Exhibitors List


  General Exhibition Area      8-C07
  General Exhibition Area      8-N01   AOne Games <Chile>
  General Exhibition Area      7-S04   ASOBIMO
  Game School Area       3-C01   Adachi Education Group
  Game School Area       2-C04   Aichi Institute of Technology
  Game School Area       3-C07   Anabuki College Group
  Game School Area       2-C08   ARS Computer College
  Game School Area       2-C10   Arts college YOKOHAMA
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E01   ANIPPON.
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E18   ARC SYSTEM WORKS
  Business Solution Area      4-N17   ACCESSPORT
  Business Solution Area      4-N56   ADIA Entertainment <China>
  Business Solution Area      5-N07   adjust <Germany>
  Business Solution Area      4-N47   AltPlus
  Business Solution Area      4-N42   APPRiEN BOOST YOUR LTV! <Finland>
  Business Solution Area      5-N04   APPSFLYER <Israel>
  Business Solution Area      5-N05   AQUA
  Business Meeting Area      BT-34   Adinnovation
  Business Meeting Area      BT-37   AGATE <Indonesia>
  Business Meeting Area      BM-10   Amazon Game Services and Studios
  Business Meeting Area      BT-01   Ateam
  Business Meeting Area      BT-02   auer Media & Entertainment <Taiwan>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N08   8Bitdo Tech HK <Hong Kong>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C19   26
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C05   6waves
  Smartphone Game Area       4-C02   Avex Pictures
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C20   AXELL
  Indie Game Area      9-A40   3rd Eye Studios <Finland>
  Indie Game Area      9-B20   4th cluster
  Indie Game Area      9-A10   Abylight Studios <Spain>
  Indie Game Area      9-B07   AceWard
  Indie Game Area      9-A36   Alistair Aitcheson <UK>
  Indie Game Area      9-B03   Alpha Code
  Indie Game Area      9-A39   Appnormals Team <Spain>
  Indie Game Area      9-B53   ARC MINAMI
  Indie Game Area      9-B30   AREA35
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W12   Alpha Code


  General Exhibition Area      5-S01   BANDAI NAMCO Entertainmennt [General Exhibition Area]
  General Exhibition Area      8-S02   Bushiroad [General Exhibition Area]
  Game School Area       3-C05   Bunkyo University
  Family Game Park Area      1-N01   BANDAI NAMCO Entertainmennt [Family Game Park]
  Family Game Park Area      1-N02   Bushiroad [Family Game Park]
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E11   Bauhutte/BIBILAB
  Business Solution Area      4-N57   Belgium Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) <Belgium>
  Business Solution Area      4-N35   Beyond
  Business Solution Area      4-N49   bitcraft
  Business Solution Area      4-N16   Bizcast
  Business Solution Area      4-N45   Brushup
  Business Meeting Area      BM-11   BLOOBER TEAM <Poland>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-03   Bluestack Systems <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-A37   Banraku-Games
  Indie Game Area      9-B39   BATTLEBREW PRODUCTIONS <Singapore>
  Indie Game Area      9-A50   Bifrost Entertainment
  Indie Game Area      9-A41   Bishop Games <Canada>
  Indie Game Area      9-B12   Black Ghost Studio <Switzerland>
  Indie Game Area      9-A02   Blindflug Studios <Switzerland>
  Indie Game Area      9-B17   Blindflug Studios <Switzerland>
  Indie Game Area      9-A60   Broken Rules <Austria>
  Indie Game Area      9-B57   buho Interactive Entertainment <Taiwan>
  Indie Game Area      9-A09   Bytesprite <Australia>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W26   Beijing Sureal Network & Technology <China>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W18   Beijing Wewod Entertainment Technology / Betop Japan <China>


  General Exhibition Area      8-C03   C4on
  General Exhibition Area      5-N08   CAPCOM
  General Exhibition Area      3-N01   COATSINK / BONELOAF <United Kingdom>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C16   Cracked Heads <Russia>
  Game School Area       3-C02   CHUO Institute of Information and Design College
  Merchandise Sales Area      10-E01   CAPCOM
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E06   coly [Sales Merchandise Sales Area]
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E12   COSPA
  Business Solution Area      4-N59   City of Sendai/GLOBAL Lab SENDAI
  Business Solution Area      4-N13   CLICK TECH
  Business Solution Area      4-N06   cocoro SB
  Business Solution Area      4-N44   CODASHOP <Hong Kong>
  Business Solution Area      4-N48   CRI Middleware
  Business Meeting Area      BT-36   CIAYO <Indonesia>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-04   CrossFunction [Business Meeting Area]
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N07   CYBERPLANE <South Korea>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C14   CELAD <Taiwan>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C09   CLICK TECH
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N02   Code and DESIGN
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N04   COYOTE RUNNER
  Romance Simulation Game Area      3-N13   coly [Romance Simulation Game Area]
  Indie Game Area      9-B08   C4Cat Entertainment <Hong Kong>
  Indie Game Area      9-A15   Cat Nigiri <Brazil>
  Indie Game Area      9-A23   CAVYHOUSE
  Indie Game Area      9-A27   CENOTE
  Indie Game Area      9-B21   Cherrymochi
  Indie Game Area      9-B38   Chorus Worldwide Games
  Indie Game Area      9-B04   CITY CONNECTION
  Indie Game Area      9-B43   Cold Fusion
  Indie Game Area      9-A35   //commentout
  Indie Game Area      9-B50   CrossFunction [Indie Game Area]
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W28   CAPSL Entertainment <Hong Kong>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W27   Carl Zeiss
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   CHILE <Chile>
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   Aone Games
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   BattleMango
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   Comercial BekhoTeam Game Development
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   In Vitro Games
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   Ingenieria, Diseno y Tecnologia BITPLAY
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   InnerChild
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   INSIDE VR
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   Niebla Games
  Latin New Stars Area      2-N03   Octeto Studios


  General Exhibition Area      8-C06   D3 PUBLISHER
  General Exhibition Area      3-C18   DAEDALIC ENTERTAINMENT <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      7-C02   Dell
  General Exhibition Area      3-N09   DENDAMA
  General Exhibition Area      3-C12   DENGEKI
  General Exhibition Area      7-N04   DENGEKI ONLINE
  General Exhibition Area      7-N04   Aiming
  General Exhibition Area      7-S01   DENGEKI PlayStation
  General Exhibition Area      2-S01   DMM GAMES
  General Exhibition Area      7-C04   DXRacer
  Game School Area       2-C11   DigitalHollywood
  Business Solution Area      4-N03   DeepMotion <USA>
  Business Solution Area      4-N32   DICO
  Business Solution Area      4-N31   Digital Stacks [Business Solution Area]
  Business Solution Area      4-N26   DynaComware
  Business Meeting Area      BT-05   Deedema Games [Business Meeting Area] <Iran>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-06   DeNA
  Business Meeting Area      BT-07   Digital Stacks [Business Meeting Area]
  Business Meeting Area      BM-01   Dimps
  Business Meeting Area      BM-02   dwango
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C03   Deedema Games [Smartphone Game Area] <Iran>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C04   Digital monkey
  Indie Game Area      9-B28   D-PAD STUDIO <Norway>
  Indie Game Area      9-A48   Dangen Entertainment
  Indie Game Area      9-B45   Dangen Entertainment
  Indie Game Area      9-A22   Data Realms <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-B27   DIGITAL FOX <France>
  e-Sports Area      10-W33   DreamTeam.GG <USA>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W16   Dazzle
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W11   Digital Works Entertainment
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W04   Dooribantech <South Korea>


  General Exhibition Area      7-N02   ESQUADRA
  General Exhibition Area      8-C07   EVO Japan
  General Exhibition Area      2-S02   Extractor
  General Exhibition Area      2-S02   ENCUBE
  General Exhibition Area      2-S02   Nobollel
  General Exhibition Area      2-S02   Okura
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E03   ENSKY
  Business Solution Area      5-N01   E-Guardian [Business Solution Area]
  Business Solution Area      4-N19   E-mote(M2)
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   audiokinetic <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Bishop Games <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Canadian League of Gamers <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Dead Cell Games <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Fire-Point Interactive <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   H+ Technologies <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Northern World Entertainment <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Shopify <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   Studio X Labs <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N30   EMBASSY OF CANADA <Canada>
  Business Solution Area      4-N23   EventRegist
  Business Solution Area      4-N60   EVIRY
  Business Meeting Area      BT-08   E-Guardian [Business Meeting Area]
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C07   Epic Action <USA>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C19   Exys
  Romance Simulation Game Area      3-N14   eitarosoft
  Indie Game Area      9-A17   Eastasiasoft <Hong Kong>
  Indie Game Area      9-B19   Eastasiasoft <Hong Kong>
  Indie Game Area      9-B42   Erotes Studio <Taiwan>
  Indie Game Area      9-B17   EVERDREAMSOFT <Switzerland>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W20   ELROIS <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W03   EmbodyMe
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W14   EXPVR


  General Exhibition Area      3-C17   Famitsu
  General Exhibition Area      8-S01   Flyhigh Works
  General Exhibition Area      4-N66   FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT <Poland>
  General Exhibition Area      7-N03   Fruitbat Factory <Finland>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C02   FUJISHOJI
  Game School Area       2-C07   Fukuoka Design Communication
  Game School Area       2-C07   Nagoya Communication Arts
  Game School Area       2-C07   Sendai Communication Arts
  Business Solution Area      4-N38   Famitsu Game Marketing
  Business Solution Area      4-N07   Fontworks
  Business Solution Area      4-N55   Fuller
  Business Meeting Area      BT-09   Fire-Point Interactive [Business Meeting Area] <China>
  Business Meeting Area      BM-03   FUNCOM <Norway>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-10   Funyard Game <China>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-S03   Fuji Games
  Indie Game Area      9-A04   Fabraz <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-B16   FABRAZ <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-B51   FlyteCatEmotion
  Indie Game Area      9-B02   FROZENBYTE <Finland>
  e-Sports Area      10-W34   FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK/Tokyo E-sports Festival
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W03   Fevolution Innovation <Taiwan>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W02   Fire-Point Interactive [VR/AR Area] <China>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W02   FORUM8


  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   GERMAN GAMES INDUSTRY <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   Altagram <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   CAPCY Europe <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   Marchsreiter Communications <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   Quantumfrog <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      3-C19   THREAKS <Germany>
  General Exhibition Area      7-C06   GIANTY
  General Exhibition Area      8-C05   GREE
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E19   Game Center CX
  Business Solution Area      4-N52   GameWallet(CA Mobile)
  Business Solution Area      4-N36   GAMKIN
  Business Solution Area      4-N62   Glass Egg Digital Media <Vietnam>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-28-31   Games from Spain - ICEX Spain Trade and Investment <Spain>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-28-31   BADLAND GAMES <Spain>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-28-31   ORENJI GAMES <Spain>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-28-31   STAGE CLEAR STUDIOS <Spain>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-11   Grani
  Business Meeting Area      BM-04   GungHo Online Entertainment/GRAVITY/NeoCyon
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N12   GUANGZHOU WALKERA TECHNOLOGY <China>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C06   GAMEVICE <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-A34   Gabi & Dave <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-B46   GANBARION
  Indie Game Area      9-A20   Gattai Games <Singapore>
  Indie Game Area      9-B24   GATTAI GAMES <Singapore>
  Indie Game Area      9-B32   Gemdrops
  Indie Game Area      9-B05   GIVEME6 <Malaysia>
  Indie Game Area      9-B41   Glaciwaker Entertainment <Taiwan>
  Indie Game Area      9-A24   gudouan
  Indie Game Area      9-A28   GUTS Department <USA>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W17   Green Optics <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W08   Gugenka from CS-REPORTERS


  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   HOLLAND PAVILION / EMBASSY OF THE NETHERLANDS <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Codeglue <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   CoolGames <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Firi Games <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Noio <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Paladin Studios <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Plukit <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C01   Rusty Lake <Netherlands>
  General Exhibition Area      3-S01   HP Japan
  Game School Area       2-C27   Higashi-Nihon Design & Computer College
  Game School Area       2-C17   Hokkaido Information University
  Game School Area       2-C26   Human Academy
  Family Game Park Area      2-N01   Happymeal [Family Game Park]
  Family Game Park Area      2-N01   TRYANTS [Family Game Park]
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E05   HAKUBA Photo Industry
  Business Solution Area      4-N46   HEARTBEATS
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C06   Happymeal [Smartphone Game Area]
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C06   TRYANTS [Smartphone Game Area]
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C17   hautecouture
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N06   Hokkaido Mobile Content and business Council
  Indie Game Area      9-A56   HayatoWorks <Taiwan>
  Indie Game Area      9-B52   Hokkaido Information University
  Indie Game Area      9-A62   Humble Grove
  Indie Game Area      9-A64   HZ3 Software
  e-Sports Area      10-W35   HERO-AAAA/TV TOKYO
  e-Sports Area      10-W30   HyperX <Taiwan>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W11   H2L
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W17   Hashilus
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W10   HTC <Taiwan>


  General Exhibition Area      7-C01   Intergrow
  General Exhibition Area      7-N06   INTI CREATES
  Game School Area       2-C29   International Electronics Business College
  Game School Area       3-C04   International Information Engineering Automobile College
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E16   InfoLens
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E17   ingrem
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E07   Internet radiostation onsen
  Business Solution Area      4-N14   I-O DATA DEVICE
  Business Solution Area      4-N65   IKINEMA <United Kingdom>
  Business Solution Area      5-N06   IMAGICA Imageworks
  Business Solution Area      5-N06   PHOTRON
  Business Solution Area      4-N54   IncrediBuild Japan
  Business Solution Area      4-N21   ISAO
  Business Meeting Area      BT-12   INGAME GROUP <Turkey>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-35   Intergrow [Business Meeting Area]
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   INDIA PAVILION <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   Confederation of Indian Industry <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   e-xpress Interactive Software <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   Japan India Industry Promotion Association (JIIPA) <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   JetSynthesys <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N06   NODWIN Gaming <India>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   INDONESIA AGENCY FOR CREATIVE ECONOMY <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   Anoman Studio <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   Asosiasi Game Indonesia <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   CIAYO CORP <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   Critical Forge <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   Game Prime <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   MEGAXUS INFOTECH <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   SEMISOFT <Indonesia>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N05   Toge Productions (Toge Interactive) <Indonesia>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C02   IDFAME NETWORK TECHNOLOGY <China>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N06   infiniteloop
  Indie Game Area      9-B15   I From Japan
  Indie Game Area      9-B54   IGDA Japan Chapter
  Indie Game Area      9-B36   indienova <China>
  Indie Game Area      9-A46   Indigo Gaming <Singapore>


  Game School Area       2-C12   JAPAN ELECTRONICS COLLEGE
  Business Meeting Area      BJ01-05   JETRO Corner
  Business Meeting Area      BM-06   JFI GAMES <Taiwan>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C03   Joint Media
  Indie Game Area      9-A12   jumpsuit entertainment(haftungsbeschrankt) <Germany>
  e-Sports Area      10-W32   JOYCITY <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W31   JPPVR
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W13   JPW International <Taiwan>


  General Exhibition Area      3-N04   Kiii
  General Exhibition Area      3-S02   KOEI TECMO GAMES [General Exhibition Area]
  General Exhibition Area      7-N05   KONAMI
  Game School Area       2-C13   Kanagawa Institute of Technologoy
  Game School Area       2-C09   Kobe Institute of Computing
  Merchandise Sales Area      10-E05   KOEI TECMO GAMES [Merchandise Sales Area]
  Business Solution Area      4-N59   Kaamos Games <Finland>
  Business Solution Area      4-N59   Kamina Dimension <Finland>
  Business Solution Area      4-N02   KAZOO TECHNOLOGY <Hong Kong>
  Business Solution Area      5-N02   Keywords Studios <Ireland>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Masangsoft <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   KOREA PAVILION <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   3F Factory <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Aiara <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   AIDUS & Advergamekorea <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   ANGames <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   ANTRORSE <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   bHaptics <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   BUSAN IT INDUSTRY PROMOTION AGENCY (BIPA) <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   COSCOI <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Creative Bomb <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Daejeon Information & Culture Indurstry Promotion Agency <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   design level <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   DG Entertainment <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Digital Frog <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   DIP(Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency) <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   EVERSTONE <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   FULSE <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   GCA(Gyeonggi Content Agency) <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   GG KINGDOM <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   GITCT(Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion agency) <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   GOLDENPIG ENTERTIANMENT <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Growing Seeds <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Hungry App <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   INSQUARE <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   IPLAY <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   KOKOMO <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Kookie Entertainment <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Linkuus <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Madorca <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Neobono <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Next Stage <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   NGELGAMES <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   NHN Entertainment <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   NOKNOK <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   NPC Factory <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   PARK ESM <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   PIXELPIMPS <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   PLAYPARK <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Starter <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Trinity Games <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   UNIZSOFT <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   VisualDart <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   VISUALLIGHT <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   VRillAR <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   VRotein <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Youcanstar <South Korea>
  Business Solution Area      4-C01   Zepetto <South Korea>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-13   KAKAO <South Korea>
  Smartphone Game Area       4-C03   KLabGames
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C01   KONGZHONG
  Indie Game Area      9-B49   Kakehashi Games
  Indie Game Area      9-A47   kamipallet
  Indie Game Area      9-A14   kass_stwa
  Indie Game Area      9-A51   [K]ayinworks <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-A49   Kookie Entertainment <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W08   KODANSHA


  General Exhibition Area      7-C05   LET IT DIE
  Business Solution Area      4-N18   Lapin
  Business Solution Area      4-N34   LINK
  Business Meeting Area      BT-14   LEMON SKY ANIMATION <Malaysia>
  Business Meeting Area      BM-07   LEVEL-5
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N03   Lucky Punch Stream
  Indie Game Area      9-B31   Left Foot Games
  Indie Game Area      9-B10   Linkblue
  Indie Game Area      9-A25   Lost in the Garden <Austria>


  General Exhibition Area      7-C03   Micro-Star INT'L <Taiwan>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N08   MIRA
  Business Solution Area      4-N22   Matchlock
  Business Solution Area      4-N12   Matsudo Content Business Conference
  Business Solution Area      4-N50   Mie Translation Services <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N39   MUGENUP
  Business Solution Area      4-N33   Myriashue
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Gamehubs
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Givemesix
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   GLOW Production
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Illusionist Production
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Inspidea
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Lemon Sky Animation
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Magnus Games
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Mediasoft Entertainment
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   MOL Accessportal
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Passion Republic
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   SoundTrec (Malaysia)
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Streamline Studios Malaysia
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Studio Kamii
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N11   Valkyrie Creative Solutions
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C05   Macau Cultural Industry Association Board Games <Macau>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N06   MediaMagic
  Indie Game Area      9-A42   Manufacture 43 <France>
  Indie Game Area      9-B34   MBA INTERNATIONAL
  Indie Game Area      9-A13   Mechabit <UK>
  Indie Game Area      9-B40   MidBoss <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-A55   MIYAKO BOYS
  Indie Game Area      9-B06   Mog Gen Studio <China>
  Indie Game Area      9-A05   Mojiken Studio <Indonesia>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W06   Mirage Interactive <China>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W09   MOJI
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W05   MyDearest


  Game School Area       3-C09   NAGOYA KOUGAKUIN COLLEGE
  Game School Area       2-C20   Niigata Computer College
  Game School Area       2-C21   Niigata High Technology College
  Game School Area       2-C25   Numazu Professional Training College of Business and Information Technology
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E20   Nikkei Business Publications
  Business Solution Area      4-N40   NTT Resonant
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C10   Nikki
  Indie Game Area      9-A03   NAKAJIMA
  Indie Game Area      9-B37   Nenet
  Indie Game Area      9-A57   nextReality Games <USA>
  Indie Game Area      9-B29   NIHON KOGAKUIN COLLEGE
  Indie Game Area      9-A58   Nikaido Renji
  Indie Game Area      9-B47   Noio <Netherlands>
  Indie Game Area      9-A29   noitems studio
  Indie Game Area      9-B01   NOMANA INTERACTIVE
  Indie Game Area      9-A33   NONUPLE NINE
  Indie Game Area      9-A59   Nussoft
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W14   NANGOK SOFTWARE
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W18   NestVisual
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W06   Noitom <USA>


  Game School Area       2-C01   Osaka Electro-Communication University Department of Digital Games
  Game School Area       2-C15   Osaka Sogo College of Design ComicArt dept
  Game School Area       3-C06   Ota Information & Business College
  Indie Game Area      9-B22   OASIS GAMES [Indie Game Area] <China>
  Indie Game Area      9-A53   Ogre Head Studio <India>
  Indie Game Area      9-A31   ouka-ichi-mon
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W24   OASIS GAMES [VR/AR AREA] <China>


  General Exhibition Area      3-S03   PayPal
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   PIXEL STUDIOS <Singapore>
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Actually Sane Studios
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   BATTLEBREW PRODUCTIONS
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Bridged
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   CloudZen
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Common Visual Entertainment
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Daylight Studios
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Delta Duck Studios
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Kaiju Den
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Mixed Realms
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Pangaea interactive
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   PD Design Studio
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   Rock Nano Global
  General Exhibition Area      8-C04   The Gentlebros
  General Exhibition Area      4-S01   Pygmy Studio
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E02   PikattoAnime
  Business Solution Area      4-N59   Picola
  Business Solution Area      4-N41   PRIME WORKS
  Business Meeting Area      BT-15   PASSION REPUBLIC <Malaysia>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-16   PQube <United Kingdom>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C01   Perfect World
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N05   POLARIS-X
  Indie Game Area      9-B26   Peakware Studio <Thailand>
  Indie Game Area      9-A54   Pelikan <Canada>
  Indie Game Area      9-B25   PGSOUL GAMES <China>
  Indie Game Area      9-B35   PLAYISM
  Indie Game Area      9-A30   Prideful Sloth <Australia>
  Indie Game Area      9-A06   Project Rolling Gunner
  Indie Game Area      9-A08   ProjectMoon <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W19   Pocket Queries
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W04   PRODIGY
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W21   Production I.G
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   POLAND / Eastern Europe by GIC<Poland>
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Croteam
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   7Levels
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   About Fun
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   AMC Pixel Factory srl
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Anshar Studios
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   DIVR LABS
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   ECC GAMES
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Game Industry Conference
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Indie Games Poland
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Nemesys Games
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   panstasz
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Punch Punk Games
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   Sleepless Clinic
  Eastern Europe New Stars Area      2-N04   VARSAV VR


  Business Meeting Area      BT-17   QooApp <Taiwan>
  Romance Simulation Game Area      3-N15   QUANTUM SUICIDE <Australia>
  Indie Game Area      9-B11   QuattroGear <South Korea>


  General Exhibition Area      3-C15   Rainy Frog
  General Exhibition Area      7-N07   RAZER <USA>
  General Exhibition Area      7-S02   Riberute
  General Exhibition Area      3-N07   RPG MAKER
  Business Solution Area      4-N61   Rakuten
  Business Solution Area      4-N20   Rakuten Communications
  Indie Game Area      9-B48   RAW FURY <Sweden>
  Indie Game Area      9-A38   Red Candle Games <Taiwan>
  Indie Game Area      9-A52   Reminisce
  Indie Game Area      9-A01   Rice Cooker Republic <France>
  Indie Game Area      9-B14   Rocket-Engine
  Indie Game Area      9-B23   ROUTE 59 <Australia>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W01   REALIS


  General Exhibition Area      7-C07   Sakura Small Amount and Short Term Insurance
  General Exhibition Area      6-N01   SEGA Games
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Sichuan Provincial Department Of Commerce <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   BRIGHTER (Chengdu) Technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu Akad Network Technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu Association of Trade in Services <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu Dreamkeeper Technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu Karnak technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu Sheer Tianyi Technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Chengdu windplay Network Technology <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   EC Innovations <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Sichuan Commerce Development Center <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   Sichuan province Junyao comic and animation <China>
  General Exhibition Area      3-N06   TASTE 3D STUDIO <China>
  General Exhibition Area      7-N01   SilverStarJapan
  General Exhibition Area      4-S02   Sony Interactive Entertainment
  General Exhibition Area      6-S01   SQUARE ENIX
  General Exhibition Area      3-N03   studiofake
  General Exhibition Area      3-N10   SUCCESS
  Game School Area       2-C14   SHOBI UNIVERSITY
  Game School Area       2-C22   Shohoku College
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E08   SAN-EI
  Merchandise Sales Area      10-E03   SANWA DENSHI
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E04   Seasonal-Plants
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E15   SEGA Games
  Merchandise Sales Area      10-E02   SPIKE CHUNSOFT
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E13   SQUARE ENIX
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E14   SQUARE ENIX MUSIC
  Business Solution Area      4-N64   SB Cloud
  Business Solution Area      4-N37   SERIALGAMES
  Business Solution Area      4-N11   Shanghai Excelliance Technology APPOPTIMIZE <China> [Business Solution Area]
  Business Solution Area      4-N29   SHIFT
  Business Solution Area      4-N28   Shinwork Technology <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      5-N03   Silicon Studio
  Business Solution Area      4-N01   Smart technology
  Business Solution Area      4-N04   SOFT GEAR
  Business Solution Area      4-N27   SunFlare
  Business Meeting Area      BT-18   SEPTENI AMERICA <USA>
  Business Meeting Area      BM-09   Shanghai Excelliance Technology APPOPTIMIZE <China> [Business Meeting Area]
  Business Meeting Area      BT-19   SHENZHEN CREATIVE AGE <China>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-33   Soft-World International <Taiwan>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-38   SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT <Taiwan>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-20   Sotsu
  Business Meeting Area      BT-21   Subete games
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N13   Shanghai Jump Technology <China>
  Asia New Stars Area      2-N09   SHENZHEN REFLYING ELECTRONIC <China>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C08   SERIALGAMES
  Romance Simulation Game Area      3-N16   Silicon Studio
  Indie Game Area      9-B09   SHIFT-UP
  Indie Game Area      9-A26   Shiosai Sirens
  Indie Game Area      9-B18   Skytree Digital <Hong Kong>
  Indie Game Area      9-A16   SpicyTails
  Indie Game Area      9-A43   St.α-Line
  Indie Game Area      9-A44   Studio RO <South Korea>
  Indie Game Area      9-B55   Super Phantom Cat II <China>
  e-Sports Area      10-E07   Samsung SSD
  e-Sports Area      10-E07   NEXON
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W36   SANGWHA <South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W23   SAT-BOX


  General Exhibition Area      4-N68   TapTap <China>
  General Exhibition Area      8-N04   Twitch
  Game School Area       2-C19   Tohoku Computer College
  Game School Area       2-C23   Tokyo Communication Arts College
  Game School Area       2-C18   TOKYO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY CENTER
  Game School Area       3-C03   Tokyo Jitsugyo High School
  Game School Area       2-C28   Tokyo University of Information Sciences
  Game School Area       2-C16   TOYO INSTITUTE OF ART & DESIGN
  Family Game Park Area      2-N02   Tento
  Merchandise Sales Area      10-E04   TANIKAWA
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E10   TERRA
  Merchandise Sales Area      9-E09   TOYPLA
  Business Solution Area      4-N08   TAIPEI GAME SHOW <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   Taiwan Game Pavilion <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   FunYours Technology <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   Winking Entertainment <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   XPEC Art Center <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   XPEC Entertainment <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N09   Taiwan External Trade Development Council <Taiwan>
  Business Solution Area      4-N58   Tapjoy Japan
  Business Solution Area      4-N63   Technoblood
  Business Solution Area      4-N63   INCA Internet
  Business Meeting Area      BT-22   TAMSOFT
  Business Meeting Area      BT-23   TOHO
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C15   TalentWalker Interactive Entertainment <China>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-C02   TASKIV
  Indie Game Area      9-A63   Takahiro Miyazawa
  Indie Game Area      9-A07   Team Cherry <Australia>
  Indie Game Area      9-A32   Team Fractal Alligator <Australia>
  Indie Game Area      9-A45   tnayuki
  Indie Game Area      9-A18   Total Battery<South Korea>
  Indie Game Area      9-B44   Toydea
  e-Sports Area      10-E06   Topre
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W10   TEGWAY<South Korea>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W05   Tobii Technology
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W07   TQ INTERACTIVE <China>
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W13   tv asahi mediaplex


  Business Solution Area      4-N10   UNLIMIT-ed
  Business Meeting Area      BM-08   Ubitus <Taiwan>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-24   UNBALANCE
  Business Meeting Area      BT-28-31   UNDERCODERS <Spain>
  Indie Game Area      9-A61   Undercoders <Spain>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W19   Unbereal


  Game School Area       3-C10   Vantan Game Academy
  Business Meeting Area      BM-05   VIRTUOS <China>
  Romance Simulation Game Area      3-N12   Voltage
  Indie Game Area      9-B13   VISIONTRICK MEDIA <Sweden>
  Indie Game Area      9-A21   VR IMAGINATORS
  VR Area/AR Area      9-W01   VAQSO <USA>
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W29   Vuzix


  General Exhibition Area      7-S03   WARGAMING JAPAN
  Family Game Park Area      1-N03   With U [Family Game Park]
  Business Solution Area      4-N25   Web Technology
  Business Meeting Area      BT-32   WAYI INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT <Taiwan>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-25   WeGames <Taiwan>
  Smartphone Game Area       6-S02   WINLIGHT
  Smartphone Game Area       6-N06   With U [Smartphone Game Area]
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C18   Wonderland Kazakiri
  VR Area/AR Area      10-W22   WANDV


  Business Solution Area      4-N53   Yakubo Communicators
  Business Solution Area      4-N15   YDY CG <Singapore>
  Smartphone Game Area       5-C12   Yudo
  Indie Game Area      9-A11   Yasaman Farazan <Iran>
  Indie Game Area      9-A19   Yokogosystems
  Indie Game Area      9-B33   YSBRYD GAMES <Singapore>


  General Exhibition Area      8-N02   Zhejiang Shangyu e-Games Town [General Exhibition Area] <China>
  Business Solution Area      4-N59   Zerodiv
  Business Solution Area      4-N05   ZINGFRONT <China>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-26   Zhejiang Shangyu e-Games Town [Business Meeting Area] <China>
  Business Meeting Area      BT-27   Zucks