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September 25, 2007

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2007 – post-event report

"Link up, Reach out, To the world"
The most vast scale. Opened 4days for the first time
TGS2007 sets new attendance record at 193,040 visitors!!!

 The Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. Co-sponsoring “The Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry”(International division) are pleased to announce that the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2007 set a new TGS attendance record with 193,040 visitors to the Show in the four-day period from September 20 to 23. Tgs2007 has come to an end with accomplishment successful.
 The Tokyo Game Show 2007 will serve as an official event of the inaugural Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta*1), a series of events that will provide opportunities for publicizing content development in Japan both within Japan and to the world, and for coming into contact with a wide range of content-related concepts and materials.
 The TOKYO GAME SHOW 2007 under the theme, “Link up. Reach out, To the world.” has convened a total of 217 companies, foundations and schools, total of 1,735 booths from 19 countries and area for this year, making this the biggest-ever TGS in terms of number of exhibitors and exhibition space.
 The game title displayed is rise up to over 702 title it rather than more registered title in advance. Especially, this year marks the full-scale Introduction of software titles for the new home game platforms and it has attracted game fan. The number of game software titles for home video game consoles, Mobile content, portable game console had exhibited.TGS2007 has been festival it appeal a diversity of game fan to visitors.



Thursday 9/20

Business Day

29,783 visitors



Friday 9/21

Business Day

32,390 visitors

Friday 9/22

Business Day

39,645 visitors

Saturday 9/22

Open to public

64,795 visitors

(incl. 11,829 children)

Saturday 9/23

Open to public

84,823 visitors

(incl.12,246 children)

Sunday 9/23

Open to public

66,072 visitors

(incl. 15,347 children)

Sunday 9/24

Open to public

67,943 visitors

(incl.10,637 children)


193,040 visitors


192,411 visitors

 As for The Japan game awards 2007( ),“ Game of the year division” from title that released last year has been awarded on first day. “Amateur Division” has been awarded on second day. “Future Division” has been awarded by voting with visitor from 20th to 22nd Sep, and selection committee on last day of Tokyo game show.
 The next Tokyo Game Show will be held from Thursday, October 9 or Friday October 10 to Sunday, October 12, 2008 at Makuhari Messe..
 *1 The Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta; URL is the world’s largest integrated content festival. The organizers’ aims are to broaden the appeal of content developed in Japan and to present the “now” of content-related industries both within Japan and overseas. A series of events related to games, animation, manga (comics), characters, broadcasting, music and film held over a 40-day period will provide opportunities for content industry people from around the world to come into contact with a wide range of Japanese content all at the same time. This year is the inaugural year, and the Tokyo Game Show 2007 which starts on September 20 will be the kick-off event. This will be followed by 18 events held in the Greater Tokyo area and seven events in the Chubu (Central Japan) and Kansai (Western Japan) regions. Japan’s newest talent, technology and industries will all be concentrated in these events.