Cosplay Press Conference

People involved in the game industry and in cosplay, plus aficionados of Japanese culture from overseas, will gather under the one roof to talk about the relationship between games and cosplay, which is expected to experience even more overseas expansion, as well as about future business possibilities and issues. Also prepare for some astonishing performances during breaks in the discussion!!

Date 12:00-13:00, Friday, September 17 (tentative)
Venue Event Stage, Hall 8, Makuhari Messe
Theme Latest overseas information on games and cosplay, and hints for growth of the game market (working title)

* Not open to the general public as part of the Business Day program.


  • Announcement
    • “Honeymoon between Game and Dance” Nobuyuki Takahashi (President and Representative Director of STUDIO HARD DELUXE Inc.)
    • Example 1: “Rock Man 2 – Music Respect – Songwriting – Music Performance and Singing –Anime”
    • Example 2: Hatsune Miku – MMD – Dance CG – Communization of Character Models
    • Example 3: Touhou – Cirno – Math Class – Dance Video – Cosplay Dance
  • Cosplay Dance performance by Tokyo University’s “Marukyu Project”
  • Report from guests “World Cosplayers are Now …”
    • Moderator: Takahashi@HDX
    • Guest: Jackie Dosai, Representative of Japan
    • Guest: Taro Daimon, Chief Editor of Cosmode magazine
    • Sayaka Yamamoto, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Interviews with overseas cosplayers
    • アデラ (アメリカ)
      Adella (U.S.)

    • Hizue (Germany)

    • Lee Ruka (Taiwan)

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Various Cosplay Events and Programs (Public Days)

On the Public Days of the Tokyo Game Show, the "Yasuragi Mall" (the space between Hall 3 and Hall 4 of Makuhari Messe) will become a designated cosplay area.
Famous cosplayers and unique cosplay teams from Japan and abroad will participate as guests at this year’s program.

We will also have the “Cosplay Grand Prix” (planned with cooperation of COSGROOVE), “Cosplay Dance Night” (same), and various other exciting programs! We look forward to hosting many cosplayers.

Cosplay Grand Prix

  • ★Contest time/date:10:00 - 17:00, Saturday, September 18
  • ★Pre-registration:Application via Twitter
  • ★On-site registration:
    • Self-application: Applicants come to the reception counter on site and have a photo taken.
    • Application by another person: Scouts (recommenders) will find excellent cosplayers at the site.
  • ★Screening: A five-person jury from the COSGROOVE Planning Committee will select the winners.
  • ★Announcement of results: Winners will be announced during the Cosplay Dance Night program (18:00 onward, Saturday, September 18).

Cosplay Dance Night

Time and Date: 18:00 - 20:00, Saturday, September 18
Venue:Makuhari Messe Hall 8 Event Stage

Famous Cosplayers Invited from Abroad

Charismatic cosplayers from abroad have been invited to come and interact with Japanese cosplayers and cosplay fans.

Cosphoto Session

Come join us for a series of exciting photo sessions. Your photos may appear in Cosmode magazine!
Photo sessions in front of the specially set up Coswall**.
Photos taken here will be published in Cosmode magazine!

* Please note that not all photos taken will appear in the magazine.
** Coswall is a large wall created especially for cosplay photo shoots.

Cosplay Performance Time

Be prepared for astonishing performances by the cosplay teams!

Cosplay Dressing Room Opens from Early Morning!

The cosplay dressing room in Hall 7 will be open for a limited time (from the first morning train departure from Kaihin-Makuhari Station until 8 a.m. (tentative)) for cosplayers who queue for admission from early morning. By changing into their costumes early, cosplayers will be able to enjoy TGS at a leisurely pace.

The dressing room will be open for early morning use from the time the first train departs until 8 a.m.. Cosplayers who arrive after 8 a.m. cannot enter the room.
Those who arrive after 8 a.m. will be asked to queue for general admission.
* Please go to the dressing room after the entrance opens. Those who enter the dressing room before 8 a.m. will be asked to move to the end of the queue for general admission as soon as they finish their costume changes.
If your costume change isn’t finished by 8 a.m., please continue changing in the room. But remember to leave the dressing room immediately when you are done. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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What is COSGROOVE (co-planner)?

COSGROOVE is a cosplay performance organizer consisting of related cosplay companies, freelancers, and volunteers.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2010, we asked COSGROOVE to help us with various performances and events. Their help will enhance the fun of the cosplay for visitors and participants, especially cosplayers from abroad.

Related companies:
■ Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd.
This company conducts a wide variety of investment, consulting, and human resources recruitment businesses as a bridge between Japan and Asia.
■ Ambition International Co., Ltd.
This company is actively engaged in the overseas promotion of Japanese content and the commercial operation of overseas content in Japan.
Since its founding, this company has been developing and producing so-called otaku content such as anime, cosplay, and games.

Cosgroove website (