What is "TGS Business Matching System" ?

"TGS Business Matching System" allows Business Day visitors to make an appointment with exhibitors prior to the SHOW.
Any visitors on Business Day can make use of this system for FREE of charge.

Exhibitor profiles, as well as the technologies, products and services they can offer, and the technologies, products and services they are looking for have already been posted onto the system.

By searching through the data, you can make contact or can leave a message with the right person at any of the exhibitors you wish to hold meetings at the SHOW.

Visitors can also register their own company profiles, as well as the technologies, products and services they can offer, and the technologies, products and services they are looking for.
Exhibitors can search through this data, and might make contact with you.

Try approaching many different companies, and let 'TGS Business Matching System' help create your business opportunities at TOKYO GAME SHOW.

Advantages of "TGS Business Matching System"

1. Anyone (exhibitors, visitors) can use the system with FREE of charge.

2. Advanced appointments are available prior to the SHOW.

3. Time-saving and efficient itineraries guaranteed.

Business Meeting Area

TOKYO GAME SHOW welcomes a large number of international visitors in the game industry.
Business Meeting Area is a place where such domestic/international visitor and domestic/international exhibitors can efficiently create meeting opportunities.

By using TGS Business Matching System, you will be assigned to meeting space in this area. Business Meeting Area is located at Convention Hall on the second floor of International Conference Center.

[Limited offer ]What is "Business Day GOLD Pass" ?

"Business Day GOLD Pass" Holder Benefits

1. Use of TGS "Business Lounge" Invitation at 2nd Floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

2. Full Function Usage of TGS Appointment System "TGS Business Matching System"

3. Itinerary and Meeting Schedule Build-up at Business Lounge on "TGS Business Matching System"

4. Interpretation Service (English/Japanese) at "Business Lounge" (Upon request basis)




1. Please note that "TGS Business Matching System" will be available for Business Days (September 12 and 13) only.

2. Both parties need to agree for an appointment. You should be aware that not all appointment requests may be accepted.

3. Please note that "TGS Business Matching System" does not allow "visitor-to-visitor" appointments.
(Exhibitor to exhibitor, exhibitor to visitor appointments are available.)

4. Admission to Tokyo Game Show exhibition hall is limited to individuals who have registered in advance and passed screening (advance registration:10,000 Yen<plus 8% consumption tax.>) and individuals with "Business Day Registration Tickets" (free of charge; advance registration required). Registration for "TGS Business Matching System" doesn't alow to enter to the TGS exhibition hall.