Urban Development Evolves from Pilot Stage to Reality

Yosuke Mochizuki
Executive Organizer,
Smart City Week 2012
General Manafer,
NikkeiBP Cleantech Institute

“Smart Cities” will finally develop into real business in 2012. Over the last five years a variety of projects have launched around the world, and many demonstration and pilot projects.Numerous problems were encountered, and resolved through the efforts of private enterprise or local government. Many ideas are still in the pilot project stage, but a number are already developing into commercial proposals.

In parallel with these developments there is unmistakable activity in Smart City infrastructure,with the development of essential equipment and systems including energy management sys tems , renewable energy equipment, high-efficiency energy utilization systems, transportation systems, HEMS/Smart Homes, BEMS/green buildings, health improvement systems, high-level disaster prevention equipment, and water utilization systems.

At Smart City Week 2011 the Smart City Declaration has been adopted, providing a clear answer to the question of just what a Smart City is. It is absolutely essential information with the emergence of a 4000-trillion yen market. Smart City Week 2012 brings together the cities, the people and the hardware (equipment, facilities and systems) needed to draw your roadmap to business growth. The Smart City industry has arrived in a big way.

We hope that you will participate fully in the var ious event s here, and di s cover new opportunities for growth in the Smart City market.