New Smart City Declaration

October 28, 2011
Smart City Week 2011 Steering Committee

Smart City projects are advancing worldwide with the purpose of achieving increased efficiency in energy usage and urban management. In order to realize Smart Cities, which are a kind of “urban revolution,” rather than a simple extension of existing patterns of urbanization, it is essential to think again about the desirable form of the city. With this perspective in mind, we hereby transmit the following message to the world as a “New Smart City Declaration.”

1. Citizens and enterprises

The key players in Smart Cities are their citizens and the enterprises engaged in industrial activities there. Together they will realize an optimum society for citizens.

2. Quality of life of citizens

The objective of Smart Cities is to further enhance the quality of life (QOL) of their citizens.

3. Clear vision

It is essential for Smart Cities to have a clear vision and to be promoted in accordance with that vision.

4. Always evolving

Smart Cities will continue to evolve ahead of the needs of citizens and changes in the local communities.

5. Japan’s contribution to the world

Japan will transmit to the world its experience in building better societies through overcoming natural disasters and the demographic issues of a low birth rate and aging population.

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