WPC TOKYO 2006 Date:October 18(Wed)-21(Sat)2006 10:00-17:30 ※Finalday(Sat)10:00-17:00 Venue:Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall, Conference Tower
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WPC Expo changes to WPC TOKYO Focuses on PCs and Digital technology in personal use.
WPC TOKYO proposes a new lifestyle for today's ubiquitous networking age.

Today each one of us is connected to the world via the Internet, using PCs and digital media. Ubiquitous networking is steadily penetrating every aspect of the individual living scene, with significant change on communications with friends and family, how entertainment like video and music is enjoyed, and in a range of communities including workplaces, schools and society at large.

WPC TOKYO especially focuses on the personal digital products and services underlying this technical innovation, impacting on the computer / electronics industry and proposing new lifestyles and a new generation of cyber community to users keenly interested in personal computing, home networks, digital entertainment and similar topics. Push the envelope at WPC TOKYO!

『Biz-Life』 は複合イベントの総称。各専門イベントを通じて、「ビジネス」「パーソナル」のそれぞれに活かす最新のIT/ デジタル情報を発信します。それぞれのターゲットに向けた来場者プロモーションは大きなシナジーを発揮します。
Change Points
WPC TOKYO focuses on personal use
Three BtoB exhibitions will be held around WPC TOKYO 2006 concurrently.
Steps across the border
WPC TOKYO will be the only exhibition that covers both of PCs and
Digital appliances those are going to be border-less.
Strengthen press relations
Managing office renews the arrangement of media relations to improve
sending out information. News from WPC TOKYO will be volumed up.
Managing office changes the method of announcing the number of attendees to the event.
At WPC TOKYO, we will announce the number of registered attendees in advance, and during the event. Compared to the standard method of counting attendees at the reception counter, this method is expected to serve as a more accurate indicator of event effect for exhibitors.
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