Exhibition Entry Fee

Booth fee

Lot size: 1 booth [3m (width) 3m (depth)] | Entry fee: 440,000yen (Space fee only) | How to apply: Fill out the attached Exhibitor Applicatioin Form and send by fax or post. | A package booth plan(optional) of one to three booths is available. | One-booth type: From 110,000yen (excl.tax)

  • * Booth allocation will be done by the Organizer, talking into consideration the exhibitors, entry dates, contents of the exhibits, number of lots, requests, etc.
  • * Lots will be just e mpty spaces demarcated by lines on the floor
    ( Note: Upon exhibiting, all booths must be partitioned from neighboring lots with walls using system panels and such )

Seminar Sponsor fee

Conference type A capacity of 180 / 40 minutes - 1,200,000yen (excluding consumption tax)
Conference type B capacity of 100 / 40 minutes - 700,000yen (excluding consumption tax)
Ready-to-use equipment LCD projectors, screens and microphone set
  • * Any equipment other than the adove (including such service as writing and simultaneous interpretation) is available at cost.
PR Through the letter of invitation, official guidebook, etc.
Free services Pre-registration of participants, List of participants (only those who have agreed to be included in the list)
How to apply Fill out the attached Exhibitor Application Form and send by fax or post.
Please choose the category 1. Mail Security | 2. Remote Access / Mobile Security | 3. Biometrics Security | 4. PCI DSS | 5. BCM/BCP | 6. Total Logistics Risk Management | 7. Security Management | 8. Information Leakage | 9. Web Security | 10. Secure Network | 11. Thin-Client / Secure Client | 12. Enterprise Risk Management

Entry closing -> July 2 (fri.)

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