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A New Smart City Manifesto ---
Safe, sustainable, and highly efficient urban performance

Faced with the task of resurrecting cities devastated by the Eastern Japan Earthquake, Japan must now implement some form or the other of a Smart City concept. The configuration of safe and sustainable cities that not only conserve energy but also make the most of the energy that they use is now a crucial issue. Moreover, the question of what constitutes a Smart City is now being reexamined all around the world. A look at the results of experimental verification shows that in Europe, which leads the world in the study of Smart Cities evaluation, this trend has reached the point where those who hold the greatest stake in the urban environment --- its residents --- are now becoming involved. And in China, urban planners are no longer concerned just with building eco-cities but are beginning to focus on satisfying the demand for employment and quality of urban lifestyle.

Given this background, we see a golden opportunity for Japanese industry and government to take the lead in this issue. The rebuilding of Japanese cities impacted by the events of March 11 will require a Smart City concept for safe and sustainable urban performance as well as a model for its implementation. Both of these can also be proposed for use in urban planning elsewhere, thereby providing both a long-term growth strategy and a contribution to the world at large.

In creating a Smart City concept and an industry to implement it, we will also need to establish major channels of operation for that implementation as well as to initiate programs for gathering ideas and information or for propagating our message and proposals around the world. Grid Week in the USA as well as International Water Week and Energy Week in Singapore are excellent examples of what needs to be done. Much work has been published in Japan on Smart City technologies and policies. Japanese industry has developed numerous solutions for the issues faced by Smart City planners worldwide. Unfortunately, however, there is as of yet no organized venue for the discussion, sharing, and propagation of these ideas.

That is why Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. is delighted to announce Smart City Week 2011 --- A New Smart City Manifesto. Key players from Japan and abroad will be on hand together with representatives of both national and municipal governments to participate in an international conference for discussing the latest trends in the planning and development of Smart Cities. Activities will include a General Meeting, featuring a comprehensive discussion of business models in the Smart City market, as well as numerous exhibitions and seminars focusing on the constituent elements of and the component technology behind the planning and development of Smart Cities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with others in this field as well as to exchange information, ideas, and opinions about safe, sustainable, and highly efficient urban performance: the Smart City.