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Bento Studio


What's your background in making games?

Bento has been making mobile games since 2010. We are two passionate individuals who were brought together by a common project: making original, creative games. From niche hardcore shooter musical game to colorful family multiplayer sport game we like to try ourselves on various genres and bring our own twist to it. In total, Bento has distributed around 5 million games.

How much time did you spend working on the game?

unWorded is a fully independent production. This game have been in production for 10 months but has been in preparation for 4 years.

How did you come up with the concept?

unWorded is born from a profound love for typography. Letters not only convey meaning but can also bring a strong sense of space. So we ask ourselves, can we build an entire world with just letters? How it would look like? What feeling will we get, if we were to immerse ourselves in it? The game have seen more than ten very different iterations, from a minimalist 2d escape room to a full 3d first person adventure game. We explored a lot of ways to tell a story with a world made of letters. Showing the project around, discussing it with friends and other developpers, making people play our early prototypes, our vision evolve organically changing a lot, but keeping our early goal to create a game that is both immersive and challenging yet that not require any previous playing skills.

What development tools did you use?

We used Unity

What were the significant changes between the presented games and games you developed before?

Fantastic Contraption VR was written in Unity with OpenVR. We first developed using a Vive, and now we are porting to Oculus Touch.

What were the significant changes between the presented games and games you developed before?

unWorded is the first game that we restart several times and were we think for a long time. By the past we’ve try to work on creative concepts but never in this dimension. We accomplish a long-awaited dream of doing a narrative game, to be able to focus on telling a meaningfull story.

What is your goal as a game developer?

We try to deliver unique and refreshing experience without any frontier or barrier. We want to create new experiences and make our player play something he never played before.

Please write a message to future SOWN attendees regarding your expectation and feeling about being selected to be a finalist.

We are proud to have been selected. We expect nothing more than meeting interesting people that want like us to push the limit of the video game on new fields and perspectives!