G-2 November 1 (Thu) 13:30-16:30 Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center 5th Floor (501 and 502 Room)
Organized by City of Yokohama
Japanese/English Simultaneous Interpretation


Municipality seminar

YOKOHAMA DAY in Smart City Week 2012

Let's learn Smart City development of Yokohama and cutting edge technologies of private sector firms which drive the development.

Environmental future city Yokohama is a thriving, growing city, and in the past has overcome a host of problems including reconstruction after earthquakes and war, and the various problems endemic to rapidly growing cities in the period of high economic growth. The City undertook its endeavors in collaboration with citizens and private enterprise.
Yokohama has an extensive store of knowledge and expertise in not only urban infrastructure such as the drinking water and sewerage, waste processing and transportation systems essential for daily life and economic activity, but also refined community development as demonstrated in Minato Mirai 21, and energy management systems for the low-carbon society: all urgently needed for the effective and environmental urban development projects in emerging economies.
At Yokohama Day we will introduce the city development program under way in Yokohama, along with the technologies and expertise of the corporations making it possible, and provide business matching opportunities in association with international organizations.

  • 13:00~13:40

    Opening speech

    Deputy Mayor of the City of Yokohama

    Takashi Suzuki

  • <First Section>13:40~14:40

    Introduction of major projects for Smart City developments of Yokohama City.

    Yokohama Partnership of Resources and Technologies (Y-PORT)

    We will promote new international contributions and technical cooperation through public-private partnership to help emerging countries resolve their urban problems.

    Yokohama Water Business Conference

    The city of Yokohama, in collaboration with more than 140 water and sewerage-related resident companies, organizations, etc., will promote the resolution of water problems in emerging countries, etc. and the development of overseas water business.

    Future City

    Through best practices in dealing with environmental problems and the super aging society, we will realize a dynamic city.

    Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)

    Cooperating with the private sector, the City of Yokohama will establish a Japanese-version smart grid and make inroads into overseas markets.

    Yokohama Green Valley (YGV)

    Designating Kanazawa Ward as a model district, we will implement the energy measures, develop environment and energy industries, and build up bases for environmental education.

    Yokohama Environmental Business Network

    We will help resident companies launch into the environment and energy business, conduct R&D and establish marketing channels as well as facilitate inter-company collaboration.

    Yokohama Support Projects for Businesses Promoting Intellectual Property Activities

    We will recognize and support companies endeavoring to strengthen their management basis through intellectual property activities and providing unique technologies, services, etc.

    Inviting Business

    We will offer a wide array of assistance, including the support systems to companies planning to establish their operating bases in Yokohama City.

  • <Second Section>14:40~16:30

    Business matching

    - Introduction of cutting edge technologies of private sector firms which drive the smart city development -


    AMCON Inc. / Chiyoda Corporation / CTC Co., Ltd. / Finetech Co., Ltd. / Green Asia Engineering Co., Ltd. / CHODAI Co., Ltd. / INTER ACTION Corporation / Japan Transportation Planning Association / JFE Engineering Corporation / JGC Corporation / Keystone Technology Inc. / Mansei Recycle Systems Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. / Myway Plus Corporation / Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd / One Will Co., Ltd. / Osumi Co., Ltd. / The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. / Yokohama Global Station

    Yokohama Water Business Conference

    BL Dynamics Inc. / Hamagin Research Institute, Ltd. / KOKUSAI KOGYO CO.,LTD. / Maezawa Industries, Inc. / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Toshikogyo Co., Ltd. / Yokohama Water Co., Ltd.

    Yokohama Green Valley (YGV)

    OASYS Solution Inc. / TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K. / Yokohama Kanazawa Industry Communication Meeting

    International organizations, business groups and others

    Federation of Yokohama City Industrial Association / Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) / Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) / Junior Chamber International Yokohama / Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) / The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) / Yokohama City University / Yokohama India Centre / Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation

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