Areas and Charges


General Area

Exhibiting Products: game software, online game, game platform, other game-related products and services.

Business Solution Area

Exhibiting Products: development tools, middleware, support service for online game, license business, support system for venture business, human resources service, and business solution including business administration support software.

Business Meeting Area

Special area for the meeting and press interview. Business Meeting Area provides quiet environment and effective business opportunities with free interpreter and free drink services.

International Career Pavilion [New]

For needs of global hiring aimed to achieve career matching between overseas companies and Japanese visitors, and vice versa.

Mobile Area [New]

For contents for mobile phone and mobile-related products including accessories and peripheral equipments or iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

PC Online Game Area [New]

For presentation and business meeting focused on sales of online game licenses and various partnership.

Game PC Area [New]

For PC products of self-produced game and PC game software including PC for high-end game, mother board for PC game, graphic board, processor, memory, HDD.

*Please contact to the management office if you want product sales.

Audio Visual & Gadget Area [New]

For audio-video equipment & gadget making good environment for playing games including LCD and plasma TV, audio system of 5.1 channel, headphone, controller, special chair.

*Please contact to the management office if you want product sales.

Game School Area

Exhibiting: professional school, undergraduate university, postgraduate university, distance learning.


  Raw Space Package Booth Turnkey Booth*2
General Area 367,500 yen
3m wide x 3m deep
472,500 yen
3m wide x 3m deep
231,000 yen
2m wide x 2.5m deep
Game School Area
Business Solution Area 210,000 yen
2m wide x 2m deep
International Career Pavilion
Mobile Area 210,000 yen
2m wide x 2m deep
PC Online Game Area
Game PC Area
Audio Visual & Gadget Area
Business Meeting Area*1 n/a 472,500 yen*3
3m wide x 3.5m deep

 Exhibit period: September 16-17 (2 Business days only)

*1 Max. 2 booths per exhibitor
*2 Max. 3 booths per exhibitor
*3 The fee at Business Meeting Area will be 262,500 yen if you exhibit at other Areas.

Raw Space fee covers only booth space and does not include decoration and electrical work.
Package Booth and Turnkey Booth fees include basic decoration. For further detail, please see the brochure.