Field of Exhibits

Network security Antivirus, Spyware, Spam/phishing mail protection,
DDos attack, Filtering software, Intrusion protection, Vulnerability, Firewall, VPN, UTM appliance, Network quarantine,
Database security, etc.
Protect solution for compromise Encryption tool, Log management, Contents security,
Document security, Thin client PC, Secure client PC,
Forensic, Date loss prevention, mail archive, etc.
Access control solution Biometrics, One time password, Single sign on,
Authentication device, PKI, Certificate authority,
Network access management, etc.
Security management Security consulting service, Security system surveillance,
Security qualification, etc.
Physical security solution Rack system, Entrance and exit control system,
Surveillance system,
Monitoring/image data transmission system, camera, etc.
Management Crisis management consulting, BCP consulting,
Internal control support solution, Compliance management,
Insurance/risk transfer consulting, Project management,
Countermeasures for disaster/ pandemic, Legal support,
Personal information protection measures, PCI DSS
Biometrics Security Fingerprint Authentication, Vein Authentication, Palm Authentication,
Iris Recognition, Face Authentication, Sing Authentication, Etc.
Others VPN Service, Data backup, UPS, Data center, SaaS,
Outsourcing, Employee education/training, Newspaper/publisher/online media, association/community, other

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