Exhibition Period

When is the exhibition being held?

September 15(Thu) and 16(Fri) are the Business Day, and September 17(Sat) and 18(Sun) are the Public Day. Admission of Business Day are limited to those in the game business.

What time does the exhibition open?

The exhibition opens at 10:00 and closes at 17:00. On Public Day, depending on the situation, the opening time may be shifted to 9:30 a.m., at the earliest. Please note that, on Public Day (September 17 and 18), the entry gates will be closed at 4:00PM.

When will the next exhibition (2017) be held?

The date of the 2017 exhibition has not been decided. As soon as it's finalized, we will announce it on the official website.



How do I get to Makuhari Messe?

For details, please refer to access information, [Access/Accomodation].

Will parking be available?

There are parking lots in the Makuhari Messe and nearby areas. Please refer to the site:

Will there be parking for sightseeing buses?

How much is the parking fee?



Are there hotels nearby?

Detailed information is available on the Makuhari Messe website below:


Admission tickets for Public Day

How much is a general admission ticket?

The prices for Public Day admission tickets are 1,200 yen on the day of the event (tax included) and 1,000 yen for advance tickets. Admission is free for elementary school children and younger.
Please note that each ticket is valid only for one day. For more detailed information on admission tickets, see [Tickets].

When can I buy the advance tickets?

Public Day (September 17 and 18) advance tickets are on sale from July 10 to September 16, 2016. On-the-day tickets are available at the exhibition venue.
For more detailed information on admission tickets, see [Tickets].

Where can I buy the advance ticket?

Advance tickets are sold online at [Tickets] on the official website. Payment can be made only by credit card.

What time will on-the-day tickets sales begin in the morning?

The tickets sale will begin at the departure time of the first train leaving JR Keiyo Line Kaihin-Makuhari Station. Approx. 5:00AM.

Is a Public Day admission ticket valid for two days?

No. Tickets are valid only for one day.

Discounted tickets available for senior citizens?

For citizens who are 70 years or older, special discounted tickets (100 yen, tax included) are available at the on-the-day ticket counters at the exhibition venue. However, there are no discounted advance tickets available for senior citizens.

Discounted ticket available for people with disabilities?

Discounted tickets (100 yen, tax included) are available for physically challenged persons at the on-the-day ticket counters of the Exhibition facility. However, there are no discounted advance tickets available for people with disabilities. This discount is available under the following conditions:

  • ・Handicapped IDs and notebook, war wounded IDs and notebook, and Atomic bomb survior certificates holders
    *Please show certificate at the counter.
  • ・In cases a care assistance is required, a discounted ticket will be offered to the care assistant as well.

Group discounts available?

No group discounts available for advance ticket or on-the-day ticket purchases.



Rental wheelchairs available?

Wheelchairs are available in the Makuhari Messe parking lot. However, since the number of wheelchairs is limited, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Makuhari Messe (Tel: +81-43-296-0001) for inquiries. In addition, there are special gates for wheelchair users on the second floor concourse at Hall 1 through 11. Please check with the staff at the venue for more information.



Strollers can enter the exhibition venue?

For your safety, we ask visitors to refrain from using a stroller at the exhibition. The exhibition venue will be very crowded.

Rental strollers available?

There are no rental strollers available. For your safety, we ask visitors to refrain from using a stroller at the exhibition venue.

Diaper-changing stations available?

There are diaper-changing stations in all women's restrooms at the exhibition venue. There are also diaper-changing stations in the nursing room near the central entrance of International Exhibition Hall 5 on the second floor.

Nursing rooms are there?

There is a nursing room near the central entrance of International Exhibition Hall 5 on the second floor. The following equipment is available in the room:
a nursing corner (three separate rooms), a diaper changing station, a washstand, and a water heater for preparing infant milk formula. For directions to the central entrance location, see the map.



Pets be allowed in the exhibition?

No pets are allowed. The “Strawberry House,” located in the Hotel New Otani, provides temporary pet care services. For more information, please contact Hotel New Otani Makuhari (Tel: +81-43-299-1835).


Eating and drinking

May I bring a lunch box?

Bringing a lunch box is permitted. However, openning it are allowed only in the eating and drinking corners, resting areas and the rest corner in Family Game Park.


Lost and found

I lost my belongins. Who should I contact?

If you lose belongings at the exhibition venue during show time, please come to the Lost and Found Center on the north side of Hall 7.
Please contact the Makuhari Messe Total Management Center (Tel: +81-43-296-0531) after the exhibition is over (September 19 or later).



Is cosplay allowed?

Yes, but there are some restrictions, and we have some requests.
For details, see [To Cosplayers].

Is any kinds of cosplay okay?

We do not allow cosplay that goes against good taste or makes people uncomfortable.
For details, see [To Cosplayers].

May I photograph or record video of cosplay?

Shooting is allowed only in certain areas designated by the management office. It is prohibited in the changing rooms, cloak area, around exhibition booths, busy hallways, etc.
For details, see [To Cosplayers].


Photos and videos

May I photograph or record video of the exhibition?

With regard to taking photographs or recording video of the exhibiting companies' booths (including any exhibits and companions), the rules set out by each exhibiting company must be observed. When taking photographs or recording video of visiting individuals such as cosplayers, please obtain the individual's prior approval to protect their privacy and portrait rights. When taking photographs or recording video of the event stage, rules will differ depending on the program.
Please follow the staff's instructions.


Exhibitors and exhibit contens

Where is exhibitor info?

The latest list of exhibitors is posted at [Exhibitors].

What will the exhibitors show in their booths?

The exhibit content and exhibiting game titles from each booth will be publicized separately on the news release, see [Exhibitor News].
For more detailed information on a specific company, please visit their website.


Waiting up all night

May I wait up all night at the exhibition venue prior to the opening?

Waiting up all night at the venue is strongly prohibited.


Playing Z-rated games

What is required to play CERO Z-rated games?

If you wish to play Z-rated games (game software that includes adults content for aged 18 years and older), you must present an item that shows your age (driver's license, passport, student ID card, etc.).
Your age will be checked at each booth. Please follow the booth staff's instructions.



I need a visa to visit Japan. Can you issue a letter of invitation?

Tokyo Game Show does not issue invitation letters for potential visitors from overseas.
Please consult your travel agency.

Can I buy a ticket from overseas?

Yes, the tickets are available online. For Public Day tickets, go to [Tickets].
Public Day tickets are also available at the exhibition venue on the day.

Is the distribution of flyers and other materials allowed at the exhibition
venue and nearby train stations?

Regardless of whether you are acting as an individual or representing a corporation, exhibiting company, or non-exhibiting company, the distribution of flyers and any other promotional materials at the exhibition venue and the Makuhari Messe is prohibited.
(However, exhibitors may distribute materials at their own booth. Also, exhibitors who are allowed in the sponsorship menu are exempted from this prohibition.)

Moreover, distribution of materials outside the exhibition venue (i.e., in front of the station or on the streets and sidewalks leading to the exhibition venue) is prohibited according to the Chiba City ordinance.

Are you recruiting part-time staff?

No. We are not recurring part-time staff for the management office of the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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