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International Conference

【First Stirrings of Real Business】
Strategies of Leading Companies

Top Corporate Executives Announce Own Business Expansion Measures

In Japan, the Smart City Project has moved beyond recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake to maintaining dynamism and responses to aging of society. As can be seen by the government’s New Growth Strategy, in emerging countries targeted as export destinations for urban infrastructure there is a wide variety of needs toward the Smart City, from elimination of electricity lack to development of transport systems, prevention of pollution, and efficient use of energy and resources. The objective of realizing secure, safe, and relaxed lives for residents is shared everywhere. To reach this objective, what technologies, services can the companies aiming for expansion of or participation in the Smart City Project provide, and what methods will they use. The respective top management executives tell their company visions and business strategies.

  • 9:30~9:45


    Parliamentary Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

    Hiranao Honda

  • 9:45~10:05

    Subject to be announced

    NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) Chairman 

    Kazuo Furukawa

  • 10:05~10:45

    Subject to be announced

    TOSHIBA CORPORATION Director, President and CEO

    Norio Sasaki

  • 10:50~11:05


    Editor in Chief, Nikkei Business

    Tatsuo Yamakawa

  • 11:05~11:45

    A Safe and Secure, and Healthy and Relaxed, Japan-Style Smart Town for the World

    After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the interest in housing has expanded beyond security and safety to also include energy, etc. Housing has come to be placed as the central social issue. Sekisui House is also engaged in many leading projects, with efforts in the Smart House and Smart Town accelerating. Attention from overseas is focusing on Japan’s energy-saving and energy-creating environmental housing technologies. Sekisui House is at the present time advancing into Australia, Singapore, China, and the United States. This tells the global competitive strength of the Smart Town strategy.

    Sekisui House, Ltd. Chairman, Representative Director & CEO

    Isami Wada

    Joined Sekisui House, Ltd. in 1965. CEO in 1990, company president in 1998, reached current position in 2008. Since the “Environment Future Plan” issued in 1999 has held a leading role in the industry in town creation with consideration for a secure, safe, and relaxing environment. In view of a performance of providing in excess of two million homes in Japan, now actively considering expansion overseas as well. Chairman of the Japan Prefabricated Construction Suppliers and Manufacturers Association, chairman of the NPO Kids Design Council.

  • 11:50~12:30

    About the Fujisawa SST (Fujiwara Sustainable Smart Town) Project

    We at Panasonic are developing a business axis around the environment in business activities built around the key words “Eco & Smart”, toward the goal of becoming the No.1 environmental reform company by 2018, the 100th anniversary of our founding. As one aspect of this activity, all Panasonic companies are promoting the “Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town”, an environmental co-existence town creation project, toward opening in the Spring of 2014 in cooperation with Fujisawa City and various partner companies. This is a introduction of the Smart Town Project concept developed by Panasonic.

    Panasonic Corporation Executive Officer,Eco Solutions Company Vice President

    Satoshi Takeyasu

    Graduated in 1979 from Doshisha University Faculty of Commerce, and joined Matsushita Electric Co. Worked as copywriter in the PR Department. Served as manager of the NAF Project Promotion and Project Planning Department, and manager of the Marketing Department, before appointment in 2005 as Sales Executive Director and head of the Sales Planning Office. In 2009, appointed as CEO of Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Co.). Appointed senior director of the Eco Solutions Co. launched in January 2012 as an internal company within Panasonic Corporation, as part of the transition to a new system for the Panasonic Group, and head of the Whole Solutions HQ. In April 2012, appointed Panasonic director and Vice President of the Eco Solutions Co.

  • 13:30~14:10

    Leading Japan's growth with Smarter Cities

    In Smarter Cities where things are instrumented and interconnected, a vastamount of data can be gathered and analyzed to provide new value.The smarter social infrastructure, infused with technology, will solvecities' issues, improve quality of life for citizens and generate newsocial services. IBM helps build Smarter Cities to accelerate innovativebusiness and industrial restructuring that will lead to new growth for Japan.

    President, IBM Japan, Ltd.

    Martin Jetter

    Masters in Mechanical Engineering, University of Stuttgart.Joined IBMGermany as an Application Engineer. Regional Leader Central of IBM'sIndustrial Sector, IBM Germany,Austria andSwitzerland in 1999, GeneralManager, IBM Global Business Services, IBM Northeast Europe in 2005,General Manager, IBM Germany in 2006. Vice President, Corporate Strategyand General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives, IBM Corporation in 2011.May 2012, President, IBM Japan, Ltd.

  • 14:15~14:55

    Urban development to create a "world future image" ― Smart city of Mitsui Fudosan

    Mitsui Fudosan Co., ,Ltd President and Chief Executive Officer

    Masanobu Komoda

    Graduated in 1978 from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, and joined Mitsui Fudosan. Served as manager of the Operations Planning Office and of the Management Planning Office before appointment in April 2005 as executive director. In October 2006 appointed as Group executive director and CEO standing executive director of Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co. In June 2009 appointed as standing CEO standing executive director, and in June 2010 as senior CEO standing executive director, and to the present position in June 2011.

  • 15:00~15:40

    Contributions to Local Society Using ICT

    Fujitsu brings experience and know-how accumulated to date to the perspective of local society, to contribute to the resolution of social issues, and to improvement of the quality of residential life. A strategy vision aims for a future where people can live in security and prosperity, and use ICT to support social and business reforms, toward achievement of a Smart City based on ICT utilization. The lecture invites the audience to join in and sketch out the future of society and business.

    FUJITSU LIMITED Corporate Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Director

    Kenji Ikegai

    Joined Fujitsu in 1976. In 1994 appointed as sales manager of the Tokyo Metropolitan Sales HQ Kanto Sales Department. In 2004 appointed as manager of the Local Government Solutions Project Department. In 2006, appointed as executive director and head of the Public Administration Solutions Project Department. In 2010 appointed as executive vice president (mainly in charge of Solutions Business). In current position since 2012.

  • 15:55~16:35

    Subject to be announced

    Accenture Managing Director - Asia Pacific Region, Sustainability Services

    Peter Lacy

  • 16:40~17:20

    Social innovation of the Hitachi group to challenge in collaborative creation ~ Turn to new city planning ~

    Representative Executive Officer and President, Hitachi Ltd.

    Hiroaki Nakanishi

  • 17:25~17:40

    Remarks & Closing Message

    Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute Director

    Yosuke Mochizuki

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