Please note that registration is strictly limited to the people in the game industry. People under the age of 18 and students are not allowed of admission.

Registered information will be examined for qualification. Registrants who passed examination will receive e-mail regarding payment of Advance Registration. Proceed to payment then.

Registration requires credit card payment

  • 1: Application for registration

  • 2: Examination

  • 3: Notice of examination result

  • 4: Payment

-To avoid errors in registered information, we strongly recommend the visitors input and check if registered information (Name, Company name, Address) is correct by themselves. Having somebody else to register information on behalf of the visitors should be discouraged.

You may be denied admission in case that your identification cannot be confirmed because of wrongly registered information.

※During examination, we may call your office for identification. Please bear that in mind.

※Application deadline for advance registration is 23:59 on September 5th