DatesConference from Monday October 24 to Friday October 28, 2011
Exhibition from Wednesday October 26 to Friday October 28, 2011
VenuePacifico Yokohama
OrganizersNikkei Business Publications, Inc.
SupervisionNikkei BP Cleantech Institute
CooperationNikkei Business, Nikkei Ecology, Nikkei Electronics, Nikkei Monozukuri, Nikkei Automotive Technology, Nikkei Computer, Nikkei Architecture, Nikkei BP Environmental Management Forum
Special SupportMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yokohama City (Tentative)
SupportJapan LED Association (JLEDS), Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ), The Chemical Society of Japan, Japan Vacuum Industry Association, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (Tentative)
Visitors55,000 (Tentative)
Concurrent eventFPD International 2011    LED Solution 2011