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Resolving social issues and building the future 〜 Social Innovation / Smart City Week 2014

Society faces a host of problems including aging infrastructure and facilities, unexpected natural disaster, energy security in the face of surging consumption, climatic variation, population concentration and accompanying traffic congestion, and aging populations coupled with decreasing birthrates.
These issues must be resolved before residents can feel truly safe and secure, and that will require local government and corporations to think outside the box, developing innovative ideas, technologies, and services. This social innovation will create the smart cities of tomorrow.
Until last year, Smart City Week focused on the metropolitan issues, but there was considerable need for coverage of a wide range of problems, and a variety of solutions not related to urbanization. From this year the event name has been changed to Social Innovation/Smart City Week 2014, encouraging discussion on an even broader selection of topics. In addition to smart cities, exhibitions and seminars will be held on measures to cope with aging infrastructure and facilities, disaster prevention and mitigation, energy security, and next-gen health care, drawing a variety of stakeholders to the event.
We hope you’ll take advantage of the growth opportunities this event offers by bringing together people from diverse companies and local governments, discussing and resolving problems, sharing information, and building networks.

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