talk with other professionals.

Takahiro Kikuchi

Producer of IoT Japan 2016
Chief Research Fellow, Nikkei BP ICT Innovation Research Institute

The Internet of Things (IoT), where individual objects around us are connected through the internet to produce synergy in monitoring and management, is a key development today. Already its impact is evident in Industry 4.0, as major as the industrial revolutions of the past, but it can also be viewed as a grouping of resolutions to everyday problems such as rising medical expenses, aging public facilities, and disaster control measures. IoT is a product group that has been redefined for the internet era, organizing and utilizing product functional components effectively via the internet.

IoT is a collection of diverse technical elements including appliances, robots and other systems with user interfaces, as well as sensors, microcontrollers and other components, and software such as data analysis and machine learning. Close cooperation by many companies and organizations will be essential to achieve widespread adoption.

As the place for all these parties to come together and exchange information, Nikkei BP presents IoT Japan 2016, scheduled for fall 2016. In addition to networking, attendees will gain a better understanding of the latest trends and solutions. We expect a large number of exhibitors, and an even larger visitor draw.


Name IoT Japan 2016
Dates Oct. 19th (Wed) - Oct. 21st (Fri)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
East Halls (4-6 Halls) & Conference Hall
Organizer Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
E-mail : itevents@nikkeibp.co.jp
Admission 3000 yen (Tax Inc.)
Visitors (expected) Over 60,000 people
Exhibitors (expected) 300 Companies / 800 booths (expected)

Partner Event Information:
IoT Asia 2016

Exhibitors' schedule

Application for exhibition to be closed on June 24 (Fri), 2016

Products & services for exhibition

IoT / M2M applications, and services
IoT / M2M systems and platforms
Wireless Modules / Devices (LAN) Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi
Wireless Modules / Devices (WAN) LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, PHS, WiMAX
RFID / NFC Solutions
Sensor Modules / Devices
IoT Systems (Cloud Computing)
IoT Systems (Big Data)
Big data utilization
Data analysis, data management, data utilization, data generation, active data storage and access, data integration, data protection, long-term data storage, data erasure
Security Systems, Products / Services
Industrial IoT and M2M solutions, augmented reality (AR)
Commercial (facility management, distribution, retail, etc.), automotive, wireless power supply, virtual reality, audio-visual, mixed reality, augmented virtuality, wearable and headmount devices, smart mobile devices, location information, etc.
Measurement Equipment, Simulators
Wireless Network Analysis / Measurement, Wireless Network Monitoring Tools, Various Testers, Simulators, Tools
System Integrations
Control System
Industrial Network Services
Related software

Target audience

Solution and System integrators for IoT
Application developers for IoT
Technology suppliers for IoT
Specialised software developers and providers
IoT system user companies
System owners
Government officials, policy makers
Senior executive / officer, system engineer, consultant, Research / development / maintenance / administration divisions, Planning / sales / marketing divisions

Exhibition contact

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.