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ITpro EXPO 2016 | Dates:Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st | Venue:Tokyo Big SightITpro EXPO 2016

Dates:Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st | Venue:Tokyo Big Sight

Experience the Latest Technologies and the Business Model Revolution

Takuya Yoshida

Producer of ITpro EXPO 2016
ITpro / Nikkei Computer

The world is amid a revolution in business models, on a scale never before experienced

At the ITpro EXPO 2015 Steering Committee meeting (Aug. 2015), which brought together top CIOs, CTOs, and other officers from leading Japanese corporations and IT vendors, the consensus was that the dramatic evolution in ICT has brought industrial society to an historic turning point. The group called for value-creating activity based on a long-term vision and responsibility, and a firm understanding of the destructive impact technology can have.

All types of industry are incorporating not only the four key technologies—cloud computing, mobile computing, big data (analytics), and social networking—but also business digitalization, driven by IoT technology to link things, people, and organization via the internet. The cost of utilizing the constituent technologies continues to drop every year.

These technologies, already reduced to commodities, are in fact the platform for the birth of new business models. The business model revolution is already under way in a number of industries, such as Industry 4.0 in manufacturing, the industrial internet, and FinTech in finance.

ITpro EXPO 2016, supported by the comprehensive capabilities of Nikkei BP, is the only event in Japan offering first-hand experience in the latest development in the business model revolution.

The event will bring together 60,000 key people driving business digitalization, with special exhibitions on topics such as cloud computing, mobile computing, and IoT, and events focusing on the digital industrial revolution in industries such as manufacturing, finance, and medicine. The solutions exhibition will feature booths by 300 IT vendors empowering the digital business revolution, and 150 talks and seminars in a space designed to bring together the users hoping to change and grow their businesses, and the exhibitors who can help make it happen. Exhibitions of advanced technology applications, including artificial intelligence and robotics, and also planned.

ITpro EXPO 2016: the biggest impact ever.


Name ITpro EXPO 2016
Dates Oct. 19th (Wed) - Oct. 21st (Fri)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
East Halls (4-6 Halls) & Conference Hall
Organizer Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
E-mail : itevents@nikkeibp.co.jp
Admission 3000 yen (Tax Inc.)
Visitors (expected) Over 60,000 people
Exhibitors (expected) 300 Companies / 800 booths (expected)

Exhibitors' schedule

Application for exhibition to be closed on June 24 (Fri), 2016

Products & services for exhibition

Server/client / device / storage
Servers, storage, UPS, PC, workstation, thin client, smartphone, tablet, etc.
OS, virtual tools, database, application server, middleware, etc.
Business application software
ERP package, business applications, SCM software, PDM, EC relatedapplication, SFA/SRM, groupware, document management, DWH related tool, BI/OLAP, etc.
Integrated development environment, analysis/design tool, programming tool, screen/form design tool, testing tool, etc.
Cloud computing
Private cloud development support, public cloud introduction support, virtual environment development, infrastructure service,development environment/development tool, SaaS applications,virtual software, etc.
Firewall, VPN, UTM, IDS/IPS, illegal access/vulnerability measures, access control/authentification, filtering,
virus/spyware/phishing/information leakage, encryption, e-mail security, etc.
Operations management
Integrated operations management, network management,backup/storage management, asset/distribution management,performance/fault surveillance, job management/automation, etc.
Network/communicationSwitch/router, appliances, wireless LAN, bandwidth control system,load balancer, WAN accelerator, IP phone, VoIP gateway, videoconferencing, Web conferencing, etc.
VPN, wide-area Ethernet, WAN services, wireless LAN, IDC/hosting,CTI, call center, help desk, etc.
Server/client / device / storageServers, storage, UPS, PC, workstation, thin client, smartphone,tablet, etc.
SEO, access analysis, website development, social marketing,telemarketing, outsourcing, education/training, etc.

Target audience

Information system user companies
Senior executive/officer, information system division, system planning division, research/development/design divisions, planning/sales/marketing divisions, general affairs/accounting/finance divisions
SI/consulting company, hardware/software vendors, manufacturer/communication service providers
Senior executive/ officer, system engineer, consultant, research/development/maintenance/ administration divisions, planning/sales/marketing divisions

Exhibition contact

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.