Exhibition packages

It is possible to just offer talks at the on-site open theater, and exhibit on the exhibition floor, without participating in the full program, providing another cost-effective way to expand business opportunities, talk with key people in the field, and improve name recognition for your firm.

Open theater Packages
Exhibition space Price
(not including tax)
2-spaces plan 1.10 million yen
1-space plan 600,000 yen

This plan includes package booth space and one time slot for a presentation at the open theater (50-seat venue) in the exhibition hall.

Exhibition Space only
Exhibition space Unit price
(not including tax)
1-3 spaces 440,000 yen per space
4-7 spaces 420,000 yen per space
8-11 spaces 400,000 yen per space
12 or more spaces 380,000 yen per space

Each space is 3 meters wide by 3 meters deep.

The prices shown here are for exhibition space only. Back panels and other set up costs are not included.