For TGS 2011 Visiting Tour Operators,

How to Obtain Tour Group Ticket at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011

Business Days (September 15 (Thu.) and 16 (Fri.)) Tickets

Only those who have a "Business Day Registration Ticket" obtained by a business partner are admitted free. The fee for all others is JPY 5,000 (tax included). Admission on Business Days is restricted to individuals working in the game industry. Students and persons under the age of 18 will be refused entry. Please follow the ticket purchasing procedures.
Business Days Ticket JPY 5,000(tax included)
*Business Days ticket is valid for two days (September 15 & 16).
The online purchase through the official site will be available from the beginning of August. However, it is necessary to register personal information one by one. For those who want to purchase a group ticket, please come to 「GROUP** ONLY」Ticket Counter at Central Mall 2nd Floor of Makuhari Messe.

Please show a couple of items listed below at 「GROUP** ONLY」Ticket Counter. Your tour participants will be admitted after confirming that they work in the game business.
All of your tour participants on Business Days must show:
① Passport or some other photo ID (employee ID)   ② Two business cards
*Payment is cash only. No credit cards are accepted.
**Please be noted that our definition of "Group" is ten or more.

Public Days (September 17 (Sat.) and 18 (Sun.)) Tickets

Public Days Tickets Day of the Show : JPY 1,200 per day (tax included)
In advance : JPY 1,000 per day (tax included)
Tickets sold in advance
Advance tickets are available on the official website. Payment can be made by major credit cards. Group purchasing of Public Day ticket is available. Tour operator can be obtaining through the online with necessary number of ticket at once.
*Tickets on Public Days are valid once for one day(September 17 or 18) only.
If your tour participants wish to visit both September 17 and 18, please buy two tickets for one.
*If your tour participants wish to purchase a day of the show ticket, please buy the ticket at the venue on the day.

For more information or inquiries on tour operations, please contact to:

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