Food Court

The food court for foods and beverage is available in the Event Hall. Fifteen shops will provide local foods with distinct character and a popular recommendation menu. You can reach the Event Hall from the walkway on the north side of YASURAGI Mall (between Halls 3 and 4), following the passage way in front of Hall 4 on the second floor of the Central Mall, then going through the second floor Central Entrance.

TGS recommendation

Soup karaage

Soup karaage

600YEN (Soup karaage TOKYO)

With a unique recipe, here is a new taste of "fried chicken" for you.Before it is fried, chickens are thoroughly soaked in 100% collagen and umami (tasty)soup.So, even when it is not so hot, you can enjoy soft and juicy taste.

  • Slice of beef tongue

    Slice of beef tongue

    600YEN (Gyutan senmonten “Sakuraya”)

  • Naniwa black cattle bowl

    Naniwa black cattle bowl

    1,000YEN (Naniwa kuroushi senmonten “Wagyu jubee”)

  • Steak black curry

    Steak black curry

    1,500YEN (Gokujyo kuro curry “Charmy Curry”)

  • Fatty salmon bowl

    Fatty salmon bowl

    1,500YEN (Kaisendon senmonten“Otarusuisan”)

  • Eel box

    Eel box

    1,500YEN (Unagi ryouri “Binchouya”)

  • Beef tongue bowl

    Beef tongue bowl

    1,000YEN (Fan foods)

  • Roast beef bowl

    Roast beef bowl

    900YEN (

  • Hiroshimayaki


    900YEN (Teppan koubou Marumasa)

  • Stamina ramen

    Stamina ramen

    700YEN (Menya Tsubasa)

  • Beefsteak bowl

    Beefsteak bowl

    800YEN (Ushino abentura)

  • Young sardine with Soft boiled egg bowl

    Young sardine with Soft boiled egg bowl

    800YEN (Shonan hanten “Daikokuten”)

  • Skirt steak bowl

    Skirt steak bowl

    800YEN (Tacoderio)

  • Tuna and grated yam rice bowl

    Tuna and grated yam rice bowl

    1,000YEN (Maguro senmon “Magurobito”)

  • Beefsteak yakisoba

    Beefsteak yakisoba

    1,000YEN (Nikuyaki souhonke “Miwa”)